Lesson 7 More About Your Global Mission

Lesson 7 More about your Global Mission

Lightworkers, Indigos, and Indigo Scouts have the distinguishing characteristic of having a “Global Mission,” in addition to the personal growth mission that every human has. Your Global Mission is a form for you to make the world a better place during a lifetime.

Before your incarnation, you and your guides created one or more avenues for you to express love to the world. This is your Global Mission. It always involves your doing something that makes your heart sing with joy, and which gives you a sense of fulfillment.

Some people turn their Global Mission into a paying career. For others, their Global Mission takes the form of volunteer work or a joyful hobby of service. There are unlimited ways in which your Global Mission can be expressed.

Since this is such an important part of reclaiming your Indigo power, we’ll spend several lessons throughout this course focused on this topic. Today, we’ll look at the foundational aspects of your Global Mission.

First, a lot of people ask, “What’s my purpose?” when what they really mean is, “ which career will give me the most satisfaction?” or will I be financially supported  doing work that’s related to my true interested.”

Your life purpose and your Global Mission are interchangeable terms. Everyone’s purpose or mission is the same: to remember love. Those who are  Lightworkers, Indigos, and the Indigo Scouts are also here to teach love. The form in which you teach love can vary and change daily, since love flows like a ceaseless river. Examples of teaching love include: being a role model and inspiring others by truly walking your talk and living in integrity; creating something artistic that inspires others; helping with a cause that’s near to your heart; being helpful without worrying about compensation or acknowledgment; giving spiritually based workshops; doing counseling or healing work with a spiritual emphasis; developing a product which is healthful and uplifting; ect.

Lesson 7 Assignment

In previous lessons, we have looked at 1.) ways that we give our power away. 2) how anger can be re- focused to help inspire our personal mission, and 3) uncovering what a personal mission may be. With these things in mind, let’s re- visit our Global Mission. Look at which form of teaching love which is a foundation of your Global Mission. Please answer again these questions (preferably in writing, to help you see the patterns more clearly) and see if they still match your answers from Lesson 3

  1. When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
  1. What did you spend your time doing between the ages of 9 to 14?
  1. What occupations do you most admire?
  1. Please complete the following statement: “If I were to win the lottery, I would………. (list everything you’d do)
  1. Describe your dream occupation in complete detail:
  1. Now, look at the common thread between the answers. Your answer to questions 1 and 2 are very important, because as a child you remembered your soul’s contract and Global Mission. What do your answers have in common? Write everything that comes to mind or which you feel are intuitive connections.


In Lesson 8, we’ll continue to focus upon pin- pointing your Global Mission.


17 thoughts on “Lesson 7 More About Your Global Mission

  1. Basically, what comes to mind after this lesson is:

    I want to inspire the World to be a better place and promote Change!

    Does that make sense? For me… it does… it is just… Right! =)


  2. I am a Indigo born early May 95 and I feel I have a purpose to serve but more than a career I mean really fight for us and our planet front line, I have learned a lot and still learning but what can I do to fight when is that day coming

    • Hi Steven, As an Indigo, we do the fight by learning how to be compassionate to all there is. We learn different modes of Spiritual Growth by exploring. Read some of the books listed on this website. The best thing you can do for the fight is to read and learn. Spiritual progress is the order of the day. Not perfection. The fight is not a physical one. It is a Spiritual one.

  3. I am an Indigo born Sept. 14 2001. my global goal is to protect nature and life from the dangers of destruction and to keep this natural paradise safe from all harm and evil. I shall follow me goal to the ends of time and beyond!

    • I couldn’t help but notice. I think that’s really cool because I was born September 15, 2001.
      I think my mission is to protect the homeless, endangered species and the environment from destructive forces like the government and powerful corporations

    • Hi, i am an indigo child but it seems have started awakening since the age of 15 that is since 2 years. Since childhood i had a weird feeling that i was different and when i used to see that my friends, family all are different than me i would always feel that something is wrong within me and i think that is the reason why i got disconnected from my powers. It was only when i was in the worst of situations that led me to completely surrender to God and it seemed that was something that triggered my powers once again. I remember memories from my past life. I have never seen any spirits, but firmly believe that i have a guardian angel who looks after me. I have also felt spirits trying to communicate with me by touching or other actions. Poor me, i was always taught to fear them and maybe that is the reason why i acnt see them because i feel they can sense the fear in me. But i am really happy that i am getting such a wonderful insight of my powers through your blogs. I also feel that i have pyschic abilities which i would to flourish….

      (A girl from India)

  4. Oh my,that one confused me..I answered different in question 1.I just wrote traits and not an occupation like the previous lesson.Does it mean anything? I can’t get the common thing in all, except writing…the first two questions..I wanted to be independent, strong, loving and caring, (things way too strange for my family as a child..) and used to listen a lot of music while dreaming, dreaming, dreaming of a big change in my life, watch movies and relate to a role ….Help??

    • I think you are doing just fine. As we evolve, we will find that our attitude changes from one think to the next. Continue the lessons..Perhaps some of our readers will offer their experience from their journey’s perspective. Namaste, Duchess

  5. I’m an indigo born august 1991, I always wanted to be a veterinarian, but now I have this strong will to be a CDC.
    My intuition is telling me that I will follow through with this, and I need to. 🙂

  6. I have been told by the angels that I’m supposed to be a healer like archangel Rafael,and a messenger like archangel Gabriel,and also a leader or teacher ,but apparently I am suppose to have an important message that I am meant to tell,not sure who what or anything but I have learned a lot in the last 7_8months that I have been looking into this stuff, after growing up feeling like and treated like shit (sorry) it’s feels good knowing that I actually have a n important m mission,but knowing this finally I also realise that every decision I make will have global and universal implications,so I am currently working on being more aware of my thoughts and feelings,because of cause and effect,karma,as above so below,etc,

  7. My dream occupation, is not a mere occupation, it is a way of life. Basically something so flexible that I could still do physical things with my time. I dunno why I never pursued it as a profession, but I have always loved writing, and creating things with words. Even as a child.

  8. Hey my brothers, I am glad to meet some of you, someone like me who perfectly understand me. I am Ginel and I would feel and know as child that I can do infinite more and greater things, this till I become an mature human being and I now know my life purpose and soul mission, as I begin to step in to my mission as powerful being of light, unique aspect of my father creator. I’ve created a program available on youtube: “Self Growth & Success”. For the future I have painted the next step where I speak directly to my brothers . You can send me an email if you wish to talk, so by my brothers!

  9. I’m finding that my answers and intuition are vague… I wanted to be important, my dream occupation is world renowned singer. Obviously my voice was meant to be heard, I was meant to be seen by masses but the only thing I can do is inspire. Why can’t I pinpoint what it is exactly that my global mission is?

    • I seem to always get the question “why?” when people haven’t completed the entire 28 lessons. There is a reason for 28 lessons to Reclaiming your gifts.. all of them. Nameste

  10. I love this whole website! I am so fascinated with myself at the moment and my soul is so excited! I’m a 1977 Indigo… I have certainly been dabbling in a few different areas of my life experience to culminate all of my knowledge at this moment in time to have an impact, a very big one. My husband is most certainly an indigo adult as well – he’s very passionate and gets so angry about corporate corruption, the banking system and the greed of humanity. We’re passionate about different things, we have different skills and different strengths… together we have endless possibilities to help people see, hear and know the truth in all things. I haven’t figured out how to tell my husband he’s an indigo… we have telepathic conversations all the time, so I might start there. hehe So looking forward to going through all 28 lessons. The best! Thank you so very much xxx

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