Journey Of A Once Lost Indigo Finding His Way

I’m 27 and got into new age/OBE’s/buddhism when I was 12. My parents had just gotten divorced and with both of them using me against one another I was left to fend for myself emotionally and spiritually. My ego began to over-develop as I was the only one in my house that could show me love. By age 17 I was no longer able to project (OBE), and spirituality fell to the way-side in favor of sex, drugs, and alcohol. I thought my life was perfect because everyone told me how lucky I was to be the pinnacle of privilege. The day I turned 18, I moved to Bangkok living like a king off of modelling jobs, wakeboarding, and a very lucrative operation on the newly-founded Silk Road marketplace.

Depression and realization of an inherent emptiness reared its ugly head just after I turned 21 and my beautiful Thai g/f at the time asked me what was wrong. “This lifestyle…” I said. “It’s not something I’m willing to work for…” I paused as I felt this dull pop/crunch inside my brain and I got really dark “… but it’s sure as fuck something I’d kill for to keep.”

Hearing myself say that wrenched my stomach, and the fact my g/f was completely unfazed by it made it a little worse. I shut everything down, bought a plane ticket, and was back home in the US less than 3 weeks later.

For the next 5 years I became an alcoholic landscaper, and started to reconnect with those people that were around when i was healthy and fully plugged into the noosphere. January 1st 2016 I resolved to make a conscious effort to become the best possible version of myself, and to go above and beyond for people who ASK for help (no one likes unsolicited advice).

February, I straight up quit drinking. Don’t miss it one bit. April, I got my own landscaping LLC up and running. I’m still using weed/cigs as my crutch, but it’s only because I’m scared.

I’d never say that out loud, but it’s true. On 5 different occasions I’ve tried to quit smoking weed, and meditate but hypomania and too much energy always get the best of me. Imagine NYC’s power grid all rigged up with those petite red-yellow electric wires as opposed to big thick cables… TOTAL OVERLOAD! Again I have a very active job, strength train 4x a week, and eat really clean foods but without weed and with meditation, my energy levels are so high I’ll literally have to start jump roping or doing push-ups when i should be able to relax… That last thing I said about the cables is actually making me think that whats going on is that I’m quite literally ungrounded (ungrounded electricity=live wire).

Every “indigo” person kind of undergoes they’re own transformation and sometimes it’s ugly and painful. I guess my advice to anyone lost or confused would be “listen to your heart”. Super cliche, but if you can make that connection, even if only for a short while, the entire essence of your being will yearn for that fulfillment of purpose and you can make peace with the universe, spaceship Earth, and all of it’s inhabitants.

Also remember to expose yourself to people and information that you want to become a part of you. You are what you think/feel. Even a few Buddhist monks in the south of Thailand after years of Muslim bombings have put down the Pali Canon in favor of the sword. Neither the monks nor the Thai common folk condemn these souls that formerly sought enlightenment, because the violence is just an unfortunate part of their reality, or as they see it, their karma.

“Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.” – Walt Whitman

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The Pain Of Being Indigo Until We Can Find Our True Meaning.

Wolfy 7/15  I am an indigo child through and through , I’ve also always had this strange feeling that i was needed and my purpose was something far greater than just sitting around doing school and having a generic depressing lifestyle e.g. being a slave with a white collar on. That aside, its this impulse so to speak that is always bugging me, it makes me feel as if I need to do something that will push humanity further, help it and change the way people think. It’s all very confusing. I’m usually always very alert too annoyingly, as it makes me an incredibly light sleeper. I also have a strange instinct to fight a lot too…i don’t know that might just me being a strangely violent person. the real thing that is bugging me though, is where do I go from now? knowing I am this particular type of person just makes me even more annoyed that I do not know where to go from here, i honestly do feel like there’s something big that must be fulfilling at the moment but no. What should i do, what do i do?

Dear Wolfy, I say this to everyone who shares their pain after only reading Lesson 1. You must continue and complete them all. Then watch some of the suggested movies with a message. We Indigos are a most impatient group of individuals. You will find your place. Doing the lessons on the website will keep your mind busy while you wait. Namaste, Duchess

Paul x armijo 7/25  Hi . I have been getting a feeling from God that I am hear to send a message that’s how I have been feeling lately. I have a strong connection with my kids. I have every symptom this lists. I’ve been predicting upcoming events, I have friends that ask for guidance with out asking. I can tell if someone is lying or up to no good. I predict things my friends think that are amazing. I can hear people’s thoughts. And I have also had spiritual awakenings through my life that all tie into one. I hung my self in 2012. I died and came back to life 3 minutes later. I stood with God. I’m from a rough neighborhood with misfits and troublemakers. I am here to say I am here as my son that has ever been loyal at heart asking for forgiveness calling on me night in and night out to be in his corner with the angels that scout us . Hear these words because we need to show affection and kindness, love, peace, be kind and show our children that we need to love and be kind to each other that will lead to never ending love. Our spirits, our souls will love us and lead us to greatness. The naysayers will doubt but with faith , love, and prayer and acceptance and let God live in your heart he will talk to you. Acknowledge your sins and God will forgive. Ask your angels , spirits. For all I ask is to love and be kind to your fellow neighbors .

