Lesson 4 Intuition and Sensitivity

Lesson 4 Intuition and Sensitivity

The first gift of Indigo Power is your sensitivity and intuition. We call this gift “clairsentience” which means “clear feeling.” It makes you feel clear truth in situations and within people. You are an excellent judge of character, and your body is a well-tuned divination tool.

Perhaps, at times, you have been teased by others, for being “too sensitive” and you may have worried that you are highly emotional. However, your sensitivity is a gift to us all. Nobody can ever be “too” sensitive. If each of us were more sensitive, then there would be more compassion and harmony in the world.

Today and from now on, we want to ask you to honor your gifts of sensitivity and intuition and to sharpen and refine these gifts to an even higher degree.

The Group Soul Purpose of Indigos is to usher out the old energy of corruption, greed and competition and to usher in the new energy of cooperation, manifestation, and integrity. Your sensitivity has given you an inner Truth Detector that is extremely accurate. When you meet someone for the first time, your Truth Detector accurately shows you, if this person can be trusted or not.

The Indigo Generation is more inclined to listen to their Truth Detector than older generations. Indigos are here to trust and follow their Truth Detectors, and to teach others to do the same. In that way, we’ll be able to choose trustworthy leaders, and collectively say “NO” to dishonesty in government, media, and others.

There will be some people who will try to distract you from your gut feelings. They might say, for example, that you are imagining someone’s dishonesty. In such cases, please remember: you don’t need to defend your feelings to anyone! Your feelings are something intimate and are internal conversations with the Divine. Sometimes it is best to keep your feelings private, and to only share them with other sensitive people.

Your ego – which we all have – will try and talk you out of your feelings. The ego always tries to downplay the importance of feelings, and say things like: “They are only feelings. They don’t matter.” Please don’t listen to this voice! Your feelings DO matter! They are a major way in which the Divine Wisdom speaks to you. Here are some ways that your sensitivity speaks to you:

  • Through strong emotions, repeatedly;
  • Through physical sensations (chill bumps, feeling air pressure or temperature changes, tightening of the stomach, jaw clenching, etc.).
  • Having an internal knowing about something. The fact that you have a certainty within. You know something for sure about someone or something without having an idea of ​​”where” it’s coming from. This is body wisdom.
  • Waking up in the morning with a clear sense of direction about something. This means that, in your sleep, you had a soul travel experience during the night and have received important information from guides in higher dimensions. Although you will not remember these interactions clearly upon wakening, the information you received is in your subconscious, positively influencing you. Do not let your ego or others talk you out of your feelings!

When you get strong instinctive gut feelings, ask your body: “What are you trying to tell me?” Then take a deep breath, close your eyes and listen to the answer which will come to you as a feeling, thought, words or visions. Believe the answer you receive.

Assignment for Lesson 4:

  1. Think back on times when you had a strong gut feeling about a person or a situation, which turned out to be correct. Did you listen to that gut feeling? If not, why? What did you learn from that experience?
  2. Create or buy a “God Box”. This is a special, small container which you can make by pasting pictures or crystals on a little box. Keep the God Box in a private location. Write your doubts, fears, questions, and desires on a piece of paper and put them into your God Box. This helps you to let them go, so that Divine Spirit can heal and answer your prayers.


In Lesson 5, we’ll look at the power and gifts within Indigo Anger.


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  1. Hi, Thank you for your comments. All of the Indigo Lessons can be found in various forms on other websites if you search for them. They are not to be sold because they serve ALL individuals seeking to grow Spiritually. There are many parents who are confused about raising their Indigo Children. Some don’t know where to turn. Many may not have a large enough income to budget in the buying of a book. Have a Blessed Day…Duchess

  2. Elle, You are so very welcome. Please return often. A lot of people assisted me in putting together this website. I am so happy you found us.

    • Fleming, You are so very welcome. This website if full of information from many sources. Please come again and share with your friends.

  3. So I’ve had guy feelings before and they were correct but I have short term memory loss so I often forget things soooo ummm what should I do should I just skip 1 and go to 2 and create the God box it’s just I don’t remember but I do remember having guy feelings and then being correct

    Please respond
    Thank you

    • So sorry Star, I don’t understand your question…the lessons are 1 through 28 and most helpful when followed in that order. Namaste Duchess

  4. What if i.told you that i have realised these things without realising what am i realising..
    Its like i lern something new about me/life/people around me etc. one day and i know that i know something other people dont ,and next day,week,month or even a year i learn definiton of it.
    I dont know,im confused

    • Ya know, that’s been the story of my life. I don’t know I already know something until I come across something and realize I always already knew that. Must be an Indigo thing, I must say….Duchess

  5. Hi thank you for making this guide. I am new in my path to my true self. I find your lessons very helpful. I just see the ego as not purely distractive though. It is like a system made to protect us but in some cases, it had gone wrong or malfunctioned (I think fixing mine is my biggest challenge at the moment but i’m getting there thanks for the help of souls like you ). We can let it be on the passenger’s sit and not let it be the driver of our way. Just sharing my take on the ego.

    • I am so thankful i have found this, so many questions and confusion about who i am and why I am this way. So much soul searching, meditation, spiritual journey, to find this. I feel I have found my purpose. Thank you

  6. SO true…when I didn’t trust my gut it was because of 1.my fear and doubt that if my gut is wrong,I’ll loose an opportunity , 2.my trait of having hope that sth is not bad, 3.my curiosity to find out what is next, 4.the fact that I really can’t wait over a perfect time to change.thanks

  7. Hi, i need some help. I´m really messy and my body is really going crazy since when i read the word Indigo. Much of my life experiences where described on all past lessons. I feel only really confused, and need more explainations

  8. Thank you so much for
    This, I felt lost, alone and wandering through the world depressed and with multiple addictions. I left all that behind and I’m on the way to fulfill my mission. Thanks again for all your work. I love you

  9. Just wanted to say I am thankful I have found this. I am pursuing my spirituality and this is a major piece. I am grateful. Thank you.

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