Lesson 2 The Reason We Gave Up Our Indigo Power

Lesson 2 The reason we gave up our Indigo PowerAs we discussed in Lesson 1, you were born with natural gifts designed to help the world and to help you feel peaceful, prosperous and healthful. We call these gifts, “Indgo Power,” because the Indigo Children have such a powerful array of these gifts.  Indigo Children (who can be any age of childhood or adulthood) are highly-sensitive people born with a wisdom that’s not of this world.So why would you give up your Indigo Power? In this lesson, we’ll explore some of the more common reasons.  As you read these reasons, notice any feelings, thoughts or visions you receive which provide additional information about why you may have relinquished your gifts.  Write down any internal reactions or messages you receive.Reasons include:

  1. Teasing and Ridicule. If you have ever been told, “You’re just too sensitive”, then you have been in the midst of people who do not appreciate the gift of sensitivity. Sensitive people, like yourself, have the ability to feel the energy of situations, people and inanimate objects. This internal radar guides you, away from harsh circumstances and relationships (this is when you listen to your intuition) and guides you towards positive and fruitful situations.

You may have also been teased or ridiculed for being weird.  That’s because the thought processes of Indigos are different from the average human. Indigos think about the deeper meaning of life; how to be helpful; ways to connect with Spirit; Divine love; and the magical abilities which you unconsciously know that you have. The average human only thinks about his or her own needs. So, no wonder you’re called Weird!  It’s actually a compliment, if you think about it.

  1. Punishment. Were you told that your childhood psychic or intuitive abilities were wrong? Did someone accuse you of being crazy or evil because you received messages from the Spirit world? Some Indigos have been placed in mental institutions, or put on psychiatric medications (including Ritalin and Prozac) by adults who were frightened by their spiritual abilities.

Science has now concluded that telepathic abilities are quite normal in humans (see Daryl Bem, PHd. of Cornell University’s studies on telepathy for more information). We are born with the ability to read minds, receive information about the future, and feel other people’s emotions. Yet, if you were punished for being a psychic child, you may have abandoned your gifts out of fear and a desire to please adult authorities like your parents, teachers or doctor.

  1. The Ego. In addition to external reasons why you may have dropped your Indigo Power, probably the biggest reasons are internal. Like everyone on this planet, you have an ego. The ego is that part of us which is afraid to Love.  The ego believes that we exist as something separate from the Creator, as well as one another. So ego becomes afraid, feels guilty, and is defensive based on the belief that everyone is out for him/herself.  The ego does not want you to remember Love and Oneness, because then it would lose power, like the Wicked Witch in the story of the Wizard of Oz. So, the ego devised all sorts of ingenious ways in which to keep you afraid of your Indigo Power, sometimes without you being aware of it. Here is a list of the ego’s favorite ways to keep you afraid. As you read this list, write down any feelings, thoughts, or visions that you receive.
    1. The Bigger the Purpose, the Greater the Fear. If your soul signed-up (before incarnation) to help a lot of people in your lifetime, then you will naturally feel a lot more fear. The ego wants to prevent you from removing large amounts of fear in the world, because that is the only way it can maintain its massive reign. Those with the biggest life purposes always have the most fear. They also tend to meander into addictions, including substance abuse and eating disorders. That’s because of 3.B.
    1. Delay Tactics. The ego always wants you to delay remembering love. The ego wants you to avoid working on your life’s purpose. The ego wants you to think that happiness is just around the corner….somewhere in the future. The ego gets you to waste your time on things like addictions, so that you won’t work on your purpose. These additions are called, “Delay Tactics” because they are designed to make sure you delay your purpose forever. Ego says “You’ll be ready for your life purpose, right after you (fill in the blank:  lose weight; pay off your bills; move to a new home; open or find a healing center; get published; get a college degree; get another raise; get healthy; etc.). Though all those objectives are most welcome, Delay Tactics are only meant to remove you from your true purpose out of fear.
  1. Impostor Syndrome. When Joan of Arc began receiving messages from archangels and saints, she thought at first, “Why is this happening to me?” When messages directed her to save France, Joan of Arc freaked out. After all, she was an illiterate young farm girl! Thank goodness she listened to her Divine guidance and overcame her insecurities.

