Lesson 6 Your Personal Mission

Lesson 6 Your Personal Mission

Both Indigos (generally those born between 1975 and 1995, and who have great concern about social ills in the world) and indigo scouts (those born prior to 1975 who possess many Indigo characteristics, such as great sensitivity) have important life purposes.

As mentioned in lesson 3, you have both a personal mission and a global mission. Your personal mission is a lesson or lessons
that you’re learning during your lifetime. Examples are learning patience, forgiveness, generosity, balance, or tenacity.

One way to discover your personal mission is to look at patterns within your life. What situations do you continuously find yourself in? These situations are opportunities to learn the lesson of your personal mission. Every pattern contains hidden blessings and gifts, such as helping you to grow stronger, kinder, more self- aware, ect. Once you learn the lesson, the pattern will automatically and permanently leave. You’ve learned the lesson and so you won’t need to repeat it.

For instance:

Patience– If your goals are manifesting much slower ( or not at all)  you have an opportunity to learn about patience. Sometimes, our goals are thwarted because of impatience which causes us to try too hard, and to push and force things to happen. Once we surrender and let go, then our goal instantly manifest. “Infinite patience yield immediate results.”

Compassion–  If you or loved one has a chronic health condition, this an opportunity to have compassion for those with physical challenges. Compassion mean feeling love and appreciation for the challenged person, which is different from pity – meaning feeling bad for the challenged person. Compassion empowers the person, while pity disempowers them. Those who learn the “compassion” personal growth lesson make wonderful healers, teachers, and counselors.

Forgiveness– If you were born into an abusive or dysfunctional family, you have the opportunity for tremendous personal growth through the process of forgiveness. Forgiveness doesn’t mean, “What you did to me is okay,” it simply means that you are no longer willing to carry the poison of anger within your mind and body. Those who forgive abuses makes the most wonderful counselors, as they truly understand how to move their clients through emotional pain and into healing.

Lesson 6 Assignment

Please take the time to write answers to these questions. This will help you further understand and pin- point your personal Mission:

  1. What patterns are you tired of dealing with?
  2. What personal lessons seem to be a part of your life?
  3. What patterns provide important clues to your personal mission?
  4. What blessings and gifts have you ever received from these patterns in your life?

After you’ve written these answers, please say and/or write this affirmation at least twice a day:

“I accept and understand the blessing and gifts from these patterns in my life. I let everything else go, keeping only the lessons and the LOVE. I now release all painful patterns from life, in all directions of time. I only attract pleasant and uplifting patterns in their place. And so it is!”

In the next lesson, we’ll begin to explore your global Mission, and look at your life’s purpose in further detail.





11 thoughts on “Lesson 6 Your Personal Mission

  1. It’s all clear now understand why I’m here to be other animals Voice to stop this animal abuse for good once and all seeing what they do to farm animals and cats and dogs it’s sad seeing them being killed killed for their fur I’ll hate to see my cat mocha To go through something like that I can’t even image my baby be like those family cats or dogs it’s sad

    • Hi Zara, As you do each lesson you will learn more and more about your gift. Peace and Blessings to you.

  2. In one of the previous chapters I wanted to end my comment with the line. So it is… really feel like the process is starting to open up to me and showing me im on the right path

  3. Disappointment in people is the reason why I constantly shut out people from my life…is that a pattern that I need to address? Does it mean that my personal mission is to learn to trust people? Even those who are being unfair to others and using others? Or is there a specific group of people I need to learn to trust?

    • Sometimes we must go through a learning process to grow who we are. Once we begin to learn, we will be able to determine the trust or distrust as another person’s energy connects with our own. It gets easier as we practice.

  4. You did well. I am actually giving your words some thought and will comment a bit more at a later date.

  5. Sometimes Abuse can not be forgiven. Especially if the person does not admit anything ever occurred. Or, if they claim to have no recollection. It is a lack of self-worth, and denial of equality for someone in that case to forgive.

  6. I think I have identified the patterns, lessons, blessings and gifts however I and still feeling scared that I will not change before having more regrets, or it’s not quite clicking for me. Should I just keep exploring to see if there is more to reveal perhaps? This is the hardest work for me because I have so much riding on moving past these things. I want to be who I am meant to be without these constant negative reminders and distractions. Thank you by the way for all this amazing information. It is exactly what I needed ?.

  7. These are all so relieving….thank you for your compassion. I have been feeling a lot of anxiety lately, and could not understand why.

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