..of course it is happening inside your head, Harry Potter, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real? ~~J. K. Rowling


They call me Duchess. Some of you may have heard me chatting on http://www.blogtalkradio.com/insidematterstalk . If you have found this website it’s because you want to get a bit more comfy cozy about what’s going on around you. You desire to do some adjustments on your “inside matters” so you can feel better about your “outside matters”. A very dear friend of mine use to say, “if you want to make positive changes in your life, you can’t take a seat in the back row.” You have to get up real close, the front row, the point of clear vision, she called it life’s intensive care unit.

So, have a seat. Grab a cup of coffee or herbal tea, perhaps some water. Nothing stronger than that because we want a clear mind, body and spirit. We want a clear vessel for our Higher Powers to do some metaphysical, Spiritual Intensive Care. Imagine us sitting in your living room or if it’s Springtime we might be on your porch. You have invited me over so I can share some of my experience, strength and hope. I am a Spiritual Being having Human experiences. That is how I will always look at you. You, too, are a Spiritual Being having Human Experiences.

The information we share here will never be offered as medical advice and should not be considered medical advice, or treatment,  nor religious doctrine and is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health care professional regarding any mental or physical health condition or treatment.





37 thoughts on “$#!T HAPPENS TO NICE PEOPLE TOO

  1. you have been inspiring me throughout my life. I am soooo happy that you are reaching so many more lives. It is sooooo beautiful to share you! Luv Ya, Baby Sis

    • Hi Anna,
      I believe everything happens when the time is right. I will be looking to hear from you again soon.

  2. I personally question the reason why you labeled this posting, “Inside Matters Talk | Spiritual
    Healing Done Right!”. Either way I really admired it!

    • Hello, this is Jewels. The reason why we are called inside matters is because we are saying: when you speak to us it is all about you on the inside that matters. It is the spiritual healing that we bring and you share that makes it right.

      Love Jewels

  3. Goodmorning Ladies!! I think this program is going to be a great fit for me just by reading what you offer. My mind, body, and soul need a lot of meditation and calming at this point of my life so I am excited and interested to see what you have to offer and can help me with. Closed mouths will never get fed if you don’t SPEAk Up, so I’m willing to seek some help and guidance. God bless you ladies and keep doing what your doing by saving lives…Love, Jennie

  4. I would love to obtain more information. This has been very helpful to me. I’ve known that I was” different” from a very young age. My father thought I was just difficult but my mother God rest her soul always called me an enigma. I believe she was Indigo ad well. I would love to receive emails and updated info from you. I thank the heavens above that I found this site at 53 years of age.

    • How are you Dragonfly? I pray all is well. You can email me directly at duchessontheair@gmail.com You are also welcome to listen to our blogtalk radio programs. They are online at: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/insidematterstalk They have been archived as far back as 2013. Listen and enjoy. My co-hosts and I usually elaborate on the lessons contained on this website. Inside Matters Talk also has a Face Book page. Let me know what you think. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Namaste

  5. Oops… I wasnt quite done. I hit the “post comment” button mistakenly. 🙂

    Where was I? Oh yeah… The three year cycle of the dragonfly. It was a sometimes painful roller coaster ride, but the pieces fell together at last. For a while there, especially in 2012, I was seeing dragonflies everywhere I went.

    So, just curious… why did you choose “dragonfly” in closing?


    • In closing we choose our Animal Cards randomly. Dragonfly is representative of “Illusion”. Perhaps the illusions of life have been remove3d from your vision and you are seeing life with gifted eyes of the new reality you are creating.

  6. Hello Duchess, I just happened upon your site as I was looking for help with rage. I feel a sense of calmness just reading your words. My entire life is about to shift. Every little piece of it. I could use some help. Do you offer coaching/counseling?

    • How Are You? To answer your question. I am always willing to share my knowledge, wisdom and understanding with anyone needing help. That said, please know that any information I give will never be offered as medical advice and should not be considered medical advice or treatment. Please feel free to contract me. If I can, I will try to suggest others I know of who might give you added understand. Take care. Namaste, Duchess

  7. At last I found all of you. Real Indigo soul mates. In silence I have grown up and developed only by myself. In a hard physically and a mentally pain. So lovely to read all these beatiful things dear friends. Daniela

  8. Ok so I’ve been uhh noticing quiet a bit here lately. But I’m permanently stuck. I need sum help fer real. Sum gud advice from some knowledge ppl. Plz talk wit me. I’m stuck on a channel

    • Become unstuck by starting with Lesson #1. When you complete all Lessons let me know if you are unstuck. We’ll go from there. Namaste


    just went through the lessons, huge weight off shoulders,phew!


  10. I stumbled across this site while searching about Indigo Adults. And how to cope while experiencing awakening. Im in a situation where i dont know how to get backon track. My outside world is falling apart. Im by definition homeless. Carless. Jobless. Im in a relationship with what i believe to be a Narcissist. Im scare cause i feel no one sees as i do or empathizes as i do for others. Im currently a stay in nanny with my nieces. That is seeming to be a problem. As long as i keep my mouth shut anyway. Im venting here because i believe i have an ability and im wanting to awaken my true lifes purpose. I feel theres more to my life then then obvious. If anyone understands. Feel free to reach out. Im open to learn more about the truth behind my awakening. Much love. Becca

    • Maria, you want to visit the website: Meetup-com You will find many Indigos in groups on that site. Or, if you have facebook there are lots of Indigo groups there. Good Luck and Stay Open … When we ask, we receive. I suggest you change the word/thought from “needing” and start saying “I ‘desire’ to talk with somebody like Me.” To ‘desire’ will get a much more positive response from the Universe…Let me know how things go.

  11. Hi Duchess, I’ve had a REALLY hard life. I came across an ‘Indigo Children’ video a few years ago now and it freaked me out so much my whole body tingled all over and could not stop crying. EVERY single thing it said, WAS ME… It was as if It was describing me personally. Just the other day I was drawn to a website ‘maryenglish.com’ and AGAIN, the exact same thing happened, I burst into tears and my body tingled all over. I’m almost certain I’m an Indigo now. I tick every single box there is but still don’t know where to go from here I really need some help understanding all this, I’ve never spoke to anyone else about any of this as they would think I’m crazy.
    Can you please HELP me. Thank you

    • As always, I send everyone with this question to the 28 Lessons on this website. Do them with a friend or family member. Then please return and let me know what you learned about yourself. Namaste, Duchess

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