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Understanding Our Gifts As Adults

Ana 9/7/2016 

When I was a child I didn’t really understood what was going on around me. Whenever I thought about something it happened. If I wanted for something to be different, in the end it would be different just as I thought it should be. I was scared, well I’m still scared sometimes because I’ll never know what could I wish next. At first I thought that I hear voices in my head but then I realized it was energy flowing  Now I see two persons in me. At begging they were fighting, but now I’m united, I’m scared and peaceful in same time. I’m good and evil in same time. Good for people, bad for me. And I don’t mind it. I need them to be safe to be protected. And I don’t mind being sacrificed for them. There is nothing and there is everything. In the end I understand being one. Some say the world is coming to the end of it’s time and it really is. And I’m happy for it. I’m just sad that I won’t see the new Start. Evolution. But I’m happy because I’ll be the part of evolution, the voice for the next. The energy that I see now. The energy that I was, I’m going to be and still am. I call for you to understand. You don’t need just to feel, you need to understand too. You never know by who voice you’re guided. Trust me, and you’ll never know me. Be suspicious and you’ll understand me.

Response:  Ana, We all possess the ability to create. We can create that which we perceive as good (positive) and that which we perceived as bad (negative). It is part of our spiritual gifts. As for the world coming to an end, it has always been that way. The world is not coming to a physical end…it is reaching its vibrational end. Things are evolving each and everyday. Therefore what was yesterday is no longer the same today. Once we reach today….yesterday came to its end. We only have today…for tomorrow is not promised to any of us.

First Wave 9/15/2016

Hello. Lovely site. I have been searching for Indigos in large number for some time, since by definition we were placed on this earth for higher purpose. While it is lovely to have individual peace and overall commiseration amongst ourselves, the surrounding world persists on in serious peril and despair. With that being noted, is it not well overdue for us to work towards forming a think tank, a collective to actually begin inciting real change? To finally be the authority leading the charge for a future in light? I ultimately believe the reason why so many of us have depressive and rage episodes is because our abilities are not being utilized to its fullest potential, thereby frustrating and stifling the facets that makes us who we are, which naturally then leads to all of this negative emoting. Truly there is much work to be done. We should be doing something much greater than what we are.

Response: A smile to you. You are so on time

Svetlana 9/16/2016
Hi. Only yesterday for the first time in my 33 years I’ve heard about Indigo children. Now I completely understand why I feel so different in my childhood and why I was so spiritual strong. I always felt that I have something still to be achieved in my life. I have a beautiful family, knowing who I am in life, now I feel complete. I also have child 5 years old who is very confused what do other people expect of him and why does he behave in certain way. He is a very clever boy. But we have so much misunderstanding between him and his teachers at school. I’m not sure if he fits in description of a christen child, because he is scared of everything Talks about dieing and very anxious and can be aggressive at the same time very forgiving and loving.. I don’t know how to help him to thrive in this world. If you could help meet some other pls.

Response: For you, I would say do all 28 lessons. This will help you understand yourself. For your five year old. Read the children’s books to him. Do some of the guided meditation children’s stories with him. Once you and your child learn to tap the power within, things will begin to make sense.

Harold Says: Hi I am an indigo and thnx to these few lessons I am going to do what I am called to do I remember my mission it is to teach people how to reconnect with the plants and animals and even other people around us it is to show people how to feel what nature says hi when animals say hi it’s to teach that we don’t need the things that we have in this economy we live in today and I never gave up my true abilities I still use them today to help others and like most of us I figured out that if u just let ur natural abilities guide ur life u will be doing ur mission from one indigo to all I must say don’t fear what u are and what u are to become just let ur abilities just flow from u and follow where they lead ur abilities are the key for us to have a happy life and a better future. Peace and prosperity to all


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