Your ego tries to tell you that you are not ready or qualified to help the world.  What would happen if we all listened to this voice? There would be no Mother Teresa, no Mahatma Gandhi, no Martin Luther King Jr., Barack Obama and other heroes of the modern age. There is no exception, every single person feels like an impostor at times. It is important to not let this feeling stop you from re-claiming your Indigo Power and your life’s purpose.

Assignment for Lesson 2. Write down the names of everyone who ever teased, ridiculed, or punished you. To each person on the list, say (either mentally or aloud), “I am now willing to clear away my past with you. I am willing to release anything unhealthful connected to you and our relationship, leaving only the lessons and the love. I now fully claim my divine inheritance of peace, health and abundance.


In Lesson 3, we’ll discuss your life’s purpose in further detail, including ways to remember your mission.


59 thoughts on “Lesson 2 The Reason We Gave Up Our Indigo Power

  1. I was following until I read Barack Obama a hero?? I think not!!what kind of an Indigo site is this,we seek the truth,I cannot read anymore I have lost faith in what you teach!!

      • Jan Tobar interviewed psychic Nancy Ann Tappe who coined the phrase Indigo Children. Read Jan’s book. The introduction mentions Barack Obama when he was a Senator. Read her book. “Indigo Children Ten Years Later” Page 25 of the introduction names him.

    • You shouldnt give up your faith in this website.. because you dont like something you read. Despite the bad things wev heard about obama u have to realize that that evil of the government is deeper goes way deeper then obama. You cant judge someone on what you have heard

    • same line also with Jessica Jane, i don’t like Obama either. That’s ‘something’ inside on him that i don’t like for the 1st time i saw him.

      • Because he was black huh??? Not cool we love all and learn from the pain they may cause and love them for the lessons we learn …

        • ??? .. I know I’m responding to something said over a year ago, but still really? we’re Way Beyond black and white here! no one said anything about Martin Luther King jr.
          It has to do with Obama himself, Nothing to do with the color of his skin.

          • Jan Tobar interviewed psychic Nancy Ann Tappe who coined the phrase Indigo Children. Read Jan’s book. The introduction mentions Barack Obama when he was a Senator. Read her book. “Indigo Children Ten Years Later” Page 25 of the introduction names him.

    • Obama doesn’t think in white or black terms. He reminded me not to judge but rather to view a situation without any judgement. As a leader of his nation he didn’t seek to control Us, like most do. He sent a message of love, empathy and understanding for others. I am able to see his true intentions. That’s what makes me an Indigo.

      • Jan Tobar interviewed psychic Nancy Ann Tappe who coined the phrase Indigo Children. Read Jan’s book. The introduction mentions Barack Obama when he was a Senator. Read her book. “Indigo Children Ten Years Later” Page 25 of the introduction names him.

  2. I became very scared when I read the “Punishment” section. My family has recently put me on Prozac, I have been having horrible anxiety/depression/ADD, anger/hatred, and vertigo lately. I don’t know if my spirit is just beginning to “wake” up or what.
    I really don’t want to keep my spirit from “waking” up. should I stop taking my Prozac or keep taking it?

    P.S. How exactly is Obama a hero…

    • Hi Christian. I am not a medical doctor, so I never tell people what to do with their meds. That is between you, your parents and your physician. Try sharing some of the material with your family. Or, try some of the suggested reading material : http://www.insidematterstalk.com/sample-page-3/some-are-my-favorites-enjoy/ As for President Obama. Because all the other names listed are already in our history books we have to see him to his completion. His presence as an Indigo has only just begun. You will know it, when you know it….Namaste,

      • I loved the response. I just at that moment realized that he was the true envision of the capabilities of the Indigo. He really was just a regular guy who made it 2 the white house. just as we once thought. it was the Indigo and Crystal children who made manifest that which we chose; not what was assigned. Go Indigo!!

    • Your soul will go to very extreme lengths to get you away from something. I fell into deep depression and cut and had suicidal thoughts until I decided to switch my religion (or as I’m saying now, spiritual path). As soon as I left it all seemed to stop and i found peace with myself.

