Lesson 28 Final Lesson For Reclaiming Your Indigo Power Course

Lesson 28 Final Lesson For Reclaiming Your Indigo Power Course

Congratulations! You’ve completed the Reclaiming Your Indigo Power Course!! Please pat yourself on the back for how far you’ve come along since first beginning this course.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve read or completed all the lessons. Just save them and read them when you can. You can even print out all the lessons and keep them near you to energetically absorb the inspiration and encouragement within this course.

Just your decision to enroll in this course catalyzed positive changes for you. Your decision was a signal to the universe that you wish to fully know and utilize your spiritual gifts and life purpose. The universe and your angels will continue guiding you through this process.

Your life’s purpose is to remember, teach, and demonstrate love and light. Every time that you choose love you are fulfilling your purpose. Every time that you forget to love you have an opportunity to remember, which is also part of your purpose.

You have amazing powers such as the ability to time-warp, which will manifest your life’s purpose and desires rapidly; to instantly manifest and heal; and even the power to bi-locate, soul-travel, and levitate. There are no limits to what you can do, unless you believe in limits. The more you stay centered in loving thoughts and actions, the more power you’ll access.

The world is counting on you and the other Indigos and Indigo Scouts to usher in the long-awaited energy of cooperation, manifestation, and integrity. And it begins with you, and every choice that make every moment of the day.

Always remember that there are no neutral thoughts, and that everything you think will manifest on the material plane. So, choose only loving and empowering thoughts. The angels will help you with this process, if you’ll ask them to.

Please remember that, no matter what’s going on around you, you can choose peace. Your peace isn’t dependent upon other people’s actions. Please don’t delay your peace or happiness until the government, your family, or some condition or person changes. Choose peace now, and watch the colors brighten all around you!

The best way to teach peace is to be peaceful yourself. If you get off-course (as we all do occasionally), forgive yourself, learn from the experience and then get back on-course.

Your indigo family, the angels and archangels, and the Creator are all supporting you. The entire universe is on your side in truth and everyone benefits from your success. You deserve the best of anything, as we all do. Thank you for being here. Thank you for your commitment to peace. Thank you for being YOU!



12 thoughts on “Lesson 28 Final Lesson For Reclaiming Your Indigo Power Course

  1. Thank you so much for this course! I’ve learned a lot about myself! Only one problem: I neither have an indigo family nor a spiritual family.. I’ve tried to teach them, but they never listen or pay attention to the spiritual world. Its so comfusing!

    • Hi Lisa, Thank you for being here. Let me explain something. You, as and Indigo, are not to try and teach those who are not ready to receive your gift. That only frustrates you and annoys them. Try going to Meet-up.com and search for Indigo or Spiritual groups in you zipcode. That might help your find some wonderful friends who can become your Spiritual Family while you wait for your immediate, bio-family to catch up to you spiritually. They will….in time. But it will be in their own time, not your time. Good Luck and Blessings. Please keep in touch.

  2. These lessons are really a great reminder. Thank’s a lot! I think, some of your words literally saved my life, or, at least, saved a lot of time for me, because I was lost in fear and doubt about the reason for being here. I am so glad that there are so many people and Angels and whatever beings, who keep our spirits high and set our priorities straight. I am not sure by now, what my purpose exactly is and how I am supposed to manifest anything — I am happy to remember, there is a purpose and I am fulfilling it. Solon, Shakti

  3. You may not know what you did for myself bit you may know. Thank you. I cried a lot but I found myself, you saved me from further Suicide attempts and gave me reason to stay and learn more. Thank you thank you thank you.
    Some day I hope all indigo can meet and share.
    Blessings and love,

  4. Thank for your time Pete. I may have been misunderstood about the help I am looking for. I already excepted who I am before I turned thirty. It has been two years of development in my knowledge and physic abilities. The loneliness and isolation come from the fact that the cattle do not like being told they are wrong so people l0have a hard time being around me. My wife has discovered she is crystal and our daughter is a rainbow child, our family ismsomthing wild.
    The help I seek is a purpose or community idea on what’s next. If we exist and we are special then why aren’t we uniting and changing things. As an Indigo my life as been nothing short of a nightmare getting to the point I’m currently in, where I learned my lesson and am using my abilities. However the damage was so severe it is almost impossible to dredge up what life was like as a child.
    After completing the lessons I have a better understanding about myself and slightly lessfeeling of alone, but I still feel isolated and outlasted. Even people who know my abilities still down play them or ignore it all together. I have yet to find Indigos in my travels that don’t have an ego about it or are even real.
    As of now I will continue to study and search in hopes of one day putting it all together.

  5. I just want to thank you for this amazing course and website. I knew I was different and had gifts but struggled so much. I came from an abusive home but knew I chose my parents. I’ve had success and let others take it away. I turned to alcohol but am now in recovery. Doing really well but still feeling lost, and then bulimia entered out of no where. I have been struggling to connect the dots but your course has been inspirational- it is just what I needed right now. Everything falling into place. I have done courses by Charles virtue Doreen’s son and love my angel readings – understanding my addictions are my ego sabotaging me was like a light bulb going of. I know for sure I can conquer my illness and get back on course and find joy in working on my soul purpose and life mission. Thank you very very much live and light Helen xx

    • You are so very welcome Helen….Blessings to you as you continue your journey. If you go to Meetup.com You might find other Indigos to walk this journey with you…we come in all ages.

  6. Thank you so much for what you bring to the world. I had a vision of my inner indigo child which led me here and I went through the whole course just now. This has connected so many of the dots for me, you don’t know the impact this has just made on my life. Thank you, thank you.

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