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Rebecca Has A Lot To Say: Realizing Our Role As An Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, or Starseed, Child, or Adult

Thank you Rebecca for expressing your thoughts and feelings for our visitors to this site. I am sending many blessings to you, and the journey you have embarked upon….Duchess

My name is Rebecca, and I have discovered my individual spiritual path as an Indigo child here on Earth. In my childhood, I felt very different from the rest, almost disconnected, and I would blank out lessons and only whisper in school. As I gradually grew older I attended secondary school. I was roughly 11 or 12 years of age. The very first day there, I was viewed as an outcast, and I felt as though I didn’t fit in with the others. I was an extremely shy, quiet, and emotionally sensitive person. Throughout these years, I was severely bullied and humiliated. I will never understand why. I never hurt anyone.

It left me feeling worthless as a human being, which soon turned into deep depression and suicidal thoughts. My parents took me out of school and taught me at home instead. Unfortunately, I went to the doctors and was diagnosed with Severe Social Phobia, Agoraphobia, and OCD. I began to feel things that were unfamiliar to me. My thought pattern turned negative, and I had intense fear of humans. As it worsened, I fell into a dark bottomless pit, as it were, with no hope for escape. This led to an extended period of isolation from humans and the outside world.

Fear and anxiety had taken over my life, and I was living with an enemy which was within me. My sadness gradually turned into extreme anger, rage, and revenge. It was as though a wild beast had attatched itself to me, and I had no control over it. I was a completely different person. All affection for people had been replaced by hatred. Sometimes, I would imagine myself being ontop of a large hill, and asking for “something” up there in the sky to take me away from here, to help me escape this cruel world. Since early teenage years, I have had an ongoing fascination towards U.F.O’s and extraterrestrials.

Just waiting there on the hill, hoping that my sadness will be realised, and that I will be taken home, to where I truly do belong. As time went on, I decided to try to find things that would bring some joy back into life, and this was the start of the spiritual journey. Meditation had a way of bringing me inner calm and relaxation. It was powerful enough to mentally transform me to different areas of peace and beauty. It was uplifting and had a positive impact on me. I incorporated meditation in my daily life and I have never looked back since.

The colour purple featured in meditation sessions, which would usually be seen and felt, as a pulsating tunnel of energy in my mind’s eye. The colour purple, as far as my knowledge goes, represents the opening of Third Eye (direct intuition – the development of Psychic Powers) After the Third Eye opening process, I had the ability to see energy, and electomagnetic fields (aura) This was an exciting and awe inspiring ability to discover. I also managed to find love through the things that truly mattered to me, and that I had passion for, namely, animals, nature, the Universe, and spirituality.

Fortunately, animals seem to respond well to me. The animal, and I, have a way of connecting to one another. Nature and the Universe has a spiritually uplifting effect on the soul. The innocence, beauty, and mere creation of the planet should be deeply appreciated and found joy in. I consider myself as an emotional and physical carer for the Earth and Universe, as I can feel the energy that resides within it, and also, feel the need to heal it so it can flourish and keep it’s natural beauty. I feel that it’s my responsibility to look after the Earth, and the creatures that dwell upon it. It is an ideal path of expressing the high sensitivity, love, care, and gentle spirit that is within my being.

This is the only way I can show it, and what better method of showing it than expressing the heartfelt praise I have towards the creator who lovingly, and humbly made it for all to admire. On the spiritual road to enlightenment, I found that I had an ability called Clairsentience. Being such a sensitive person, I wasn’t really surprised. I feel emotions very deeply, almost overwhlemingly so, and also other people’s emotions can be felt too. Many times, I sense when something is wrong, and I can feel it. Feeling things is the manifestation of Clairsentience.

I instinctively know when someone is lying, or when they’re being superficial, without really knowing how I know, other than by feeling and looking through them to the truth. Another thing which seems to have become more prominent is being creative. Creativity has heightened, which is reflected in my writings and individual nature. I have strong urges to write from the heart, and my outlook on life is one of a revealing sense of passion and knowledge through the senses. Patterns of light and shadows are seen, which I believe are angels and spirit guides.

I call them, The Illuminators Of Love And Light. Having the sense that a presence is with me is quite strong and noticable. I feel as though I have communication and contact with multidimensional beings. I call forth to them, and they have shown me things that I specifically ask for. For example: I decided to sit outside in my back garden one night, and take the time to look up at the night sky. It was roughly 9pm. The sky was clear and filled with stars. I closed my eyes and I called forth my Illuminators Of Love And Light.

I asked to be connected with the star ships and the light ships of the sky. I asked to be shown things that cannot normally be percieved. I then opened my eyes and began to look at the stars. A few minutes after, I caught sight of something in the sky above which took my breath away, and left me feeling quite faint. I clearly saw 3 white lights which formed a triangular shape. The 3 lights may have been part of one entire object, as they were moving together. The object flew at great speed, completely silent, and shot straight over the roof of my house.

When I saw it, I let out a gasp in total amazement, and was overcome with emotion. Tears came to my eyes, and I truly felt as though my direct request had been answered. I now believe that what I saw was a light ship. I feel like it was shown to me. The connection between my spirit guides and angels is very real, and that night simply confirmed that. I love them. They are special to me, and have become a part of my life. The ability to speak light language and perform light toning has become a new part of this path. It seems to connect me to the planet.

It comes naturally to me, and is not meant to be understood, but rather, felt and expressed. Healing comes from this sacred coding, and has the power to align and balance the chakras. The mental self is advancing on an evergrowing daily basis. I have had several Out Of Body Experiences occur, which are in a sense, psychic experiences. It feels like the human side of self is becoming lesser, and living as a new creational entity in this ascended dimension is now present. The time of awakening has arrived. The more that is presented, the more I learn.

The learning process has just begun, although, I now have a better understanding of my identity, purpose, and the abilities that are held within. Unlocking our abilities and tapping into unused areas of ourselves, is a step closer to revealing the truth and power that lies in all of us. God given treasures, which can be used for the highest of good. To help be creators of the new Earth, and transcend our planet into a higher frequency. Beautiful sensitivity that is pure and true is one of the things that I’m glad of possessing, as it is so natural, yet potent.

This itself is a tool for developing spiritual growth, as it makes you a delicate instrument for receiving heavens messages, having empathy, and allowing your sensitivity to guide you, and to help you feel the energy around. This entire spiritual journey has truly been one major life changing experience that I find difficult to express by words alone. What words can possibly be found to explain such indepth information. Love, light, and Universal peace are perhaps the only words that will sum it all up, as they are really the only things you need in life. Love, to express! Light, to send out! Universal peace, to dwell within your being!

Realizing our role as an Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, or Starseed, child, or adult, is the first step in discovering your path, knowing your purpose, or sense of mission, and taking the steps necessary to make a shift, to make a positive change, and to assist in the transition. To access higher planes of consciousness, so we all, can live in eternal peace and harmony.

Finding this wonderful article of yours was a blessing in itself, as it helps Indigo’s reclaim their self power and fulfill their global mission by remembering love, and allowing that love to flow from within them to help, or be of service to all that needs it. I would like to say thank you for creating these lessons for us to follow.

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