Lesson 17 Learning To Shield And Clear Yourselves Psychically

Lesson 17 Learning To Shield And Clear Yourselves Psychically

In our daily interaction with other people, we regularly pick up lots of energies. We may experience someone who will try to steal energy from us, or to push energy towards us, especially if that person is trying to get us  to do something or is upset with us. Other times we may have walked into or even past a situation where the energy is dense, sad or chaotic. The energy field that surrounds each of our bodies is very sensitive and can collect a lot foreign” energies that can interfere with our own individual energy field. This “interference” can affect our ability to think clearly or it may make us feel as though we are weighed down, not grounded or depressed.

There are a few simple tools we can easily use to shield and /or clear these foreign or unwanted energies, while still allowing the manifestation of healing energies in.

Here are some options to shield yourself psychically:

  1. Call upon Archangel Michael (the angel protection) to place a light-blue bubble of light around you.  This bubble of light carries protection energies that can help shield you from unwanted foreign or negative energies.
  2. You can also visualize a clear bubble of light that surrounds you. This bubble has a mirror like substance on the outside that reflects all of the foreign or negative energies back out into the Universe to be recycled and healed.  You can activate this bubble by setting the intention and saying aloud: “I intend and command all negative energies attempting to enter my field, be reflected back out to the Universe and cleared!”

Options to clear yourself psychically:

  1. Other people’s energies mesh into your field. To feel clear, you need to be totally in your energy and grounded to the earth. This exercise will allow other people’s energies to fall away from you and not touch you.  You become aware of your own cosmic energy flow.

Breathe deeply a few times. Become aware of your spine and focus your energy near the base of the spine. This is where the 1st chakra is located. Fix your attention on this area of ​​the physical body and feel the tube of energy extend from this area into the center of Mother Earth. Now allow any energy that is not yours to “let go”, to be released down this energy tube into the center of Mother Earth. The Mother embraces this energy. Allow yourself to feel her transmute this energy into the light. Once you feel clear, become aware of the rhythm and heartbeat of Mother Earth. Feel all of nature and all of her energy come up through the Earth and into the bottom of your feet. Feel the energy flow entering your 1st chakra. Become aware of the cosmic energy of the galaxies, stars, planets and feel all this energy flowing down through your crown chakra. (If it is easier to visualize pure white light coming in from the Universe, you can use that as well). Feel how this energy moves through and down your back and allow it to flow into the 1st chakra. Now allow the energy of the Earth and the energy of the sky to merge and to flow effortlessly up the front of the body through the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th, chakras and then into the crown chakra.

Allow it to shower around you and to merge with your “I Am” presence.

  1. Visualize a meter that shows a percentage scale and ask your angels to show you the amount of other foreign or negative energies that are in your energy field right now.  Once your angels show you the amount of energy which is in your field, ask them to remove that amount of energy from your system. , Visualize the angels removing all energies which are not yours. Tune in again to this meter until your meter is showing you that you are cleared from all of these energies.
  2. Stand still and focus for a moment on your breathing. Then speak loudly and with conviction the following statement: “I intend, and set forth, that any foreign and negative energies be disconnected from me now and sent back to their rightful place!” Visualize all of the cords and energies that had been attaching to you simply falling away. Next visualize a bright white light coming through your whole field and clearing away any of the residue.

You can practice any or all of these simple exercises to see which resonates best with you. See how quickly you will feel “lighter” or how quickly you’ll have a sense of peace and groundedness settle in to your Beingness once you have cleared your field.


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