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David Shares His Indigo Experience

Finding this was a revelation. All my life I’ve been asking questions, and unable to find answers. I know this is a 12-week course, but I had to read it all. I sat with my good friend, and I read the whole twelve lessons out loud. At times during reading, I had to keep my composure as the truth finally began to unravel, and those questions being answered.

I have always felt different, like I don’t belong in this time. To me, everything around me is alien, prehistoric, archaic, and old. I feel like I’ve come here 500 years too early, and have felt this way all my life.

I also hate the way that humanity is being currently treated. I know the system is rotten to the core, and the 1% of sub-humans that control just about every facet of our lives have no concern for us as human beings, or the progression of humanity itself; I thought this was just me having a sense of injustice. It’s also something I’ve campaigned about on Facebook, and on Twitter; trying to wake up people, open their eyes. I had no idea it would be the result of being a ‘Indigo Child’.

I’m also hypersensitive, and seem to feel more than most, and have a tremendous sense of empathy, and knowing.

Yesterday this article did more than educate me, it freed me. At the time of writing this, I am suffering depression, and it was hard to see a way out of it. A trip to the doctors bore no fruit, and I thought it would be a lifetime of tablets, and counseling (I see a CPN tomorrow (Community Psychiatric Nurse) to discuss my troubles), but I feel a hell of a lot lighter now after reading this.

I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, and from the ethereal body that is my Indigo soul. You may have saved my life, and you have most definitely awoken a sleeper.

I invite all Indigo Children, Indigo Scouts, Light Workers, and Crystal Children to contact me @

I look forward to communicating with you all.

Peace and love to you all.