Lesson 21 Removing Blocks To Achieving Goals

Lesson 21 Removing Blocks To Achieving Goals

In our last lesson we looked at setting some goals to keep us on track with our life’s mission. In this lesson we are going to look at ways to continue removing blocks that keeps us from achieving these goals.

We addressed in lesson 8 how the ego blocks us by bringing up our fears around our most vulnerable issues. Another way in which Indigos and Indigo Scouts often sabotage the achievement of goals is through repressing anger and other feelings that are believed to be “negative”. Many of us have been taught from a very young age to avoid expressing our “negative” feelings especially since we are aware that “our thoughts create our reality” and we are here to express only love. When these feelings are seen as negative and we try to avoid them, there are consequences that may frequently show up in our lives.

Here is a list of some of the symptoms that occur when anger (meaning the feelings we call irritations and annoyances – not rage) and other emotions do not get expressed:

  • Procrastination – putting off doing things
  • Perpetual or habitual lateness
  • Over-politeness, constant cheerfulness, attitude of “grin and bear it”
  • Smiling while hurting
  • Difficulty in getting to sleep or sleeping through the night
  • Boredom, apathy, loss of interest in things that were important
  • Getting tired more easily than usual
  • Waking up tired more often than usual
  • Clenched jaws
  • Grinding of teeth, especially when sleeping
  • Chronic still or sore neck
  • Extended periods of feeling down
  • Excessive irritability over small things

While each of these items may have causes other than the feelings being repressed, if more than one of these is showing up in your life it might be worth looking inside to see if you have any lingering resentments or situations where you may be avoiding your anger. Once we clear out these old energies or patterns, we free up our energy to stay on track with your life’s purpose and we make room for the Universe to assist us in manifesting our dreams.

Some ways to release anger:

  • First of all, understand that anger is a very normal and healthy emotion and that it is ok to feel angry at times.
  • Find someone to listen to you vent your anger as soon as you can when these feelings come up (hint: choose someone who is a good listener as opposed to someone whose looking to add fuel to the fire.) Often when we talk about the situation, we are able to process through the feelings and see things from a more clear perspective.
  • Write all out. Go through as much detail as you need and allow your emotions to fill the paper. You may wish to burn the writing in a personal ceremony later or keep it in a journal.
  • Engage in a physical activity – adrenalin helps to reduce stress hormones.
  • You can seek professional assistance if you are finding it difficult to either access or release your anger, resentments or other feelings

Assignment For Lesson 21:

Spend some time this week observing your “negative” reactions to different situations. Did you allow yourself to express your true feelings? Commit some time over the next couple of days to find and release old resentments and angers. After you have released them, read over the list of goals you set in the last lesson and notice how much more energy and excitement you feel about achieving these goals!


2 thoughts on “Lesson 21 Removing Blocks To Achieving Goals

  1. Yep, all of this is me!! 51 now & seeing & hearing way more!! Although it eased up for a few years, I think menopause brought it ALL back in full force w/a bang!! How do I bring it to a more, clearer ? Can’t find a word for this. Sorry. Thank you for your time & consideration

    • Lori, I would love to meet you. I felt the same way..at times I still do… Sending you lots of love,Light and blessings on your new found experience. namaste

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