Dear Paul, If the world had half the love you express, we would have met a great deal of our purpose here on planet earth. You also seem to have had some past life experiences come through to you in this life time. Perhaps those experiences have cause you to evolve to the degree of loving that you seem to express. Namaste, Duchess

Sandra 7/28 My 20 year has been suffering from depression. He says this world is not for him. He is different etc. Everything I have read on indigo children, leads me to believe he is one. He currently doesn’t want to leave the house. He is isolating himself from mates and is so full of anger and sadness. I’m not sure how to help him because the first thing for me is a psychologist and antidepressants.  But he is dead set against it. What advice can anyone give..I’m scared ill lose him.

Dear Sandra, I am not a doctor. I can only share what my own experience has been. First, my daughter use to suffer from depression at high school age. Second, I have a son who from the time he was school age, didn’t want to be here. Both these children concerned me. But I didn’t want to start giving them drugs. I found that the natural herbal supplement “choline” worked. Our brains produce this naturally and sometimes our levels are low. Like all drugs and herbal supplements they must be researched by the individual prior to taking them. I gave this to my teenage daughter as a vitamin each day.  Your son may also be an Empath. Read what you can on Empaths. We hold the energy of the world in our vibration and need to learn how to protect our own energy from being bombarded by the energy of others around us. I pray this helps. If all else fails, we see the professionals. That is a search in itself. Find one that is into alternative belief systems. At least find one that is open enough to witness another persons journey objectively and not merely by the book.


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The Disconnect Was Always There For Some Of Us-Are You Feeling It Now?

Hi Tony….I am 69 and still I don’t feel connected to this earth or this body. It’s been this way my entire life as I now it.  Namaste, Duchess

Hi Duchess. Thank you for writing me. I recall the feeling of looking in from the outside, as far back as I can remember. This was normal; I got used to it, but this recent disconnection was profound. This current feeling of disconnection is probably more like what you are describing.
Everything changed. My whole body began experiencing periods of rippling energy. It feels like waves of water/energy rolling through with an electric goose bump feel that flows from different directions. No info like this online so I guess it’s judt my experience. So far it appears that I can remove pain from others, by focusing and releasing this energy towards them. I understand many people can do this, so it’s something I am exploring.
All kinds of things are different; many are subjective and some tangible. I was immediately focused in the “Now” and stayed there. All life-long depression and anxiety disappeared. Whatever this is; awakening, enlightenment or just a psychological change in perception, is obviously rolling across the globe. For now, I am off in a very remote northern Canadian community, with my wife and daughter, letting these changes complete. My wife also experienced this disconnection and started seeing colors when she closes her eyes. The closest I have come to understanding this, is some kind of Indigo awakening for me (being from the late 60s and now able to heal) and perhaps her too. The awakening, enlightenment and spirituality knowledge is not something I knew much about, before this change, four months ago. I experienced unique/esoteric things over the years but for whatever reason I just accepted and didn’t dwell on them. I am now voraciously reading, learning, understanding and it’s quite amazing.
Anyway… this is a unique learning experience, for those dealing with it. The answers will be different for everyone and they will ultimately come from inside, with some guidance that is available online, such as your site. Maybe this disconnected state of being is from experiencing a wider perception or a clearer perception of outside and/or from a slightly different state of being. I have a few more months to rest quietly. I do feel these changes will continue to affect enough people in such a way that we all move away from an ego troubled world to one with more compassion and connection. Also, I did get a lot of info from inside/guides (whatever). One big change is that dark and light energy are separting… like a wave form with the dark bottom half falling away from the top half light half. I think this means we learned what we needed to learn from this combination of energy, and now we can focus our learning in the light.

Indigos Speak Out!!! Enjoy The Journey. Embrace The Process.

Rosalee:  Hi, I recently discovered this website and have been following each lesson. So far, I have been doing extremely well and I felt a lot of my anxiety and depression go away. But lately I feel like my ego is taking control. Making me upset for no reason or I will randomly get in verbal arguments with a lot of people in my life. Also, made a ton of positive life changes before and now I feel like I’m starting to go backwards and fall right back into my bad habits and it’s really fogging up my goal and making it hard for me to find my purpose, or just simply not care about it at all. Do you suggest I go back to a few of the lessons? I made so much progress and I really believe I can help make positive changes in this world. But something constantly holds me back and makes me feel like i am not a worthy person. I need help with this because I feel totally lost and upset now.

Response: I suggest you go back to lesson #1 and begin doing the lessons over with a trusted companion. As we grow spiritually it is always nice to have someone we trust to journey with us.

Neruel: My family is full of indigo. My grandma, Mom, Sister, Niece, Brother And the reason I think my siblings and I are strong indigo is because our father is at least half indigo as well. He shows signs of being aware of it but refuses like my brother to point out his gifts. Both aren’t comfortable about talk bout it. My mother on the other hand tells us often to embrace it and accept what we can about it. One thing is for sure, you either know your an indigo or not. There really is no in between. There’s certain things bout it that you can’t ignore and you experience certain odd things often. A huge sign is lights that are light sensitive will turn off around you. Street lights are the biggest one. If you understand your indigo side you can actually channel your energy enough to turn them off as you push out your energy it makes your aura bright enough that lights mistaken it for sunlight and turn off. You can also calm your energy enough to make the lights turn back on. But be aware, at first its very draining and hard to do.

