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The Disconnect Was Always There For Some Of Us-Are You Feeling It Now?

Hi Tony….I am 69 and still I don’t feel connected to this earth or this body. It’s been this way my entire life as I now it.  Namaste, Duchess

Hi Duchess. Thank you for writing me. I recall the feeling of looking in from the outside, as far back as I can remember. This was normal; I got used to it, but this recent disconnection was profound. This current feeling of disconnection is probably more like what you are describing.
Everything changed. My whole body began experiencing periods of rippling energy. It feels like waves of water/energy rolling through with an electric goose bump feel that flows from different directions. No info like this online so I guess it’s judt my experience. So far it appears that I can remove pain from others, by focusing and releasing this energy towards them. I understand many people can do this, so it’s something I am exploring.
All kinds of things are different; many are subjective and some tangible. I was immediately focused in the “Now” and stayed there. All life-long depression and anxiety disappeared. Whatever this is; awakening, enlightenment or just a psychological change in perception, is obviously rolling across the globe. For now, I am off in a very remote northern Canadian community, with my wife and daughter, letting these changes complete. My wife also experienced this disconnection and started seeing colors when she closes her eyes. The closest I have come to understanding this, is some kind of Indigo awakening for me (being from the late 60s and now able to heal) and perhaps her too. The awakening, enlightenment and spirituality knowledge is not something I knew much about, before this change, four months ago. I experienced unique/esoteric things over the years but for whatever reason I just accepted and didn’t dwell on them. I am now voraciously reading, learning, understanding and it’s quite amazing.
Anyway… this is a unique learning experience, for those dealing with it. The answers will be different for everyone and they will ultimately come from inside, with some guidance that is available online, such as your site. Maybe this disconnected state of being is from experiencing a wider perception or a clearer perception of outside and/or from a slightly different state of being. I have a few more months to rest quietly. I do feel these changes will continue to affect enough people in such a way that we all move away from an ego troubled world to one with more compassion and connection. Also, I did get a lot of info from inside/guides (whatever). One big change is that dark and light energy are separting… like a wave form with the dark bottom half falling away from the top half light half. I think this means we learned what we needed to learn from this combination of energy, and now we can focus our learning in the light.