Lesson 16 Learning To Relate To Non-Indigos

Lesson 16 Learning To Relate To Non-Indigos

In learning to relate to “non-indigos” it is important that we remember to see everyone through the eyes of love and compassion.  Each of us has chosen the lessons we need to learn for our individual growth prior to coming here. So at every moment we are at the perfect place on our spiritual path that we need to be to assist us in our missions. When we remember this, it is easier to have compassion, without judgment of another.

When you encounter someone who may seem “different” or “difficult”, try to find a place where you resonate together.  As with the teacher-student relationship, the teacher is the one who will find the level at which the student’s capabilities are and start from there. There is no right and wrong, no better and worse, only an understanding of the perfection of where each of us is at this very moment. A good teacher will find that level and will speak directly to it.

A good teacher is a builder of relationships. “I do not care what you know, until I know that you care.” By building relationships, an indigo can relate to a non-indigo through compassion and understanding. In these caring relationships, seeds of transformation can be planted that will sprout at some future date.

A good teacher will seek to discover how the student learns best, and teach to that modality. Again, mixing up his or her teaching styles, a teacher may add audio, kinesthetic, visual and other styles to meet the student at a place that resonates with them. As with Indigos, there is no one way to connect, no one way to reach, no one way to relate. Use a variety of connecting points – nature, laughter, adventure, etc. in your attempts to connect with and assist “non-Indigos”.

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