Lesson 5 Indigo Anger

Lesson 5 Indigo Anger

In addition to sensitivity, many Indigos share another common characteristic:  they are extremely concerned and angered over ethical issues. They are upset or angry about wars, dishonesty, injustice, pollution and inequality. If you feel a deep concern or anger for one of the above issues, believing that you should do something to correct them, then this is more than a sign of your Indigo identity and power.

Indigos and Indigo Scouts have a “warrior” personality. Even if you are shy or introverted, you can have a warrior personality. This means that you are driven by a strong desire to become champions of a cause, to help the weak or disadvantaged (such as children, the elderly, or animals), and to correct unfair situations. You are a “warrior for peace.”

Indigos and Indigo Scouts have a group soul purpose of ushering out the old energy on the planet. The old energy is manifested by greed, corruption and competition. Indigos are extremely sensitive to this old energy, and you probably feel anger whenever you encounter someone using old energy.

The key is to channel this deep concern or anger in a positive way, so that it helps you and your mission. Not addressed properly, anger can lead to depression, anxiety, abuse of drugs and other substances, health problems, mental instability or violence. In this lesson, we will begin to discuss how to channel this anger and profound disappointment in constructive ways.

Indigos are born Activists. An Activist is someone who takes action to correct a situation.  Some famous Activists are Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who served the cause of racial equality and Mother Teresa, who gave a helping hand to the poor. Both assumed a leadership role, channeling anger and concern for the problems of interest to them, in a productive manner.

The first step in channeling anger / concern productively is to de-personalization the situation. This means to release any ego (the lower self that we all have) issues. Our ego does not want to see that we have “shadows (old energy issues related to fear, guilt, greed, etc.) deep inside. The ego only wants us to see shadows in other people, and not within ourselves. This is called “projection.”

So, the shadows we see in others are actually mirrors of our own shadows. When we judge another person, it always has something to do with our own self. The other person’s shadow reminds us of our own, unconsciously. The easiest way to clear ourselves of shadows is to start noticing when we judge another person. That’s a wonderful opportunity to claim and clear our own shadows!

When you notice that you are angry, irritated or about to judge someone else, say this powerful clearing affirmation: “I am willing to release that part of me that feels irritated when I think of you.” Then take a deep breath and be quiet until the release occurs. You probably feel chills and tingling while the physical body deals with the release. This is a positive signal that indicates a healthy shift.

It is impossible to judge another without projecting your own ego-shadows. Please do not judge yourself because you are having ego-shadows. They are a natural and normal part of life. It is important to recognize them by being super aware of any judgments you hold towards others or you may be tempted to throw on others. Do not give the ego additional power by getting angry with it. Just lovingly release ego-shadows as you become aware of them.

Assignment for Lesson 5

Keep a journal of situations and people which trigger anger, annoyance or irritation in you. Write about your feelings before and after saying the affirmation:  “I am willing to release that part of me that feels irritated when I think of you.”

If you feel overwhelming anger, write about it and put it in the “God” Box which we discussed in Lesson 4. The God Box helps in releasing overwhelming emotions and situations, and enables you to get out of the way so that Divine wisdom can help you.

If needed-exercise to release anger against self:

Anger is a natural response when we feel threatened or fearful. When you feel anger towards yourself for something you have done, imagine a three year old standing in front of you. Would you be angry at the three year old for being afraid or would you pick the three year old up and comfort him/her?

For the next seven days – every morning and evening – look at yourself in the mirror and say “I love you” until you really feel it. Watch the anger you have with yourself dissolve.

In Lesson 6 we’ll look at finding your Personal Mission



19 thoughts on “Lesson 5 Indigo Anger

  1. Wow, this really helps me. This is a huge issue for me right now. The main thing I struggle with is hurt and disappointment with those in positions of power in our world’s governments and their disregard for the people of North Korea. This is the first lesson I have come upon but I plan to go back to lesson 1 and learn how to deal with this energy inside me. Thank you so much for making me available.

  2. Hi Lorraine, I wanted to put your comment on the website but I had to edit it a bit. You are correct in knowing that you must begin with Lesson #1 and work your way up through the process. You will do wonderfully…take care of that anger. It does get better.

