Lesson 12 Healing And Quieting The Ego Mind

Lesson 12 Healing And Quieting The Ego Mind

When your mind is noisy, that’s your ego. When you are afraid, that’s your ego. When you worry, that’s your ego. Your ego’s goal is to rob you of peace.  In contrast, your higher self only brings you peace and comfort. Your higher self does not need goals. It has everything it needs. You also have everything you need when you keep your focus on your higher self.

How could you do this? We’ve discussed a number of powerful methods, such as calling on Archangel Jophiel, saying the affirmation when we are irritated, “I am willing to release that part of me which irritates me when I think of you.”

You will also tune into your higher self more easily and consistently by detoxifying your body. Chemicals affect your thought processes and emotions, and can make the ego’s voice louder and more powerful.

Sensitive Indigos and Indigo Scouts, being, often turn to addictive substances (such as food, alcohol, coffee, cigarettes and other drugs) in order to reduce their fears. They feel afraid of ​​success or failure, so they continuously delay working on their life’s purpose. Addictions are the biggest time wasters and delay tactic  that Indigos and Indigo Scouts use.

However, chemicals lead to increased levels of fear, because they reduce self-esteem and energy levels; they create feelings of guilt; and delay our life’s purpose. This makes the ego’s voice louder and more powerful, and the Indigo or Scout turns to chemicals again in a vicious cycle.

If you’ve been getting feelings that it’s time for a detox, then this week’s Lesson is an additional sign that you’re right.

When you start a process of detoxification, you should drink plenty of water.  Keep a large bottle of spring water / purified / demineralized nearby at all times. It is especially effective to add a few drops of lemon juice to your water.

Eat large quantities of organic fruits and vegetables, avoiding processed foods. Avoid alcohol, coffee, nicotine, sugar, white flour and soda. Instead, enjoy organic fruit and vegetable juices or herbal tea. The methods described in this week’s assignment will help to reduce cravings.

If you suffer from any health conditions related to your diet, you may decide to check with a holistic doctor or nutritionist prior to embarking on your detox program.

Exercise for Lesson 12

  1. Today make a list of all the chemicals that you regularly ingest. In addition to the obvious chemicals such as alcohol or nicotine, also list chemicals contained in food and beverages (such as preservatives, additives, food coloring, caffeine and sugar).
  2. Decide which chemicals you feel ready to release. You must have a desire and willingness to stop using the chemical. Circle those chemicals on your list.
  3. The angels and Archangel Raphael (the healing angel) are always happy to support you in your release of these chemicals. Your detoxification process should not be a struggle, thanks to the miraculous power of the angels. Speak to your angels and, Raphael with the following statement: “Please help me release my cravings for … (fill in the blanks with whatever chemicals you want to stop craving). I am willing to completely release all cravings for, and attachments to, (name the chemicals) now and forever, in all directions of time. “
  4. While asleep, call Archangel Michael (the angel who grants us protection and frees us from fear. Say to him: “Archangel Michael, please come into my dreams tonight, and clear away any fears about remembering and moving forward on my Divine life purpose.”
  5.  If you were completely ready to give up the chemicals, you don’t need to repeat this method. However, if you were a bit reluctant to release the chemicals, you may need to repeat Steps 1 through 4 until you truly decide that you want to be free of the cravings for chemicals.

It is also helpful to have support during a detox program, such as a trusted friend who will go on the detox with you or from a health professional who can support your efforts.


31 thoughts on “Lesson 12 Healing And Quieting The Ego Mind

    • So what are we if we were born 1958? I thought I was a lightworker or indigo now I’m not sure? I feel emotions all the time .People’s family’s . Also I can see right through someone and have dreams about things before it happens’s.

      • Anyone can be am indigo child regardless of when they were born. The 70s, 80s and 90s is just when most were born. It is believed that Jesus and Joan of Arc were also indigo children

  1. Wow, this has helped so much for I just recently found out I am EACH ONE OF MY CHILDREN are Indigo. Thank you and peace be upon you! ????

  2. Thank so much ,this is so explanatory.thanks again

  3. I’ve always wondered and been told something was wrong w/me since I was a small child. “CRAZY/WITCH” were the favorite comments used!! Especially from family. I didn’t have friends. I was too emotional, sensitive etc!! All of this explains ME; WHO I REALLY AM!! Thank you for taking away the crazy label I played in my mind about myself KNOWING it wasn’t true, but still replaying in my mind!!

