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Indigos Experience It All

Sasha Comments:   Actually I saw my first ghost when I was 9/10years old,and it was my grandad. I was actually in a school assembly I was in junior school. I burst in to tears I was told by a teacher it was just my mind playing tricks on me as he had only died a few weeks and my sister use to think we could see this green blob thing as well, just lying over our bedroom door. We called it Jimmy green teeth. lol, That was actually before I saw my granddad. When I mentioned it to my mum she said it was my mind was playing tricks and that ghosts didn’t exist. I was told to shut up and that men in white suits would come in a van and take me away if I kept talking about it. I never had many friends when I was younger. It bothered me a bit. But as I got older it stopped bothering me. I use to just know stuff without knowing how I knew. Like my friends cousin having something wrong with her appendix, and another time I said she was pregnant, and I thought it was a boy. (Guess what!! I was right) As a passenger in a car driving down the road I saw something wrong with my dog. No idea what was wrong. A few weeks later he keeled over dead. He had been poisoned. Loads of mad stuff like that. I have even seen dead dogs. I described an old woman to someone I could see stood in the doorway. What she was wearing etc. It turned out to be my friends mum’s, mum and she had died before he was born. I asked my mum if I had been adopted. She told me don’t be stupid. I never heard of meditation back the. These things just started happening. Unfortunately I never noticed that this power or gifts stopped. But I was in an abusive relationship at the time. Some things are starting to awaken again. I usually know if there is an angel trying to get my attention through smells usually, or a ticklish feeling or ringing or buzzing in my ear, and feathers every where, and sensing at times an atmosphere when I have entered somewhere, or my gut will feel funny and I can know that something is wrong, or that there is something off about a person, I can usually tell if someone is taking drugs. I can not see aura’s. It’s quite fascinating,

Athena B Nadi Comments: n reply to RD.   Thank you for this site and the lessons so lovingly shared. The time we are in right now, the world needs this and need more people to realize their true potential through inner searching and inner love. Yes, I can see from some comments that some may find this site strange, and I suppose then, it is not (yet) for them. And, I guess, IS for those who are awakening and willing. Life is not so straightforward, that many will understand, without having looked inward. I remember as a child how deeply grieved I was simply being here on this plane and how I still am deeply grieved by what’s happening in the world. Where is the Love?

Having been born to a Muslim mom, Catholic dad and lived a life of grappling with numerous issues since childhood, hating institutions and constantly being forced to conform to what I’m not: a consumer, a slave to a system created by a greedy few… I find myself a healer, vegetarian, non-conformist, shaman, having a deep love for the Earth and all her creatures…all that is alive…and yet my journey of ‘discomfort’ has brought me here.
It’s still not easy…I detest money…and what it stands for, how it divides people and makes them yearn for material instead of placing importance on values. Hence the moral fiber of society seems to be fraying fast. I have always known though, that I cannot have a normal job…live in normal society, be normal because whoever decided that that is normal…is not normal for me. I did not decide to have this opinion; I have just always been like this.
It’s sad some days because I know I cannot force people to wake up, or to attempt what they are not yet ready for…and I pray that whatever it is I am supposed to do, to assist in the way that I can, becomes easier for me ( and those who feel the same). I do not know whether I am an Indigo ( that’s what I tell myself)…but in truth I know what I feel, who I am, what I am supposed to do. But I have found – living in society- it to be a challenging and lonely road. I am ever grateful, thus, to have been guided to your site – having asked Archangel Michael’s guidance and voilà. May all be blessed, rightly guided and willing to step forward into Light.

Josh Comments:   I’ve been feeling a lot of isolation with my understandings. I have always known I have a bigger purpose in this world and destined to do great things. I was extraordinarily different in my time in high school. Jock, class president, party goer, speech and debate. Yet isolated, the guy who could fit into any social group because of my acceptance of others. I’m now 22 and practically preach awakening through social media. I don’t get a lot of attention. It affects the ego but it does not stop me. I may not be making a major impact but I am having an impact. It is not my job to guide the awakening, but rather provide the doors to discovery. I stumbled upon these lessons after I just found out that the indigo child I know I am has a direct correlation with the 3rd eye. Its a sign. My goal in life is to help others make it to their  achievements. I am so happy to have found lessons to help me shape a better understanding of who I am to better discover the spirituality that I’ve been seeking to awaken to. I am considerably influenced by speaking out against the government. I love to talk about the things that are real issues that our country’s leaders do not address. I speak out for the changing of society’s norms and ignorance. All of this leads up to my current feeling of isolation. I just feel so misunderstood. My intuition is calling me to others with the same gifts. I am just deeply touched by the fact that my intuitions have lead me here. I am going to change by the end. I feel like I already know all of this deep inside. Its clicking. Now I have a way to understand it all. Thank you for guiding me into furthering my awakening.

Paula Gal Comments:  Hi! I am surprised by finding this website=)) I’ll keep it short to you^^ I remember having very long dreams which I could continue after waking up if I would’ve closed my eyes. The long dreams used to repeat after 4 months after I’d completely forgotten. The past years( maybe 2-3 or 4) I couldn’t dream that much at all…I probably didn’t remember the dreams. But, about 1 month ago, I had one of the long dreams I used to have as a 5 year old child ( now I’m 15). I’m very sure that I have synesthesia and I only realize it exists such as this about 3 months ago and I was shocked when I understood that not everyone around can see things as I do… I always had older friends like over 20 years old and I never related to same age. One friend of mine which is 30, is very wise and I can have very deep conversation with her regarding the usual talks , and she was the only one I related to when I was explaining to her how I see life and how I see what was before this existence and what will come after. She said that it’s pretty logical^^ I discovered about Indigos during last summer when a long distance family member( a sort of aunt) told me about Indigos because she believes that her youngest child is a crystal baby(she made the connections because of the intense talks we had and the fact that me and her son were both born with very bad problems, no one literally giving us a chance to life). Thank you for the support^^ If possible I would like to talk to other Indigos because I haven’t found one yet:((

When seeking others try going to   Search your zip code and keyword Indigo

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