Lesson 27 Strong And Sensitive

Lesson 27 Strong And Sensitive

Throughout this course, we’ve emphasized the gifts inherent within your sensitivity. You have natural abilities to converse with angels, to be empathetic and compassionate, and to receive Divine guidance about your life’s purpose. You are peace-loving and a peace-bringer.

Yet, you’re also quite strong and getting stronger as you take better care of yourself through healthful diet, exercise, and sleep.

Both strength and sensitivity are necessary for your life’s mission. Strength without sensitivity leads to aimless action. Sensitivity without strength creates low self-confidence. But the combination of both makes you unstoppable!

Here are some ways to continue building and balancing your gifts of strength and sensitivity:

  • Avoid negative conversations with yourself and others. This includes gossip, put-downs, and jokes at your own or another’s expense.
  • Keep promises to yourself and others. This is one of the fastest routes to high self-esteem.
  • Exercise daily.
  • Eat consciously, that is, be present and aware as you eat and drink so you can instantly feel how the foods and beverages affect your moods and energy levels. Adjust your diet until you find meals that keep your energy and outlook at happy and healthy levels.
  • Call upon Archangel Michael regularly to clear your body and living space of any lower energies you may have absorbed.
  • Always follow the guidance you receive through repetitive thoughts, feelings or visions that asks you to improve a situation.
  • Never listen to the “Who me?” voice which questions your authority or competence.
  • Avoid chemicals entirely, if possible. They numb both your strength and your sensitivity.
  • Ask your angels for help with everything. They want to help you with anything that brings you peace, no matter how small or big the request. Unless it would violate another person’s free will, the angels will always answer every prayer.
  • Instead of judging someone, pray for their health and happiness. You’ll both feel better as a result of taking this more positive route in the relationship.


This lesson is filled with action suggestions, instead of the exercise that normally concludes each lesson. You’ve almost completed the “Reclaiming Your Indigo Power” course – congratulations and keep going!



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