    • Hi there, I have just read your comment there, it is 2 years later unfortunately but I wanted to make sure you are not taking those fowl antidepressants anymore! Read more about why not and how to fix the source of the problems on firstwaveindigos.com

  3. Dear friends, Indigos don’t judge, as you are doing with Mr. Obama. We only see love in people <3

  4. Dear Friends,
    If you are condemning Obama, you aren’t being balanced in your judgements. His outlook is very broad, his agenda benevolent to all. Perhaps what you hear about him is colored by who is talking. Open your mind to his purposes and the results he’s working towards. No one is perfect but he tries, shooting some blanks occasionally. Love motivates, and he’s always trying to improve our country in ways you may not appreciate. Don’t judge just yet, the future will sort out what’s valuable. Bonnie

  5. Not all indigo’s are for the good of humanity. If you have reserched at all you would know that. Obama is not for the good of humanity that’s not a judge on his carecter only an observation. I thought he had bad eyes from day one. Eyes are the window to are souls.

    • “Eyes are the windows of the soul” is an old concept under the old energy. Don’t let what your own eyes see, cloud your understanding. Indigos are operating under a new energy. A shift has occurred in the understanding of what is around us. It takes hard work to grow spiritually and set aside resentments and judgements. As an Indigo, we must discern a situation without judgement. Then let go and let our Creator do the next thing that is to be done. Most times what needs to be done comes to us… through us, in an appropriate way so as to crush the injustice without offending the offender.

  6. Ive lived my life dissecting myself to find what needed repair, isolating, and being FURIOUS/depressed. Some things began happening years ago, a form of targeting, and I’ve always wondered why?why would people sneakily be obsessing over my torment?and since this unbelievable change has been occurring in humanity I have felt that i HAVE to do something- just didn’t know what. I’d been thinking I’d simply be murdered while resisting their ways and that would be it…every trait given for indigos fits me like a glove.and im not so hollow anymore. I would, however, like more elaborate advice for a more active plan on how to take a stand though.

    • Hi Sam, In response to you I would recommend you listen to some of the online audio tapes at Kryon.com. Lee Carroll channels Kryon and was one of the first to co-author books on Indigo Children. If you are unfamiliar with channeling, the website itself will be very informative for you. Let me know what you think. Namaste, Duchess

    • Sam….Duchess here. I agree. Go to Meetup.com. Type in your zip code and search for Indigo Groups in your area. Good Luck. Namaste,

  7. I am 11 years old and when I was younger I felt as If I couldn’t tell any body what was happening. But now recently I was at a friends house and I held a cat toy and told him some things that seemed to just come and he said every thing i said was true , I can’t practice at home because my grandma doesn’t approve of it and as I said i’m only 11 , is there any where I can practice these powers.

    please help me

    • Sorry Jazzlyn, Without your parent’s signed consent I cannot discuss these matters with you. I can suggest you ask them to read some of the books listed on this website with you and see if these books will help everyone in the family understand your gift. Perhaps they will find their own as well. I hope this helps a little bit. Namaste, Duchess

  8. Yes we should love but really people should we turn a blind eye to what Obama has done to this country an judging if read our traits is politics an we r passionate about it. Plz b wise an if u r a true Indigo u should c thru Obama Indigo or not he’s Bern taken to the dark side lol ok on the inside. An yes I’m dissapointed n the writer where is your intuition ?

  9. I agree with all of this. I’m 16, I work full time and go to school and do sports and still expand my horizons everyday in the time I have in between. I came across this website because someone lit a fire in my soul again tonight, so I’m reading this. I take it as a good omen. But if you’re an indigo and you’re here, if you’re not lying to yourself about this stuff, then don’t get mad because she named Barrack Obama. I wasn’t all for him towards the middle of his terms. But he’s given results we can’t deny and he seems to be trying his best. And I don’t agree with most politicians. But at least he’s giving it a shot. If you have any respect for this world, then you’d be more forgiving than to condemn someone trying to make a difference that got put in a shitty place. Love and light, not anger and disharmony. I’m 16 and I realize that. Please try to give grace to others always. If we can’t do that, our missions are already failed, my loves.

