Lesson 18 Making Friends With Time And Your Schedule

Lesson 18 Making Friends With Time And Your Schedule

As an Indigo / Indigo Scout, your life purpose is to lead the world into the new energy. Sometimes this goal can become overwhelming. You may even get frightened or depressed at the thought of such a task. These are normal feelings. Your purpose is important, even if sometimes you feel incapable of fulfilling it.

Every day, you are given 24 hours. It’s like a bank account that replenishes every day. What you do with this time is up to you, even though it appears that other people have control of your time. Truthfully, you’re the only one in charge of your schedule.

Our ego, which is so afraid of our life’s purpose and our happiness, tries to keep us busy with meaningless activities. These are the “delaying tactics” that we’ve discussed in Lessons 2 and 12. Delay tactics are all those activities that fill the hours of the day in such a way, that you do not find the time necessary to work on your life purpose.

There are many ways to overcome this tendency.  One of the best is to make your own schedule for yourself. A schedule will help you keep your promises to yourself. There’s something about seeing an appointment in ink upon a calendar that stirs action.

Grant Virtue (Doreen’s Indigo son), has learned the importance of keeping a schedule. He says that “it is vitally important that Indigos of all ages keep a close eye on their schedules.  Indigos tend to get overwhelmed if an unexpected errand comes their way. If you do not keep a schedule, I would implore you to try for one week and see how it feels. As an Indigo, you are a very social and talented person. These traits tend to come with an increased demand on your very valuable time. Balance is the key word. If at all possible set aside one hour a day for “me time”. Use this time to rest and relax, reflect on your life. Visit the beach or the park. Spending time in nature is one of the very best ways to “recharge” after a busy week”.

“Coping with a busy schedule is a lesson that we all must learn. It is important to look at every activity you have scheduled not as an obligation, but an opportunity to meet new people and use some of your naturally abundant energy and charisma. By staying very strict with scheduling time for yourself you can avoid being burnt out by everything you have to do. With the proper attitude and smart scheduling you can ensure that every day is fun, interesting and never boring.”

Assignment for Lesson 18

Writing a list of everything that you’d like to accomplish. Write your intentions, goals, dreams, and your responsibilities. Don’t worry if they seem “unrealistic” or not. For now, just brainstorm with yourself. Write your personal, spiritual, relationship, health, career, service, intentions.

Next, circle two or three of the items on the list that are most important to you. These should also be the items which stir the most passion and excitement in you. Put the letter “A” next to these items.

Then, look at the rest of your list. Eliminate anything that feels more like a “should” than a desire. Decide which remaining items are next in importance to you, and place a letter “B” next to these items.

The remaining items will have a “C” next to them.

Next, get a calendar with the date squares that are large enough for you to write appointments on them. Decide which hours of the day are best for you to work toward your “A” intentions. For instance, before or after work or school.

On the calendar, write IN INK each day at that hour, “Working on My Dreams.” Each day at that appointed time, do at least one activity related to one of the “A” items on your list. It doesn’t matter what activity you do, as long as it’s related to one of your “A” items. Examples could be reading, researching, writing, practicing, networking, visualizing, affirming, making a prototype, or creating a poster board filled with inspiring images.

As you carve out this time daily, your dream will manifest very quickly. It’s like saving a small amount of money daily, which rapidly builds into a huge savings account. Your habit of spending daily time on your important intentions will get stronger, the longer you practice this healthful habit.

Spend at least one hour per week working on the “B” items on your list. Only work on your “B” or “C” items AFTER you’ve completed your one “A” action that day.

This process will help you to make your mission the high priority that it is.  Remember: your mission will help many other people! When you succeed, everyone benefits!


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  1. I’m studying works of the Ascended masters and archangel’s at summit lighthouse university on line in the pearls of wisdom,and their retreats,etheric octave,iv learned about the violet flame,etc,am currently reading about El Moyra and the7rays, iv just downloaded a prayers and mantras book,which I never thought I’d say but I’m enjoying reading it
    My thirst for knowledge is shocking me lol,but the angels keep telling me that I m needed now,but I must rest ,sounds a bit strange,i know for the most part now why I’m here but have no clue yet how to implement any of it,i have to unblock my throat chakra and keep grounding myself

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