Response: Fascinating.

Courtney: Hi, I finally feel relieved now that I know I am an Indigo! It’s nice to know there is an explanation. ?
As a child I wanted to be an actress or a teacher. I moved to Los Angeles and have been working in the entertainment industry but NOT as an actress. It’s like I’m so close but yet so far. But, I also care so much for animals and kindness toward them. I became a vegetarian 20 years ago because of our meat industry is repulsive to me. I’ve never been able to move forward with either option because I’m afraid I’ll choose the wrong one. It’s been the the most challenging part of my adulthood…choosing what path to take, so instead I haven’t chosen anything! Ugh. Any advice? Oh, I also asked for help from an Archangel last night in my dreams but nothing happened…

Response: Starting with Lesson 1 and cont. through to Lesson 28. Perhaps you are so impatient to find your path that you skip the steps in front of you. As for Archangels, read up on some of them. Then find one specific to your journey…Don’t just go to sleep with a “hey you” attitude. Be specific! Which Archangel did you desire to respond to you?

Kayla: I have been struggling for a long time now. Reading this opened my eyes even more to why I have been depressed can’t keep a job lack friends the older I get I am 23 I feel completely different than anyone I’m around and have questioned since I can remember why am I here and would experience a feeling that is still verbally impossible for me to explain but it was like out of body thing like example talking to a friend being in a conversation but the “real” me was watching it like I said I cannot in anyway truly explain it. I know I am here for a reason I just cannot find my place. Anyone with advice would be so greatly appreciated. (I experience almost every single thing he listed)

Response: So you read, “What Is The Indigo Child”. Did you go back and do the lessons starting with Lesson #1? So many times the comments here are from persons wanting to skip the steps necessary for them to take in developing understanding. Your experience was mine with I was a teenager. Sometimes to grow, we must step backwards to come forwards again. Only this time we will see things differently with a clearer understanding.

Rachel: Hi thank you for making this guide. I am new in my path to my true self. I find your lessons very helpful. I just see the ego as not purely distractive though. It is like a system made to protect us but in some cases, it had gone wrong or malfunctioned (I think fixing mine is my biggest challenge at the moment but I’m getting there thanks for the help of souls like you ). We can let it be on the passenger’s seat and not let it be the driver of our way. Just sharing my take on the ego.

Response: My thoughts exactly, Rachel. We need that ego. But not as the driver.

Daniela: At last I found all of you. Real Indigo soul mates. In silence I have grown up and developed only by myself. In a hard physically and a mentally pain. So lovely to read all these beatiful things dear friends.

Response: Welcome home!!!! From here you can branch out in any direction. Peace and Blessings my friend. Namaste

Robert: Any advice on self relaxation (self-hypnosis) techniques to alleviate insomnia in a 16 y/o female? I personally believe in and revere the Archangels, but hesitate to mention spirit sources as some are turned off immediately. For instance, my “born-again” sister, believes anything (like channeling) not in the Bible, is of the Devil. Roy Master’s “observation-meditation” technique might be applicable, but any advice from your sources would be appreciated.

Response: Hey Bob…No recommendations for 16 year olds. For adults I would recommend Deepak Chopra’s website for meditations by Davidji, Channeling on Lee Carroll’s website for nice listening to “Kryon”. As for my belief system. I believe all thing come from one Creator. We are all connected and everything is an exploration to our own spiritual journey.

Vernon: I am 74yrs old, 7yrs of institutional education, lived 52yrs as a human in the world of Alice in Wonderland, have untold friends known and unknown the world over who`s intentions are questionable.
For the past 24yrs I have been totally surrounded and came to know such was the same from a very young age…from Nov94 to Nov99 I operated as if on automation, I made an emotional judgement on behalf of a grandson that affected my routine and focus, the results allowed the manifestation of negativity within, you could say I went from step one to four in no time, came back to step 3 and finding it harder to get back to step four and beyond…Why am I sending this mail? I would like the oppotunity to sit in the presence of likemind in the hope of rekindling my enthusiasm…

Response: Wonderful hearing from you. It shows that we are never too mature to follow our Indigo growth experience. My suggestion to you is for you to go to and join a like-minded meetup group in you hometown. You will love the people you meet and they will love you right back.

Brianne: Hi, I’m Brianne ? I come from a very spiritual family, and most people in my life seem to believe I am an indigo child. I’m starting to believe it myself. I’ve always been able to see or feel spirits, as well as energy. I’m decently good at seeing aura’s. Lately, it’s been getting a bit strange, like getting little hints on future events. I guess I didn’t want to admit it to myself because it felt kind of lonely. I often meet people in my dreams, but I never know if they’re other indigo children, or if they’re people who have already past. I have a tendency of meeting people in my dreams who have already died, usually family members. For a while now I’ve felt that something big is about to happen, not just to me, but to everyone, involving the new age and all that. I’m a little scared of facing it on my own. I have a lot of friends who I believe might be indigo’s, but I don’t think they would believe me, nor be willing to take this big change that is going to happen head on like I want to. Also, what if it turns out I’m not actually an indigo child? Many things have happened in my life as of late, like seeing past lives and stuff, that I can only think would mean I am one. I guess I just don’t want to get my hopes up? I don’t know. I guess I just want to know what to do next. I really do feel like something is going to come soon, but what if I’m wrong?