  10. no matter if we personally believe or disbelieve that Barrack Obama is an Indigo or not. but truly, my intuition tells me something that i can’t stare at Barrack Obama’s eyes for more than 5 seconds. that’s for me.

  11. As far as I’ve read all is well with what’s been said, though I’m feeling drained and stiff with my knowledge flawed and I don’t know how much longer I can go on being this way, it’s just not me at all and I need to fix it quick!

    • Rachel, As we grow spiritually, all kinds of feelings can crop up physically. I would begin doing some yoga, or get a much needed massage. We sometimes even need to go to the doctor and get a much needed physical. Our bodies will guide us.

  12. I think as indigos, we should not judge others in spite of some of their actions. We all have a different purpose in life to fulfill…

  13. I think I may have been a victim of Delaying tactics. That the universe have been again and again pushing me. But again and again I fall to being lethargic. But recently, I have found that when I am at that dark end, I write better and could create better things in terms of writing. I was able to jive with my demons and work along with it 😀
    Firmly believe in the great scheme of things and great things takes time and continual growth 😀

  14. I was teased and ridiculed as a child, but I have become understanding to power of peers. They were being followers. I tried to fit in. Become a follower, but this was not me. I stopped following and became myself. Now, I know that is what makes a leader. I have no ill-will towards childhood aggressors.

  15. Alfa here. love yourself
    I release all oxymoronic loops.Say I totally love myself now!
    Please say it over and over and Breath deeply.Do kundalini breath and Hatha yoga to center and connect to cosmic consciousness. p.s.I love you all.p.s.s. I have trouble loving myself.Go

  16. Regardless of personal opinion towards any individual such as Obama. As an indigo we have the ability to see past and discern the greater good in any situation or person. The objective would be to discern the good seed of Obama’s term. Nurture it and dispel the bad. Much love indigos.

  17. Wow.. Youve missed everything on the page when you saw Obama.. Incredible. . this is why it has taken so incredibly long for us to wake up.. Our human minds just cannot fathom the truth.. Obama is a man and a Spirit.. For the love of all the universe.. How can you see him anymore evil than any of each of you who claim he is so wretched.. We still want to play God.. Another reason we are taking so long..

    Each of us has good and bad.. Some tell you kill ego before it kills you, some say its a trap.. dont kill ego its there it has a use..

    I believe it does have a use.. It is part of our free will.. To choose right from wrong and by dismissing all of this very useful information based on your fear is the biggest crime you can commit .. Against God your purpose … Smh…Obama .. I dont envy him? His role makes me grateful for my own, I couodnt have walked in his shoes…Ironic he resembles Abe.. ?

    • Jennifer, You are one of the most beautiful Indigos that have embraced this website with words of wisdom I have ever read. All of us need to view life from this perspective so we can elevate the earth’s vibration just a bit more rapidly.

  18. Y’all are here to learn or to JUDGE? Are y’all even Indio children/adults? Think, think!!!

    There is so much to do thus there’s so much to learn. I have just discovered what I really am from being confused for the past 27 years full! So as I emerge, I get to a seemingly helpful site and I find such indigo adults? Barack Obama, really? I want to learn, grow and show up for the world. Sometimes the best way to learn is through one-on-one mentorship. all I think about is this phenomenon. Help!!!

  19. I agree with Jane, but I do see one thing Obama did that could possibly be construed as good: Prevent Hillary from winning in 2008.

  20. My doctor told my Mom that I was an idiot savant, all I heard was the idiot part. After 50 years on this planet, I have come to the conclusion that I don’t know anything and that I know all that I need to know to achieve my mission.
    I have always been extremely sensitive to vibrations, energy flows and pulls. I have felt things too deeply that it was very painful. I had to dumb down with a lot of people, so I wouldn’t be ridiculed. I was always the leader of the pack. I was the go to guy for all that knew me. I could and did fix everything that needed to be repaired. I always wanted to know how things worked and I would think of ways of improving them or just invent what I wanted to make. Peas Mikey

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