  4. I know I have been an indigo my whole life but I’ve lost my ability to see spirits/ feel them. I was once told by another indigo I am a light in people’s life. I can’t see my future any more and I need help finding my way again.

  5. WOW! Thank you so much! This information has been so useful. I always knew that I was different, and now this makes a lot of sense. I am a Scorpio, born in 1984. I always felt the need of helping people. I studied Nutrition and Dietetics, and now I am finishing my Nursing degree. I have had signs/messages that I get as visions and these are related to my life purpose. I am still trying to figure out exactly how and where (as in what part of the world) I am going to work, but lately I’ve been getting signs of two possible places. In fact, this week I had about 5 synchronicities, so I am taking it as a sign.
    Anyway, sorry for the lengthy comment. But this has been incredibly helpful, reassuring, and has confirmed things that I thought were ‘just my imagination’.
    Thank you so much again!!! 🙂

  6. hello, iv’e been reading all the lesson’s. and i still question my existence,i feel like i have a huge purpose to accomplish and if you know alot about indigos, i’d like you to check for my name or something written that could determinate my path. i believe what is written, i really do. but i also believe something was written before me that could illuminate my existence. something about the world we are going through, please is it normal to realize this power in your soul when you hit 17 – 18 years old. i never felt that before, am i awakening what is happening,

    thank you

    • Hi. Continue the lessons. When they are completed you will know more about yourself and hopefully receive your guidance. It is said, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. Good Luck. Namaste

  7. hello there. first of all.. thank you so so much for having this available. you have no idea how helpful this is. well, you do.. but i want to express my utmost sincere gratitude. i’m so happy i stumbled upon it. and it’s all just getting started. 🙂 are there more lessons and tips? or reading material? 🙂 many blessings and light to you.

  8. Hi, I have no idea how I happen to stumble across this site but I am in love with it. It is exactly what I have needed for clarity of myself and is a clear systematic guide in helping to learn and heal myself. I never thought I was an indigo but after a lot of frustration and confusion about my life this far, I realise I am definitely an Indigo that needs healing so I can continue my path in healing the world. Thank you so so much for providing this information to the world. Peace&Love.

  9. I really understand everything yous wrote for us but really it looks like there’s no exit from the ordinary and the routine of our life to give the opportunity to help. I feel like I’m very small to change anything on this world of chaos. I’m always trying to protect me and my family first inside my own fortress. Helping people on my surrounding is possible mostly spiritually but that’s all.

    • Yes. We do seem small in this world of chaos. The point is that we each have our own individual gifts. Together we are a force to be reckoned with. You will find you support base. When you do, you will see the power of “I” when it is turned into “We”. Stay blessed and hang in there.

  10. Thank you!!! Thank you for the details, the prayers, the names of the Archangels, thank you for everything you have written in those lessons. You summarized the information in such easy way. I followed your guidance in each lesson, and it made me feel at peace! I feel that I would like to go even deeper now. Is there more lessons to come?
    P.s while writing this, the time is 11:11:-)

    • Hi Angelina, You are so welcome. I must confess that the words in these lessons are all shared words of Doreen Virtue and others who designed them. I am just a catalyst of the Indigo cause. As for other lessons, there twenty eight in total. If you have not completed them, or cannot find them all you have to do is scroll you mouse across each of the single digit lessons to find the others. Scroll across Lesson 1 and 11 and 21 will appear. The same all the way down…scroll over lesson 8 and 18 and 28 will be visible. I hope this helps…

  11. Brilliant thank you! I have found my purpose and started a blog to help people be more aware of what is actually going on in the world you can read it here worriedmum.blog 🙂

    • You are brilliant!! That’s the way we do it. We start our own information system… I am not endorsing all that you say. But I am sharing your blog with others so they can make their own minds up. I am off to explore your blog… take care https://worriedmum.blog/

  12. Thank you so much for the information! More information is coming out about light workers. But still need to find therapy for indigos. Which, my I add, can receive some great challenges throughout life. Still can be hard to come by. I’m in the stage of becoming grateful, more positive, making better suggestions to others and self discovery goal! I am so thrilled that we have people in this world willing to give out very much needed information without a huge price tag or keeping things hidden! So grateful!!! Thank you for helping me expand my consciousness!!!!!!:)

    • That was the intent of this website. To offer information that is much needed to those who cannot find it without paying loads of money for it.

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