Response: Brianne, relax. Sit back and do the lessons from 1-28. See if you can find some groups in your area. Meditate with Davidji at Explore for some insights into happenings that might comfort you. Go easy on yourself. Spiritual growth is like being fully aware that you are going through the birth canal.

Rithvic: Wow….
I really am an indigo child but I thought all this was fake.
I now realize there is great meaning and power to my existence.
I am on my way to opening my third eye and mastering elemental kinesis
I encourage all indigo children to do the same

Response: That’s the ticket. Love your enthusiasm. Enjoy the journey. Embrace the process.


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Indigos Share Their Experiences


At the start of this year, I stumbled upon the idea of Indigos through social media and had sort of an epiphany. I hadn’t heard about it previously. Upon reading the traits they often possess and then reading Doreen Virtue’s “The Care And Feeding of Indigo Children”, it personally spoke to me. Growing up, I felt incredibly misunderstood and knew I was a spiritual being. I was adventurous, full of energy – labeled with ADHD, hated structured and useless rules, highly inquisitive, loved animals and playing in nature. I had “out of body” experiences and also witnessed an angelic apparition. I can also recall innately knowing to separate myself from my “ego” when it came to anger and was intuitive in the sense of telling when someone had good “vibes” or not. I was also extremely sensitive. With all of this happening to me at a young age, I was bullied and felt disconnected from family and school. Once I hit puberty, and without the guidance or understanding of who I innately was, I became more separated from my spiritual self. Now at almost 20, I feel so disappointed in my family and myself for not recognizing my unique abilities and encouraging them. I feel like I’m so off course from where I could be. I yearn to go back to the spiritual child I once was, but I know it would take much work. I’m now in college and working in the real world, very much dependent on and involved in superficial things. I don’t cry as much and I have adapted to not express my emotions or thoughts as heavily as I used to. I’m more selfish and a realist. I don’t pray or interact with God nearly as much as I used to. But I still hold so much resentment for today’s corruption and do want to help change that. I just wanted to express my gratitude for this website and the series of how to reclaim my Indigo power. It’s going to be a lifelong process, but I am willing to return back to myself.


This is so strange. I have never even considered/known anything about being an indigo. I just randomly saw something about crystal children and ended up here reading this. For the first time in my life I don’t feel like a freak. No one can lie to me, never has been able to without me knowing. Sometimes it truly makes me outburst in anger when people try to lie to me as if they think I am stupid. I have always had this “knowing” and faith in a higher something of love and pureness but nothing but disdain for “Religion” of all kinds. I have very few friends, but those few are loyal and close although I often find I need to be completely alone not because I am angry or sad but just because I need to breathe and crowds or to much contact with other people over whelms me. I love to socialize but it on my terms when I want to then I retreat to my own space when I am done. I skipped school so much in high school because I couldn’t handle being surrounded by people and would still somehow know the answers to pass exams and tests so I wouldn’t have to repeat the class. I have a very weird specific intuition about things sometimes where I will be in conversation and out of the blue tell someone exactly what is going to happen and just know that I am right. I have seen spirits and strange things since I was very young. Also when someone dangerous and not to be trusted meets me I see snakes eyes in my mind like a flash. I experienced this the first time I met my mothers father, and again with other people in my life and I realized at about 12 years old that the one thing these people had in common was that it wasn’t in my head they were a very real threat to my well being and this warning image has served me well at keeping my guard up and being aware. I have always thought I knew better then authority, teachers, adults, politicians, they all just seemed to regurgitate whatever the status quo answer was but never thought deeper. It was infuriating.I was also born 1991 and am left handed if that matter at all.There are just so many more things that make so much sense if I am an indigo child.


Thank you for the information. Every each of your information are really suited to me. That’s really a mean to me. Now, I understand that I have to let my indigo aura release and not let it blocked on when every time I’m trying to block it away from myself. Still, I can’t denied, I’m feeling that it is somewhat powerful to barrier. People around me are always miss-understood about me not only less but more-misunderstood, trying to be normal once to follow like them normally, and I always failed more than succeed, so that I choose just to be alone and not intended to socialize more in normal-socialize that I always figured out I never can be one of them. Trying to chase but I always distanced from them. My parents are always very worried about me, trying to make me become like them, being normal life, until I’m become adult now. I think they are really can’t figure out that I’m indigo. Well..I just don’t care because I believe Indigo is also can live like what they have to be and not being bullied or always trapped in miss-understand thoughts. I also think that I have Asperger syndrome and bipolar, but when I keep observe my life, that’s not fully my self. Once, my brother ask my parents to psychologist, but I keep silent, means I refuse to go there, because I already figure out the result that I don’t have mental illness. Many worst memories and life that I have, and my worst memories still keep on my head, it isn’t haunted, but hard to erase. It’s depressing actually and not comfortable one, I always keep positively believe that Indigo-man is also can live like what they have to be and not being bullied or always trapped in miss-understand thoughts. Honestly, I’m still lost, help are appreciate but person who understand Indigo, I have found an adult like me[she is also an indigo-adult now], but I keep distance, because she always ask me the reasons why I lost my six sense and blocked my Indigo. Sorry for my bad English. Thank you for hearing my deep-voice.


