Lesson 26 Give Yourself A Break

Lesson 26 Give Yourself A Break

Congratulations! You’ve almost completed the Reclaiming Your Indigo Power Course! Let’s take a moment to check-in and see how you’re doing.

If you’re like many Indigo (Scouts), you may have felt overwhelmed in trying to keep up with the lessons of this course. You may even filed them away, thinking that you’ll look at them when you have more time in the future.

Those feelings of overwhelm and the reaction of shutting down or quitting are nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, they’re a key characteristic among many (although not all) Indigos and Indigo Scouts. They’re related to the fact that you have a big mission to fulfill in your life.

Prior to your incarnation, you consulted with your guides about many aspects of the life you were about to lead. You decided what you’re life’s mission would be, and then chose everything supportive for that mission. You and your guides decided your gender, race, birth, birth date, parents, friends, and other details, in support of your mission.

As an Indigo (Scout), your mission entails ushering out the old energy of greed, competition, dishonesty and bringing in the new energy of manifestation, cooperation, integrity. This is clearly an important and very pivotal job. It’s also a big mission, and you wouldn’t have received it if you weren’t qualified to fulfill it. Only really strong souls were approved to enter into life as an Indigo or Indigo Scout.

You likely feel or hear your guides nagging you about various aspects of your mission, such as urging you to have a healthy lifestyle, read or write a book, study spiritual healing, and such. Prior to your birth, you actually requested your guides and angels to help you if you veered from the path. So forgive your guides and angels for nagging you. They’re only doing as you asked!

And forgive yourself for not living a perfect life. Watch out for the trap of perfectionism which often leads to addictive behavior because the person feels frustrated that things aren’t perfect. Perfectionists also engage in “self-handicapping behavior” such as getting drunk before a school test so that the alcohol can be blamed for the poor test performance.

Nobody expects you to be perfect or to perform your mission perfectly. We all approach our missions in round-about circuitous ways. The point is to hold the intention of bringing light and love to the world, and learning from the times when you forget that intention.


In a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed, say this affirmation: “I am willing to forgive myself for what I think I have or have not done.” Pause after saying it, allowing your cells to discharge any old self-anger you may have stored in your body. Repeat the affirmation as often as you feel guided to.




3 thoughts on “Lesson 26 Give Yourself A Break

  1. I ask God to help me to clarify my mission,and boom. .here I found this site.Thank you God and you people who make clear from me.

  2. I sometimes am able to give myself a break until the next bout of gossip and hate comes my way.I would really like to know if receiving hate and asking the divine mother to transform it for humanity’s good is my mission. If someone could explain this to me I would be so grateful.

    • Hi Ruth, If I were you, I would begin doing some Heart and Soul meditations. You can start by sitting quietly for 10 mins each day or twice a day building up to more lengths of time. There is no need for you to wait around for the next bout of hate to come your way. That is not acceptable spiritually. We are on this earth to learn to evolve peacefully through whatever chaos is occurring in our midst. I will try to send you a meditation that is helpful.
      Namaste, Duchess

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