Lesson 11 The Bliss Of Walking Your Talk

Lesson 11 The Bliss Of Walking Your Talk.

We’ve been discussing the power of integrity, and how your self-esteem and Indigo Power increases as you heal areas of your life that require balancing. Facing these life areas is a first step in healing them, and empowering your life’s mission.

The Indigo soul purpose is to usher in the new golden energy of integrity. This mission starts with you. It means holding the intention of walking your talk. The phrase, “walking your talk” involves making sure that your behavior matches your personal code of ethics. It’s not about pleasing someone else or following a prescribed set of social conduct rules.

Walking your talk means acting in a way that keeps you centered in peacefulness. Whenever your stomach tightens, your body is signaling you that something’s out of balance. You have instant feedback from your body when you’re walking (or not walking) your talk.

By paying attention to your gut feelings and bodily signals, you’ll also learn more about your personal code of ethics. These are your own guidelines for living in peace.

Here are three steps walking your talk:

  1. Set your clear intention. Decide that you want to walk your talk, and that this is something you value. Once you decide that you desire to consistently walk your talk, your body and the universe will join together to help you meet your goal.
  2. Pay close attention to your body’s signals. This may require abstaining from chemicals, which can numb your sensitivity to physical and emotional feelings. Notice how you feel before, during and after everything that you do. Your gut is like a compass with the feeling of peace at its center. A behavior can either keep you centered on peace, or take you off center to varying degrees.
  3. Own and adjust behaviors accordingly. This is not about shame for those behaviors that take you away from the path of peace. This is about adjusting your course of behavior, using your internal compass of Peace. Only engage in actions which keep you centered in Peacefulness.

Others will admire and feel inspired by your positive and healthy example of Walking Your Talk. As an Indigo or Indigo-Scout, you were born to be a Spiritual Leader or Teacher. The most powerful leaders and teachers inspire others into action by their own example. So, Walking Your Talk is a powerful way to help the planet and live your mission.

Lesson 11 Assignment

Meditate upon the topic of Walking Your Talk. Imagine yourself easily and naturally Walking Your Talk each day.  How does that feel? Write any thoughts, visions or feelings that you have during this meditation.

Affirm frequently: “I now Walk my Talk comfortably and easily with joy and peace. I now set a wonderful example of Peace for others.”

In Lesson 12, we’ll discuss ways to heal and quiet the ego, to continue empowering your natural peacefulness


3 thoughts on “Lesson 11 The Bliss Of Walking Your Talk

  1. You’ve given me more to think about in the past 45 minutes than I’ve gotten in several months – and as a seeker, that is saying something. I’m not going to say I agree with everything you have here (I do not), but generally when people are on truly different tracks they begin to diverge after a period of time – and the occasional synchronicity grows rarer and rarer. However, every time I think your lessons have left my trail, something comes into your narrative that again connects us.

    Thank you – from someone still trying to get to a place where he’s not shocked when someone other than intimates to whom he’s grown closer for years actually seems to relate to where and who I am.

      • People are easily pessimistic. If you want positive to come your way, then you want to look on the bright side of it happening.

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