When I was very young, probably right before I started kindergarten I remember my babysitter waking me up from my bed. She was in the hallway standing on the top stair calling to me and asking me to come say goodbye to her. When I got up and walked into the hallway she suddenly just disappeared and I guess after that I realized I was standing in the hallway in the middle of the night and ran back into bed. I remember not thinking much of it after it happened, I don’t even think I remembered it really. What was strange is this happened before she died a few weeks or month later. She had died in her sleep from breast cancer, and that’s when I remember I told my mom what I remembered although she kind of just dismissed it as something a kid would say.

I also remember when I was very young that I woke up in the middle of the night. This one is kind of difficult to explain in words. At this time I was still sharing a room with my two siblings and we all had these water bottles next to us on our little tables next to our beds in case we got thirsty or something. I remember waking up to the sound of a loud thump and as I was waking up I was still very foggy and sleepy but … I don’t know how to explain this, it’s kind of like the water bottle I had accidentally knocked off my table in my sleep was reversing itself over and over again, like it was going back onto the table then being hit off again almost as if it was reversing the time of itself over and over again. That happened for about 3 or 4 times until it stayed on the floor for me to actually pick it up. This I was actually confused about and I also remember my brother was awake drinking his water sleepily too and I asked him something like “did you see my water bottle fall, did you hear it?” I think I remember him saying something like, “What? yeah” and mumbling something. I don’t know if that was just something I remember from being half asleep or if I actually caused that to happen uncontrollably.

This was the only thing unexplainable happening to me and it all happened to me when I was very young. I’m 14 now, and I’m only just realizing that I could be an indigo child or something. I’m still learning about everything but I think even before I woke up I’ve always felt that I didn’t just want to sit and watch the world go by, I wanted to be involved and do something important in this world. I’ve also always been, well, compared to other teenagers at my high school, I’ve always been unconcerned with silly things like what clothes to wear and needing a date or something. I guess I’ve always realized what was important and what wasn’t and that’s put me a step ahead on the other kids at my school. My siblings are like this too, smarter in terms of how to think compared to other teenagers, but they unfortunately haven’t woken up yet. I sometimes hint at and show them theories about how things really are even though I know they don’t get it. I hope they do someday (and my parents as well), but me being 14 I can’t really do anything about it, and that frustrates me sometimes. I also remember my mom telling me my brother used to have night terrors when he was very little. This is interesting because I’ve read that it could have something to do with past lives.

Indigos Speak Out!!! Duchess Responds.

EVAN:  As a child and through out my life I always have had this overwhelming feeling that we are not living out our true purpose, as a child and into adulthood I have always had these feelings that I KNOW what is going to happen with certain situation and my feelings toward the situation was never wrong. I always felt a different way around different people and now I realize it is because of how in tune with the energy and aura of fellow man. I always had a problem paying attention in school because I found the routine extremely boring. And it used to anger me that all the other children where able to pay attention and just was not able to focus. As I got older I started to devlop such a powerful anger towards anyone who would hurt any one who could not defend themselves. I have always felt that my anger was put into me and remains dormant until “the war begins” I can’t tell you what war or who it will be waged with I just know that it is coming. And, it is only then that the force of my anger and feeling of wanting to protect all of my brothers and sisters here on mother earth will be unlocked to its full potential. since I can remember I have these feeling every time I look into the sky that I belong up there, that’s where home is. It is as if I am being beckoned. I need to answer my calling and I need to get on the right track. After realizing I am an indigo I need to know what steps I need to take next and how to unlock my true self before the “War” I know is coming starts because by then it will be to late. If you can help guide me in any way please reach out to me. Peace, Love, and oneness

Dear Evan, Thank you for sharing your feelings with us. There is a slight rumble in all of us. Each of us is evolving in our own way, in our own time. Some call it an awakening. It feels like a war but it is an awakening of the spirit over the ego. You will be fine. You will know the beauty of how you can help the earth when the time comes. This is not a time for ugly. This is a war of beauty. Namaste. Duchess


MAJESTIC:  Everything you just explained i relate to so much. i used to imagine my self as a fairy to and i still do. i connect deeply with nature in every way and i know fairys are real. i feel like we have these thoughts for a reason. i feel like in my past life i was a fairy and im sure you were too! I also have experienced the pain in my chest from certain ppl but there not just ordinary ppl there dark.. i have gotten that feeling n the soul inside is crying for help because something is trying to take it over or already has.. iv had demons show themselves to me and angles in different ways or maybe they were just light beings walking n teaching. For some reason i cant remember many child hood dreams besides this one dream and i remember it because it reoccured a few times when i was younger i was in a beautiful prairie with amazing grasses and there was this magical pond with fluffy cat tails all around it i just remember myself in a few of these dreams feeling that it was a different enchanted land i just walked right in the pond n swam like it was my home! Now at this time in my life im having intense dimension dreams insights in my dreams leaders from another place (not human) showing me places (Not on earth) i know its for a reason and all of us have been guided to this website for a reason we all need to make something happen. I believe in every single one of us mother earth needs us and we need her.

