Lesson 22 Awakening Your Natural Spiritual Gifts

Lesson 22 Awakening Your Natural Spiritual Gifts

As a highly-sensitive evolving Indigo or Indigo Scout, you already have higher than average psychic awareness of energies around you. You receive messages from spirit. These can include:

Clairvoyance (which means “clear seeing”): seeing visions in your mind; receiving messages or visitations in your dreams; seeing sparkling or flashing lights; seeing spirits; and other visions which you receive with your physical eyes or your mind’s eye.

Clairsentience (which means “clear feeling”): receiving gut feelings; smelling flowers (when none are around) or your departed loved one’s favorite perfume; feeling air pressure or temperature changes; feeling the presence of a deceased loved one (including a pet); feeling your angels brush against your skin or hair.

Claircognizance (which means “clear knowing”): having a strong knowingness without any logical reason; knowing how to fix something without needing instructions or a diagram; channeling advice or information.

Clairaudience (which means “clear hearing”): hearing your name called in the morning as you’re waking up; hearing strains of celestial music; hearing ringing in one ear; hearing messages in one car from your angels.

Chances are that you’re already receiving messages through one or more of the above four ways. Most people have a primary channel of Divine communication, meaning one of the four “Clairs” described above is strongest for you.

Your angels and guides help you with your life’s mission and everyday situations by communicating with you through these four “Clairs.” As an Indigo (Scout), it’s very important for you to be aware of these divine messages, because they often contain guidance about how you can help the world through your mission.

Lesson Assignment

Increasing your awareness

Every time you receive a strong feeling, a vision, something that you hear in your mind, or an idea, write it in your journal. Don’t worry whether it’s a valid message or whether you might be making it up. Just write it down.

Begin writing these messages today, and keep up the practice for as long as you can. The more that you pay attention to these Divine messages, the stronger and more frequently they’ll come to you.

Affirm frequently: “It is safe for me to connect with the Divine spirit of Love and Light. I now allow myself to see, hear, feel, and know the Divine messages which bring blessings to me and others.”


4 thoughts on “Lesson 22 Awakening Your Natural Spiritual Gifts

  1. Some people that have potsed have a gripe with Indigo children not having dark skin or brown eyes- I think there are enlightened children of all races on earth, but I do not see other races making vidoes and uploading them on Youtube. Indigo is the auric light around there heads. For whatever reason spiritual gifts are being given to all children of all races, maybe to help us all evolve into a higher dimension on earth-where people do something other than gripe!!

    • Hi huni, I think part of our job is to try and help show others how they can find their divinity,and I honestly don’t think that God would see anyone as an individual color,i think he sees all that have raised their vibrations enough and become apart of the universal consciousness,whilst at the same time being able to remain separate

  2. I am a 12 year old indigo. I am new to this idea but am comfortable with it. I have not been able to find my gifts yet except for every once in a while seeing something in a dream that comes true. How can I find my abilities? Also, is indigoism(that’s what i’m calling it…too creative almost) specific to one religion?

    • Hi Carly, at age 12 only exploring “indigoism” with a knowledgeable adult will help you find your way. This adult can be a trusted and open minded family member. Namaste

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