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Indigos Speak Out!!! Duchess Responds.

EVAN:  As a child and through out my life I always have had this overwhelming feeling that we are not living out our true purpose, as a child and into adulthood I have always had these feelings that I KNOW what is going to happen with certain situation and my feelings toward the situation was never wrong. I always felt a different way around different people and now I realize it is because of how in tune with the energy and aura of fellow man. I always had a problem paying attention in school because I found the routine extremely boring. And it used to anger me that all the other children where able to pay attention and just was not able to focus. As I got older I started to devlop such a powerful anger towards anyone who would hurt any one who could not defend themselves. I have always felt that my anger was put into me and remains dormant until “the war begins” I can’t tell you what war or who it will be waged with I just know that it is coming. And, it is only then that the force of my anger and feeling of wanting to protect all of my brothers and sisters here on mother earth will be unlocked to its full potential. since I can remember I have these feeling every time I look into the sky that I belong up there, that’s where home is. It is as if I am being beckoned. I need to answer my calling and I need to get on the right track. After realizing I am an indigo I need to know what steps I need to take next and how to unlock my true self before the “War” I know is coming starts because by then it will be to late. If you can help guide me in any way please reach out to me. Peace, Love, and oneness

Dear Evan, Thank you for sharing your feelings with us. There is a slight rumble in all of us. Each of us is evolving in our own way, in our own time. Some call it an awakening. It feels like a war but it is an awakening of the spirit over the ego. You will be fine. You will know the beauty of how you can help the earth when the time comes. This is not a time for ugly. This is a war of beauty. Namaste. Duchess


MAJESTIC:  Everything you just explained i relate to so much. i used to imagine my self as a fairy to and i still do. i connect deeply with nature in every way and i know fairys are real. i feel like we have these thoughts for a reason. i feel like in my past life i was a fairy and im sure you were too! I also have experienced the pain in my chest from certain ppl but there not just ordinary ppl there dark.. i have gotten that feeling n the soul inside is crying for help because something is trying to take it over or already has.. iv had demons show themselves to me and angles in different ways or maybe they were just light beings walking n teaching. For some reason i cant remember many child hood dreams besides this one dream and i remember it because it reoccured a few times when i was younger i was in a beautiful prairie with amazing grasses and there was this magical pond with fluffy cat tails all around it i just remember myself in a few of these dreams feeling that it was a different enchanted land i just walked right in the pond n swam like it was my home! Now at this time in my life im having intense dimension dreams insights in my dreams leaders from another place (not human) showing me places (Not on earth) i know its for a reason and all of us have been guided to this website for a reason we all need to make something happen. I believe in every single one of us mother earth needs us and we need her.

Dear Majestic, Our dreams are a reflection of our waking thoughts. Try not to be so harsh with waking moments. Meditate with visions of beauty on your mind as you find peace within. Indigos need not be suffering any longer. That time is long gone. Everyone is waking….Namaste, Duchess


MAJESTIC 2:  This is an incredible website! I want to know your openion on what else i can do to open up my gifts i have been on this spiritual path for ahwile and when i was younger n didnt find the light yet a lady on the beach came up to me telling me im an indigo child telling me that im one of the chosen ones and im here for a reason to rise up she predicted many thing that i look back on and know she was right. I never saw her again because she came to tell me what she needed n was never walking on the beach again like she said she would. I used to see dark spirits more then good ones but now i havnt been seeing dark ones ever any more which is good because they would come against me… like a battle for my own light in my soul or something i had the helps of my other friends who are indigo to lead me and to join me in life’s paths for us but i want to do more then i am now in my life i spread environmental issues to inform ppl what we can do to help mother earth n i pick up trash i see i spread love and i try to give good advice to friends about this type of stuff but i feel like its not enough i want to start connecting with others who are like me and i want to connect with the creator i want to get insights that i have in my dreams in everyday life so i can look into them more and understand them better.

Dear Majestic 2:  As I said before, meditation is the key to all you seek. There are some wonderful sites online where there are guided meditation audios. Start small 5-10 min. Work your way up to 20 min 2x a day.     Namaste, Duchess


GRAY:  the thyme u noticed was i like to comfort people offer support. would you agree?
1.   as a child i wanted to be a therapist and/or artist
2.   i admire y older brother, he so warm and never seems to let anything stop him from his dreams.
3.  the activities i enjoy are giving advice, learning, crafting thing or creating things that have meaning for example a painting that has power, meaning that can help or comfort someone. and reading.
4.  if i won the lottery i would learn as much as i possible could, i would donate a lot of money to children hospitals, because when i was in hospitals being able to get to meet the survive dogs, play video games, get stuffed animals helped me a lot and made me feel more comfortable and i would start a business.
5.  i help my friends by giving them advice, letting them know im here for them 24/7 comforting them and giving them reassurance and letting them know they are loved.
7.  the topics i would like to teach people and messages i would like to give them are one of the most important things if not the most important thing is to be yourself completely, also do what you love no matter what, and never stop learning. i would let people know that there are going to be dark times but a light will eventually a peer,

Dear Gray, May all your dreams and aspirations manifest. Stay blessed. Namaste, Duchess



I have a problem, as a child I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up, in high school I would joke about becoming a bum. And I pretty much am one now. Between ages of 9-14 I was very naughty. I was dating girls and cheating and also tried marijuana. It was later on after high school I started consciously developing my “gifts”. For me it’s been an opposite path, when I was young I was naughty and made a bunch of mistakes. As I grew older I became wiser and more spiritual, but still with tons of faults. I’m not a very good indigo, I’ve had quite the bit of trials, also abused as a child. I’m still unstable it seems.

Dear Hi, There are no good or bad Indigos…just misunderstood Indigos. No matter how we appear to others we are here to stay. People are beginning to realize who we really are as the evolve and realize who they themselves really are. Namaste, Duchess


OMEN:  Iv never felt more lost then now since I turned 30. I have been so different from everyone for so long that now I live in isolation with my wife and daughter. No one wants my company or words. I only recently discovered how special I am through deep meditation, yet I’m building more questions and finding myself further into confusion. The more knowledgeable I become the further I seem to slip away. How do I trust myself again, how do I become a child like mind so I can relax? This may not be the right place for this but I need help. I need real help not someone making me fell small, dumb or weird. Thank you for this lesson. I am a lost indigo adult and I losing my self fast.       Duchess responded to Omen on the website

PETE:  Hello OMEN, this is going to sound strange…..but I am also a 30 year old indigo…..and I’ve just been thinking to myself, that I am a person that is often full of raging confidence, even though I stand completely alone, have no job, people try to shame me, anything that happens I always can manage to be confident in who I am.

I have also been simultaneously thinking, that I want to help other Indigos, and then right after that I saw your message. So I took the opportunity to try to help you first. I hope you get this message. But I am right here with you, there is nothing wrong with you!!!! In fact I’ve met some younger Indigos recently that probably need my help as well. They are young and lost, and full of FEAR. That’s one thing that I don’t dwell on or tolerate very well, fear, I’m the warrior type who doesn’t fear much.

I remember having to console my group of friends on 2012, I told them all nothing was going to happen, to change their consciousness to a peaceful state, because if the world was left in fear then it may have become a self fulfilling prophecy. And only 1% of a population can make a difference.

Just accept who you are and own it. No regrets, you are unique and gifted, just like all Indigos, nothing to be ashamed of. Many others our age have given in to the fear, the shame, the social ridicule, don’t be weak and own who you are!!

Dear Pete, I will make sure Omen receives this message. YOu are absolutely right..the best thing we can do to help humanity is to walk tall and own who we are!! Namaste, Duchess