Dear Majestic, Our dreams are a reflection of our waking thoughts. Try not to be so harsh with waking moments. Meditate with visions of beauty on your mind as you find peace within. Indigos need not be suffering any longer. That time is long gone. Everyone is waking….Namaste, Duchess


MAJESTIC 2:  This is an incredible website! I want to know your openion on what else i can do to open up my gifts i have been on this spiritual path for ahwile and when i was younger n didnt find the light yet a lady on the beach came up to me telling me im an indigo child telling me that im one of the chosen ones and im here for a reason to rise up she predicted many thing that i look back on and know she was right. I never saw her again because she came to tell me what she needed n was never walking on the beach again like she said she would. I used to see dark spirits more then good ones but now i havnt been seeing dark ones ever any more which is good because they would come against me… like a battle for my own light in my soul or something i had the helps of my other friends who are indigo to lead me and to join me in life’s paths for us but i want to do more then i am now in my life i spread environmental issues to inform ppl what we can do to help mother earth n i pick up trash i see i spread love and i try to give good advice to friends about this type of stuff but i feel like its not enough i want to start connecting with others who are like me and i want to connect with the creator i want to get insights that i have in my dreams in everyday life so i can look into them more and understand them better.

Dear Majestic 2:  As I said before, meditation is the key to all you seek. There are some wonderful sites online where there are guided meditation audios. Start small 5-10 min. Work your way up to 20 min 2x a day.     Namaste, Duchess


GRAY:  the thyme u noticed was i like to comfort people offer support. would you agree?
1.   as a child i wanted to be a therapist and/or artist
2.   i admire y older brother, he so warm and never seems to let anything stop him from his dreams.
3.  the activities i enjoy are giving advice, learning, crafting thing or creating things that have meaning for example a painting that has power, meaning that can help or comfort someone. and reading.
4.  if i won the lottery i would learn as much as i possible could, i would donate a lot of money to children hospitals, because when i was in hospitals being able to get to meet the survive dogs, play video games, get stuffed animals helped me a lot and made me feel more comfortable and i would start a business.
5.  i help my friends by giving them advice, letting them know im here for them 24/7 comforting them and giving them reassurance and letting them know they are loved.
7.  the topics i would like to teach people and messages i would like to give them are one of the most important things if not the most important thing is to be yourself completely, also do what you love no matter what, and never stop learning. i would let people know that there are going to be dark times but a light will eventually a peer,

Dear Gray, May all your dreams and aspirations manifest. Stay blessed. Namaste, Duchess



I have a problem, as a child I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up, in high school I would joke about becoming a bum. And I pretty much am one now. Between ages of 9-14 I was very naughty. I was dating girls and cheating and also tried marijuana. It was later on after high school I started consciously developing my “gifts”. For me it’s been an opposite path, when I was young I was naughty and made a bunch of mistakes. As I grew older I became wiser and more spiritual, but still with tons of faults. I’m not a very good indigo, I’ve had quite the bit of trials, also abused as a child. I’m still unstable it seems.

Dear Hi, There are no good or bad Indigos…just misunderstood Indigos. No matter how we appear to others we are here to stay. People are beginning to realize who we really are as the evolve and realize who they themselves really are. Namaste, Duchess


OMEN:  Iv never felt more lost then now since I turned 30. I have been so different from everyone for so long that now I live in isolation with my wife and daughter. No one wants my company or words. I only recently discovered how special I am through deep meditation, yet I’m building more questions and finding myself further into confusion. The more knowledgeable I become the further I seem to slip away. How do I trust myself again, how do I become a child like mind so I can relax? This may not be the right place for this but I need help. I need real help not someone making me fell small, dumb or weird. Thank you for this lesson. I am a lost indigo adult and I losing my self fast.       Duchess responded to Omen on the website

PETE:  Hello OMEN, this is going to sound strange…..but I am also a 30 year old indigo…..and I’ve just been thinking to myself, that I am a person that is often full of raging confidence, even though I stand completely alone, have no job, people try to shame me, anything that happens I always can manage to be confident in who I am.

I have also been simultaneously thinking, that I want to help other Indigos, and then right after that I saw your message. So I took the opportunity to try to help you first. I hope you get this message. But I am right here with you, there is nothing wrong with you!!!! In fact I’ve met some younger Indigos recently that probably need my help as well. They are young and lost, and full of FEAR. That’s one thing that I don’t dwell on or tolerate very well, fear, I’m the warrior type who doesn’t fear much.

I remember having to console my group of friends on 2012, I told them all nothing was going to happen, to change their consciousness to a peaceful state, because if the world was left in fear then it may have become a self fulfilling prophecy. And only 1% of a population can make a difference.

Just accept who you are and own it. No regrets, you are unique and gifted, just like all Indigos, nothing to be ashamed of. Many others our age have given in to the fear, the shame, the social ridicule, don’t be weak and own who you are!!

