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Liz Is Indigo For Sure

Liz..yes you are Indigo in my eyes. Your power grows in its own way. You may not be one to predict futures. You may be an empath that feels deeply for others. There are many ways your gift will come through. I would suggest starting with lesson one on Indigos contained in the website. You will begin to know and understand better who you really are. Namaste, Duchess

Here is Liz’s Story:

When I was little I remember I was always sensitive. I cared about what other people thought of me. I didn’t have much friends because I was shy and very sensitive. I remember when I was in 3rd grade I would always start crying because of pollution. I would say “why are we destroying our beautiful earth… We humans destroy everything” and I would start crying.

I’ve also noticed that when I love someone , either romantically or family type of love, I love them so much words can’t describe … I wonder if they feel how much they mean to me lol. I don’t like thinking I’m better than anyone else because I put myself in their shoes. I’ve always done that. Also I question why this world Is so corrupt .. This actually makes me cry.. (Sorry I’m just so sensitive tbh) one day I want to help all those in need.

I don’t know if this is something else that makes me an indigo but I remember that I would always watch this game show and the buzzer would make a different sound if it was correct or incorrect . I would always end up guessing the sound even before the question was asked. I would always be correct. Isn’t this a little weird? Also, When I look at the clock it’s always 11:11 or 1:11 idk if this should mean anything. At times I say something and it occasionally happens. Example) I was talking about Chicago’s famous deep dish pizza only to find a small billboard announcing it. The weird part is that we were in a completely different country.

Lol stuff like this has happens sometimes. And yes.. I’ve struggled in school a lot…when I was in the younger grades I wasn’t the best. Now I’m pushing myself more than I’ve ever had and I’m getting straight A’s. (Fyi) lol. Don’t indigos have special artistic talents? Well one talent I have is that I can sing. Everyone tells me that i sound like a professional singer and that I should become a singer one day. (I’m not a professional singer/I’ve never had lessons..I don’t like bragging about this I’m so sorry I just want to point that out lol) I wouldn’t want to become a professional singer because I don’t want to be famous … I just want to live a normal life 😀 and I dislike feeling better than everybody else.

I also like painting. Ever since high school I’ve meet so many great people…I have friends!! And I’m so happy. I could be myself with them and it feels great!! I’m starting not to care what other people think of me lol and it feels great. Although … I am still very sensitive and insecure. My parents say I am very mature and wise for my age ever since I was little. Am I an indigo? If not… Then I’m very very sorry I’ve wasted your time :/. But if I am an indigo what can I do to have a better understanding of being an indigo…

How can I become powerful? Like predicting stuff/ seeing the future. Btw I’m terrified of ghosts so I’ve never really seen them, but I talk to my angel… I don’t see it but ik it’s their listening to me. Is this weird? Anyways thank you for your time in reading my life story basically lol ☺️