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Brazil Indigo Luciana

Hi Duchess. I am from Brasil, sorry for my bad english. I will not talk about my chilhood or my past. It was thought, but made me a surviver and a stronger people. Althought i was born on a wealth disfunctional family i never complained. Ok, i tried to kill myself at age of 10, i did not know what to do anymore. So, since than i was the crazy one and i got this mask, the bad side it’s that lost myself in masks. With my stronge personality i imposed me to people, they like it or not. I kind of manipulated peoples true my energy. Since 8 i went to psicologiste and lied, i never let people know how i was.The problem is that i lost my real self in the way. I am 42 now.
In 2007, i gave up on everything, i was a lawyer with masters on International Contracts and worked as a trader. It was ok because i always loved to travel, at age of 16 i wan a scholership to study in Canada. I hated school, but i was smart enought to pass, IF i wanted. rsrsr
Well i gave up to start an NGO, nobody undertood, but well if it did not worked i always could come back to the marked. I did not even know what i was going to do, but my faith ( i have a ” fucking” strong faith and as in Brasil we are sincretic, so i was raised catholic ( i failed in religion as this was a joke for me). I love Jesus but i also love Maria Madalena ;-). Well i practice this brazilian religion called Umbanda wich is a mix of Catholic ( white eurpeans) Candomble ( from Africa just like the Cuban Santeria ) and the native indinas xamanismo. So in 2008 i started an Educational NGO for kids and teens at an SP poor area ( favela). The NGO started with 10 kids and now we have about 200, from 8 to 18. I never wanted to work with traditional pedagogy, never worked. So instintly we develop our pedagogy wich now i know is Waldorf, the Waldorf institution recognized us! !! The kid and teens love study there.

Dear Luciana, Thank you for starting an Educational *NGO. Your spiritual understand and gift will support those young people embrace their own. Blessings Always. Namaste,  Duchess

*A non-governmental organization (NGO) is any non-profit, voluntary citizens’ group which is organized on a local, national or international level.

Spots A Faker or Liar Immediately

Tanya Says:

Hello, I’ve recently admitted to myself that I am an indigo. My childhood consisted of a lot of curious episodes of premonition dreams, dead animal pets reaching out to me in spirit form and in dreams, one even leading me to find her kittens that had just been born the day before her demise. I cared for many animals as a kid, thinking that someday I’d become a vet. I spent many hours outdoors, spending time with our cats and following them around.

I always felt different from other kids, have always been painfully sensitive to others’ pain and to others’ unnecessarily being mean to me. I was bullied and didn’t have a lot of close friends. The few friendships I made in youth mostly still exist in my adulthood. (I’m 34) My parents were hippies and my father believes himself to be an indigo, as I asked him pointedly recently. I had a poor but loved upbringing. My parents never stifled my creativity or my strange obsession with cats.

I do actually like being social but I don’t like being around fake people. I can tell a faker or liar immediately. If I’m in a room surrounded by fake/malicious types of people, I try to get out of it, or stand proudly and be myself. I have trouble being anything but genuine, and it’s hard to deal with someone that I distrust or feel negative vibes from. I can feel others’ good and bad vibes very well, it’s instantaneous when they enter a room. In school, it wasn’t necessarily the specific people I remember from specific classes, it was the feeling that was in each room with all of those different personalities in there. I never understand other people if they immediately dislike me, as I make it a point to put out as much good as possible. I’m a happy, bubbly person and I’m very talkative, so it’s possible that my personality can be a little too much for some.

Kids love me, and I adore them. I am an artist-I paint realistically and have always had an extraordinary gift in this. My mother says I was drawing oval eyes with pupils and irises at 2years old. I still have trouble believing that, but I do know that my artistry was a beautiful gift that I’ve always had. I ended up going to Art School, so I was around a lot of other unique people like myself. Maybe many other Indigos? I do not work in conventional jobs. I would hate it. My husband works in corporate America, and I see how unhappy it makes him. I could never do it. He and I joke about how awkward and wrong it would be to try to stifle me and place me in that environment.

I used to be a waitress, for 12 years. It was especially hard on me when people were especially rude or unforgiving. I also worked at a vet clinic for a year as I was always drawn to caring for and helping animals but left due to a negative individual that was a horrible boss, she made it hard to stay under her authoritarian leadership. I now teach art and love it, as I work with children. They tend to love me and I can usually even get the more quiet/challenging kids to open up a bit. I’m also a freelance illustrator and portraitist.

I still have very vivid dreams and even dreamt of my son before I was ever pregnant with him. I believe him to be an indigo as well. He is special in many ways, and has told me that he has premonition dreams as well! (I never told him about mine until after he came to me about it.) He’s very sensitive and intelligent, and doesn’t do well with blatant or rude authority. He pushes back just like myself.

Also, we eat healthy and don’t like or trust most conventional medicine. We try to find alternate ways to heal, if possible. I don’t trust in our government and am vocal about how it needs change. I don’t like how greedy, materialistic, negative, and condemning our society is. It is obvious to me also what God is about. It’s strange that so many preach condemnation and hate, when God is all about love. I feel as if I’ve always known and felt this. I have never been a very consistent church goer, but I am very secure in my faith. I wish the rest of the world saw it like I do.

In any case, thanks for this page! It’s fascinating to read about others who have similarities to myself, my father and son.    I have started trying to talk to my spirit guides and I am also trying to really learn what I can do to help better the world. Thanks.

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