Dear Pete, I will make sure Omen receives this message. YOu are absolutely right..the best thing we can do to help humanity is to walk tall and own who we are!! Namaste, Duchess

Michaela’s Memories

I remember running through the fields, it was as if the sun shone on me even in overcast weather. Everything had a glow around it.
I constantly went into sleep paralysis states once. I could fall asleep and remember many dreams of free falling until I would wake up.
I thought I was a water bender
Never was I ever afraid or nervous around animals, quite the opposite.
I believed myself to have superior strength and anything that I truly wanted to do, i could.
i always wanted to run away, become a “spy”, and stop all the greedy CEO’s from carrying out their plans to end the world (i was 6 when this idea started)
i liked to have one friend with me at a time
growing up catholic, I always questioned the church and was not a supporter yet i found comfort in the idea of god and prayed all the time.
I have always thought i was born to do something great… always. I know I can. i have always felt so powerful
always had a strong belief in “ghosts” and such and i have been theorizing them since i was very young. I’ve seen a few ghosts. during my early teenage years, my friends and I were obsessed with the paranormal and often used a ouija board.. whenever i was around we had especially strong spiritual messages sent to us
when driving at night, streetlights often go out right as i go under them or near them. Also, the microwave in the basement short circuits every time i sleep down there.

These were some of the things that came to mind when asked about all my childhood experiences. I’ve recently come across the term “indigo” but I feel as if my months of astrological, spiritual, and soul searching research has led up to this glorious realization. I’ve struggled with depression, anxiety, and a diagnosis of ADD since I was 14. although the memories above span from the years of 3-18(present) I used to believe that i became mental after the whole paranormal obsession and spirit connections. they may be linked but in reality i was just unhappy with the world around me and had a strong belief that people under the age of 18 were severely oppressed. I am so happy to know that I am in fact important and its not an illusion. lets go lets start this revolution I’m tired of waiting!!!!
thank you for reminding me of the important things that happened in my childhood for I had originally blocked most of it out :p

Thank you so much for sharing Michaela. Your memories brought back some of my own. Namaste,


Brazil Indigo Luciana

Hi Duchess. I am from Brasil, sorry for my bad english. I will not talk about my chilhood or my past. It was thought, but made me a surviver and a stronger people. Althought i was born on a wealth disfunctional family i never complained. Ok, i tried to kill myself at age of 10, i did not know what to do anymore. So, since than i was the crazy one and i got this mask, the bad side it’s that lost myself in masks. With my stronge personality i imposed me to people, they like it or not. I kind of manipulated peoples true my energy. Since 8 i went to psicologiste and lied, i never let people know how i was.The problem is that i lost my real self in the way. I am 42 now.
In 2007, i gave up on everything, i was a lawyer with masters on International Contracts and worked as a trader. It was ok because i always loved to travel, at age of 16 i wan a scholership to study in Canada. I hated school, but i was smart enought to pass, IF i wanted. rsrsr
Well i gave up to start an NGO, nobody undertood, but well if it did not worked i always could come back to the marked. I did not even know what i was going to do, but my faith ( i have a ” fucking” strong faith and as in Brasil we are sincretic, so i was raised catholic ( i failed in religion as this was a joke for me). I love Jesus but i also love Maria Madalena ;-). Well i practice this brazilian religion called Umbanda wich is a mix of Catholic ( white eurpeans) Candomble ( from Africa just like the Cuban Santeria ) and the native indinas xamanismo. So in 2008 i started an Educational NGO for kids and teens at an SP poor area ( favela). The NGO started with 10 kids and now we have about 200, from 8 to 18. I never wanted to work with traditional pedagogy, never worked. So instintly we develop our pedagogy wich now i know is Waldorf, the Waldorf institution recognized us! !! The kid and teens love study there.

Dear Luciana, Thank you for starting an Educational *NGO. Your spiritual understand and gift will support those young people embrace their own. Blessings Always. Namaste,  Duchess

*A non-governmental organization (NGO) is any non-profit, voluntary citizens’ group which is organized on a local, national or international level.

Spots A Faker or Liar Immediately

Tanya Says:

Hello, I’ve recently admitted to myself that I am an indigo. My childhood consisted of a lot of curious episodes of premonition dreams, dead animal pets reaching out to me in spirit form and in dreams, one even leading me to find her kittens that had just been born the day before her demise. I cared for many animals as a kid, thinking that someday I’d become a vet. I spent many hours outdoors, spending time with our cats and following them around.

I always felt different from other kids, have always been painfully sensitive to others’ pain and to others’ unnecessarily being mean to me. I was bullied and didn’t have a lot of close friends. The few friendships I made in youth mostly still exist in my adulthood. (I’m 34) My parents were hippies and my father believes himself to be an indigo, as I asked him pointedly recently. I had a poor but loved upbringing. My parents never stifled my creativity or my strange obsession with cats.

