Lesson 24 Working With Archangel Michael

Lesson 24 Working With Archangel Michael

The number one issue I’ve found among the Indigo (Scout) population is their susceptibility to absorb lower energies. Doreen Virtue indicates that invariably, when she is asked to give a reading or conduct a healing on an Indigo, she finds that their depression or other upsets comes from psychic debris that they’ve absorbed into their bodies.

As a highly sensitive person, you’re more likely to be affected by energy than the average person. Since you’re empathetic, you feel other people’s energies as if they were your own. Unknowingly, you may have become a host for lower energies, especially if you’re hanging out with people who abuse drugs or alcohol, which attracts earthbound spirits.

When Spiritual Healers tune into Indigos, they usually find their bodies and auras clogged with dark, opaque energies. It’s like they’re sitting in a rain cloud. No wonder they feel depressed!

There are many Indigos who suffer from insomnia because their bedrooms are filled with unwanted spirits visitors.

The solution to all of these situations is to work with archangel Michael, a non-denominational overseer and protector. Michael is an extremely powerful and limitless angel who comes to everyone who calls upon him. Just think his name and he is there! You can even ask Michael to be permanently stationed by your side, and he will. This is a good idea, as he can then continuously shield you from negativity.

Archangel Michael is the patron saint of police officers for good reason: he gives complete protection, and boosts courage and faith. If you ever feel frightened or vulnerable, ask Michael for help. It’s guaranteed that he’ll say Yes. Michael can also boost your energy if you’re feeling inordinately tired, because he clears away energy leaks and drains that are caused by fear.

Archangel Michael is also brilliant at fixing mechanical and electronic devices. He’s a wonderful friend to us all!

There have been miraculous healings from calling upon Michael for help. People have been able to get off of medication, and live happier and healthier lives through this process. You can also work with Archangel Michael in conjunctions with other forms of therapy.


Say either aloud or silently:

“Archangel Michael, I call upon you now. Please clear me and vacuum away any entities, earthbound spirits, psychic debris, spiritual toxins, etheric cords, psychic attack, or lower energies from my body, aura, mind, mood and surroundings now.”

Relax for a while and enjoy the pleasant sensations of Michael clearing you. You’ll likely notice your body twitching, which is a sign of release. Afterward, your energy will probably feel increased, and you’ll notice your mood feels pleasant and centered.

Before going to sleep tonight, please say: “Archangel Michael, I ask that you keep my room cleared through the night. Please watch over, shield and protect me. I ask that you enter my dreams tonight and clear away any fears which could be keeping me from enjoying full faith. Thank you Michael.”




8 thoughts on “Lesson 24 Working With Archangel Michael

  1. Such wonderful information here thank you. I have been blessed, Michael the archangel has been with me since I was a child. I have had visions of him, seen him standing in front of me, felt him touching my hair, seen him in my rear view mirror and told by others who were sensitive they could feel a strong bond between us. Wish I had this information as a child,blessings to you for this site.

    • Hi Marie, It is a wonderful thing when people share their spiritual experiences on the website. It was years before I too could find the right place to share my own experiences. It is nice to know that there are others in the world you can express yourself to without feeling different. Namaste

  2. My wife is a crystal but has no control over herself. She is only 22 and just learned of her powers. You have such wonderful information for us indigo, anything for crystals or rainbow children? We just birthed our little rainbow child and we could use some help. Lol. Thank you again.

  3. Any advice on self relaxation (self-hypnosis) techniques to alleviate insomnia in a 16 y/o female? I personally believe in and revere the Archangels, but hesitate to mention spirit sources as some are turned off immediately. For instance, my “born-again” sister, believes anything (like channeling) not in the Bible, is of the Devil. Roy Master’s “observation-meditation” technique might be applicable, but any advice from your sources would be appreciated.
    Thanks, Bob Wymer

    • Hey Bob…No recommendations for 16 year olds. For adults I would recommend Deepak Chopra’s website for meditations by Davidji, Channeling on Lee Carroll’s website for nice listening to “Kryon”. As for my belief system. I believe all thing come from one Creator. We are all connected and everything is an exploration to our own spiritual journey.

  4. I googled “working with Archangel Michael” because everywhere I go, for the past month or two, I see the name Michael and it was puzzling me since it didn’t resonate with a person I know with that name. Just today I “happened” to listen to an audio recording done by a seer for me in December and she said that Archangel Michael is guiding me. And suddenly it dawned on me that the signs were not referring to a person…but that Archangel Michael was making his presence known. I have been calling on him… But for some time could not feel him there… And now, realizing that he’s right there, makes me smile because I have help; I am not alone…

  5. Thanks so much for sharing this information. I needed this the most. Being an indigo can be very taxing.. but the gifts that come with being one is what makes me feel alive. My greetings to all Indigos here.. I request that you please post a detailed article on connecting with Archangel Metatron as recently when I was too weary, he connected to me and came to my aid.
    Love & Light

  6. I have summoned beloved Archangel Michael to be at my side permanently, but I want to say a little thing: thanks to this spiritual badass, no damn earthbound gets close to my room anymore (they would come and leech off my energy as they pleased) but they still scared the heck out of me from afar, making creepy noises and laughs. I had to ask him, “Please don’t let them anywhere within the range of my senses”.

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