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The Pain Of Being Indigo Until We Can Find Our True Meaning.

Wolfy 7/15  I am an indigo child through and through , I’ve also always had this strange feeling that i was needed and my purpose was something far greater than just sitting around doing school and having a generic depressing lifestyle e.g. being a slave with a white collar on. That aside, its this impulse so to speak that is always bugging me, it makes me feel as if I need to do something that will push humanity further, help it and change the way people think. It’s all very confusing. I’m usually always very alert too annoyingly, as it makes me an incredibly light sleeper. I also have a strange instinct to fight a lot too…i don’t know that might just me being a strangely violent person. the real thing that is bugging me though, is where do I go from now? knowing I am this particular type of person just makes me even more annoyed that I do not know where to go from here, i honestly do feel like there’s something big that must be fulfilling at the moment but no. What should i do, what do i do?

Dear Wolfy, I say this to everyone who shares their pain after only reading Lesson 1. You must continue and complete them all. Then watch some of the suggested movies with a message. We Indigos are a most impatient group of individuals. You will find your place. Doing the lessons on the website will keep your mind busy while you wait. Namaste, Duchess

Paul x armijo 7/25  Hi . I have been getting a feeling from God that I am hear to send a message that’s how I have been feeling lately. I have a strong connection with my kids. I have every symptom this lists. I’ve been predicting upcoming events, I have friends that ask for guidance with out asking. I can tell if someone is lying or up to no good. I predict things my friends think that are amazing. I can hear people’s thoughts. And I have also had spiritual awakenings through my life that all tie into one. I hung my self in 2012. I died and came back to life 3 minutes later. I stood with God. I’m from a rough neighborhood with misfits and troublemakers. I am here to say I am here as my son that has ever been loyal at heart asking for forgiveness calling on me night in and night out to be in his corner with the angels that scout us . Hear these words because we need to show affection and kindness, love, peace, be kind and show our children that we need to love and be kind to each other that will lead to never ending love. Our spirits, our souls will love us and lead us to greatness. The naysayers will doubt but with faith , love, and prayer and acceptance and let God live in your heart he will talk to you. Acknowledge your sins and God will forgive. Ask your angels , spirits. For all I ask is to love and be kind to your fellow neighbors .

Dear Paul, If the world had half the love you express, we would have met a great deal of our purpose here on planet earth. You also seem to have had some past life experiences come through to you in this life time. Perhaps those experiences have cause you to evolve to the degree of loving that you seem to express. Namaste, Duchess

Sandra 7/28 My 20 year has been suffering from depression. He says this world is not for him. He is different etc. Everything I have read on indigo children, leads me to believe he is one. He currently doesn’t want to leave the house. He is isolating himself from mates and is so full of anger and sadness. I’m not sure how to help him because the first thing for me is a psychologist and antidepressants.  But he is dead set against it. What advice can anyone give..I’m scared ill lose him.

Dear Sandra, I am not a doctor. I can only share what my own experience has been. First, my daughter use to suffer from depression at high school age. Second, I have a son who from the time he was school age, didn’t want to be here. Both these children concerned me. But I didn’t want to start giving them drugs. I found that the natural herbal supplement “choline” worked. Our brains produce this naturally and sometimes our levels are low. Like all drugs and herbal supplements they must be researched by the individual prior to taking them. I gave this to my teenage daughter as a vitamin each day.  Your son may also be an Empath. Read what you can on Empaths. We hold the energy of the world in our vibration and need to learn how to protect our own energy from being bombarded by the energy of others around us. I pray this helps. If all else fails, we see the professionals. That is a search in itself. Find one that is into alternative belief systems. At least find one that is open enough to witness another persons journey objectively and not merely by the book.


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