I do actually like being social but I don’t like being around fake people. I can tell a faker or liar immediately. If I’m in a room surrounded by fake/malicious types of people, I try to get out of it, or stand proudly and be myself. I have trouble being anything but genuine, and it’s hard to deal with someone that I distrust or feel negative vibes from. I can feel others’ good and bad vibes very well, it’s instantaneous when they enter a room. In school, it wasn’t necessarily the specific people I remember from specific classes, it was the feeling that was in each room with all of those different personalities in there. I never understand other people if they immediately dislike me, as I make it a point to put out as much good as possible. I’m a happy, bubbly person and I’m very talkative, so it’s possible that my personality can be a little too much for some.

Kids love me, and I adore them. I am an artist-I paint realistically and have always had an extraordinary gift in this. My mother says I was drawing oval eyes with pupils and irises at 2years old. I still have trouble believing that, but I do know that my artistry was a beautiful gift that I’ve always had. I ended up going to Art School, so I was around a lot of other unique people like myself. Maybe many other Indigos? I do not work in conventional jobs. I would hate it. My husband works in corporate America, and I see how unhappy it makes him. I could never do it. He and I joke about how awkward and wrong it would be to try to stifle me and place me in that environment.

I used to be a waitress, for 12 years. It was especially hard on me when people were especially rude or unforgiving. I also worked at a vet clinic for a year as I was always drawn to caring for and helping animals but left due to a negative individual that was a horrible boss, she made it hard to stay under her authoritarian leadership. I now teach art and love it, as I work with children. They tend to love me and I can usually even get the more quiet/challenging kids to open up a bit. I’m also a freelance illustrator and portraitist.

I still have very vivid dreams and even dreamt of my son before I was ever pregnant with him. I believe him to be an indigo as well. He is special in many ways, and has told me that he has premonition dreams as well! (I never told him about mine until after he came to me about it.) He’s very sensitive and intelligent, and doesn’t do well with blatant or rude authority. He pushes back just like myself.

Also, we eat healthy and don’t like or trust most conventional medicine. We try to find alternate ways to heal, if possible. I don’t trust in our government and am vocal about how it needs change. I don’t like how greedy, materialistic, negative, and condemning our society is. It is obvious to me also what God is about. It’s strange that so many preach condemnation and hate, when God is all about love. I feel as if I’ve always known and felt this. I have never been a very consistent church goer, but I am very secure in my faith. I wish the rest of the world saw it like I do.

In any case, thanks for this page! It’s fascinating to read about others who have similarities to myself, my father and son.    I have started trying to talk to my spirit guides and I am also trying to really learn what I can do to help better the world. Thanks.

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Liz Is Indigo For Sure

Liz..yes you are Indigo in my eyes. Your power grows in its own way. You may not be one to predict futures. You may be an empath that feels deeply for others. There are many ways your gift will come through. I would suggest starting with lesson one on Indigos contained in the website. You will begin to know and understand better who you really are. Namaste, Duchess

Here is Liz’s Story:

When I was little I remember I was always sensitive. I cared about what other people thought of me. I didn’t have much friends because I was shy and very sensitive. I remember when I was in 3rd grade I would always start crying because of pollution. I would say “why are we destroying our beautiful earth… We humans destroy everything” and I would start crying.

I’ve also noticed that when I love someone , either romantically or family type of love, I love them so much words can’t describe … I wonder if they feel how much they mean to me lol. I don’t like thinking I’m better than anyone else because I put myself in their shoes. I’ve always done that. Also I question why this world Is so corrupt .. This actually makes me cry.. (Sorry I’m just so sensitive tbh) one day I want to help all those in need.

I don’t know if this is something else that makes me an indigo but I remember that I would always watch this game show and the buzzer would make a different sound if it was correct or incorrect . I would always end up guessing the sound even before the question was asked. I would always be correct. Isn’t this a little weird? Also, When I look at the clock it’s always 11:11 or 1:11 idk if this should mean anything. At times I say something and it occasionally happens. Example) I was talking about Chicago’s famous deep dish pizza only to find a small billboard announcing it. The weird part is that we were in a completely different country.

Lol stuff like this has happens sometimes. And yes.. I’ve struggled in school a lot…when I was in the younger grades I wasn’t the best. Now I’m pushing myself more than I’ve ever had and I’m getting straight A’s. (Fyi) lol. Don’t indigos have special artistic talents? Well one talent I have is that I can sing. Everyone tells me that i sound like a professional singer and that I should become a singer one day. (I’m not a professional singer/I’ve never had lessons..I don’t like bragging about this I’m so sorry I just want to point that out lol) I wouldn’t want to become a professional singer because I don’t want to be famous … I just want to live a normal life 😀 and I dislike feeling better than everybody else.

I also like painting. Ever since high school I’ve meet so many great people…I have friends!! And I’m so happy. I could be myself with them and it feels great!! I’m starting not to care what other people think of me lol and it feels great. Although … I am still very sensitive and insecure. My parents say I am very mature and wise for my age ever since I was little. Am I an indigo? If not… Then I’m very very sorry I’ve wasted your time :/. But if I am an indigo what can I do to have a better understanding of being an indigo…

How can I become powerful? Like predicting stuff/ seeing the future. Btw I’m terrified of ghosts so I’ve never really seen them, but I talk to my angel… I don’t see it but ik it’s their listening to me. Is this weird? Anyways thank you for your time in reading my life story basically lol ☺️