    • Thank you so much for your feedback:) I wasn’t aware you had responded until now but I think now is a good time to receive it;) Thanks

  3. I’m a a little in doubt. It’s ok to stop that anger and it’s ok to release it and recognize our own shadows.. but as we recognize our own we need to show that person that wrong behavior. Forgiving is not enough. Teaching the right behavior should be the aim: to ourselves and to others. Otherwise we’ll be a “silent accomplice”

  4. I have noticed through many therapy sessions that when I find myself extremely angry with another person that I am really angry with a trait that individual and I share. I am really angry at myself for being weak enough to have that trait affect me. It was a really eye opening moment for me but I still struggle with forgiveness for the other individual and for myself. Part of this lesson is about being present and acting with mindfulness. I struggle with this daily. I hear myself say just let it go but a part of me (probably my ego), feeds off of the negative energy that is created from my anger.

  5. We have a very hot tempered indigo warrior daughter who can get very violent when she’s overly tired or overly hungry. She’s extremely sensitive and emotional, and can so easily go into tears if someone hurts her feelings. This aspect of her started coming out when she was 3. So intense, these kids!

    Thank you for the info on indigo anger. My husband struggles with her outbursts and is at the end of his patience with it (our daughter is now 8). I’ll share this information in this post, hopefully it’ll help.

    To all of you parents out there, please hold your patience and calm at the ready. Your Indigos need the steady rock that you are when they’re flipping out and exploding with emotions. These will be amazing adults, let’s help them in every way we can.

    • Hi Coney. Please check the children’s book list on this site. There are a few books that will teach your child the benefits of meditation. Let her listen to you read the guided meditations while her eyes are closed. Don’t wait for her to have an out burst. Do it as a fun activity beforehand. After a while she will learn how to calm herself down on her own. Another thing. Limit sugar and carb intake in Indigos. The sugar is obvious. But not many people remember that carbohydrates turn to sugar in the blood stream once consumed. One more thing. Indigos are natural vegetarians that acquire a taste for meat because adults incorporate this stuff in their diets as babies as they are growing up.

  6. Hi Duchess,

    After reading your article, I’ve decided to create my own “meditation paragraph” that I would like to share with you (inspired on your own):

    I am now willing to clear and let go of all the anger, frustration, fear, doubts, worries, envy, depression, lies, toxic feelings, guilt and hate that I’ve accumulated over the years, either by myself or directed to me by others. I Release all the stored toxicity and replace it by love, understanding, acceptance and gratitude.

    Blessed be,

  7. Thanks for this post, it was pretty timely.
    I know I am on a mission, but seeing all those old energy stuff around me made me go into a cycle of deep anger and hatred … and made me think for myself, why am I doing this to these “useless” and “ignorant” fools … for which they do not understand and appreciate … I went into a cycle of self-destruction and as I know my power I was creating a black hole to swallow everything around me. I was so angry … am still angry … I have learned to channel this extra energy into Earth, but I feel like these people are better off go deep in the ground, I feel no hope for these disgusting people. This anger turned into fear and was totally destroying everything. I didn’t feel anything matters anymore.

  8. I have struggled with self loathing since I was 12 and I am now 24. I think I am an Indigo and started researching about it and came across this site. Going through these lessons, it feels right. I have to say when I tried the exercise for anger with myself, it felt like I was liberated to see me in the mirror expressing love for myself. The one person who has hated me for most my life…. finally.. I can’t express the relief adequately.. I’m so glad I’ve found this

  9. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this, I’ve taken it in and after years of “forgiving”, have achieved a new level of peace in my heart. Just found this site today, after the Mrs, proclaimed in her pleiadian wisdom, “I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE NOW!!!! INDIGO!” Having no clue, I instantly went looking to learn. In everything I’ve read/watched, these lessons are the only thing to resonant. Lesson 2 had me in tears. Again I thank you. I’m so looking forward to the growth and lessons to come.


  10. I’m confused. Here’s a recent biggie I’ve been furious about. Someone cheated on their girlfriend with me (unknowingly). And I have tried and tried to forgive them but I have been unsuccessful. You’re saying that anger I feel towards them has to do with MY shadow?
    How do you differentiate the shadow mirror from holding boundaries? I simply don’t accept this new age solipsism. I think it drives people mad. Sure be honest with yourself and others. But other people’s mistakes and taking advantage of your trust has nothing to do with you. You’re not to blame for other people’s actions. You can only decide what you’ll tolerate and how to respond. Say that in the mirror every morning.

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