Lesson 9 Heaven Helps You

Lesson 9 Heaven Helps You

Since you and your guides co-created your Global Mission prior to your incarnation, it makes sense that Heaven would continue helping and supporting you in every aspect of your mission. The flow of Spirit’s loving energy is like a river which completely supports you in all ways. You have free will in how much you’re willing to submerge yourself in this river. You can just put in one toe (and receive tiny benefits), or just wade a little bit. Or you can dive in and experience huge positive shifts, right now! As a sensitive Indigo or Indigo Scout, you’ve likely already had angel experiences.

Angels are non-denominational and ego-less spirits which act as messengers of Divine wisdom and love. The name angel means, “Messenger of God.” Think of angels as the Divine postal carriers, if you will, carrying messages from the Creator to the Created (you). You, like everyone, have at least two guardian angels with you right now and non-stop. These angels have always been with you, and will continue to stay by your side. Their purpose is to help you with personal spiritual growth and your global mission. The angels want to help you in any way which will bring you peace. However, because of the Law of Free Will by which this universe was created, the angels can only intervene into your life if you give them permission. You do this by asking for their help. You can ask for help aloud, mentally, through writing, or singing.

The important thing is that you ask for help. Your guardian angels are overseen by larger and more powerful angels called, “Archangels.” The archangels have no time or space restrictions, so they can be with everyone who calls upon them simultaneously. They have unique, individual encounters with each person. Never worry that you’re asking the angels or archangels for help with something that’s too small or inconsequential. They want to bring about world peace, one person at a time, by helping you with ANYTHING that brings you peace. Remember: Your being at peace is one of the greatest contributions you can make to world peace. The angels and archangels can help with your Indigo spiritual gifts and mission.

Here are four archangels who can especially help you, in conjunction with your personal guardian angels:

  • Archangel Michael. Michael helps to release us from fear. He also protects us. Michael is the record-keeper for Lightworkers (the generation prior to Indigos and Indigo Scouts), so he can help them remember their soul purpose. Call upon Michael when you need courage, protection, or strength.
  • Archangel Metatron. Metatron’s chief role is to help Indigos and Indigo Scouts. He oversees the Akashic records of each Indigo and Indigo’s Scout’s personal and global missions and can help you remember your mission. Metatron can help you manage your schedule, so that you devote more time to your true priorities. Call upon Metatron when you need clarity, motivation, or encouragement.
  • Archangel Jophiel. Jophiel helps us to have positive, loving thoughts. She helps us release doubts, worry, guilt, and other ego-based energies. Jophiel also helps us to beautify our environment through clearing out clutter, surrounding ourselves with beautiful music, lighting, crystals, fragrances, and such. Call upon Jophiel when you need upliftment.
  • Archangel Raphael. Raphael is the angel of healing. He assists healers (including those who aspire to healing work), and he assists in physically healing ourselves, our loved ones, our pets, and our clients. Raphael is also the angel who pushes books off of shelves so that you’ll read them. Call upon Raphael for any aspect of healing.

Lesson 9 Assignment

As you go to sleep tonight, invite the archangels to work with you during your dreamtime. The angels love to connect with us while we’re sleeping, because that’s when our ego is asleep and so we’re most open to their loving help and guidance. Here is a suggested invocation to say as you’re falling asleep:

  • “Archangel Michael, please come into my sleep tonight and clear away any fears which are blocking my enjoyment of peace, faith, and remembering my mission. Michael, please help me to have the courage to make any necessary changes so I can experience and bring more love and light. I ask that you help me to have peaceful and harmonious experiences as I allow my life to heal.
  • “Archangel Metatron, I call upon you now. Please come into my sleep tonight and help me to fully remember my mission. Please open the record books of my soul’s purpose, and help me to truly know the mission which I am destined to perform.
  • “Archangel Jophiel, please come to me now. Please help me to think, speak, and act from my Higher Self. I ask that you lower the volume of the ego’s voice, and help me to only listen to the voice of Love. Jophiel help me to purify and beautify my heart, so that I feel compassion and love more frequently. Help me to see myself and others through your eyes, Jophiel.
  • “Archangel Raphael, I ask you to enter my dreams tonight. I ask that you fully activate my natural spiritual healing abilities. Please clearly guide and direct my healing career. I ask that you heal any addictions or other unhealthful behaviors which are lowering my self-esteem or energy levels. Please motivate me to take excellent care of my body. “Thank you Creator and Archangels for your love, guidance, and healing.”

Sleep well!

In Lesson 10, we’ll explore making necessary life changes so that you’re truly walking your talk.



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  1. Hello! I just would like to give an enormous thumbs up for the wonderful information you’ve got here on this post. I are going to be coming back to your blog for even more soon. infopeco.

  2. Thank you so much for this post and your blog as a whole; it has helped me deeply and for this I cannot thank you enough.


  3. I’m not sure if it was going to happen or it happened because I asked my angels to help. My daughters were taken away from me due to my husband’s
    abusiveness. I so sad around christmas of this year because my girls were at my cousin’s house. About 3 o’clock in the morning, I couldn’t sleep so I kneel on my bed and said “my angels, I know you all have been with me ever since I was a little girl. I need you to go and protect, keep them warm and happy since I can’t be there with them tonight, thank you.” The very next day, while I was at work. My older daughter texted and called me. She was so happy that day because her school counselor gave her a bag of all kind of snacks, bought her a pair of booths, and a Michael Kors coat.

    • Hello again Jenny….Indigos are powerful. That is why we must be careful what we think and how we think. The Universe monitors our every thought. You did good. You were heard. Help came. Please keep up with positive thoughts always.

  4. Though the road be long and the path be muddied, you are beside me O Lord to brighten the way. My dear brothers and sisters, may we all dwell in the glorious truth that the Kingdom of Heaven is within us each and every minute of our lives. Fortified in this knowledge, may we walk tall, in dignity and grace, to do the will of our Creator and bring about peace in our time. Angels, Saints, Mother Mary, Gaia, and all of our ancestors, hasten us on our journey towards salvation. We are your children and we place our families, our futures, our communities, our businesses and ourselves in your loving hands. Hallelujah it is so, by the power of The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. Amen.

  5. I don’t even know how I found this blog!! In my 32 years I have never been given these answers, or any answers to the sense of not belong, not knowing why I’m here or where I’m going, or even an explanation of my feelings that resonated with me. And I grew up in the church. Now, as I’m having an awakening (or finally acknowledging everything as an awakening) I was still feeling lost and wasn’t getting the right answers. Thank you. Thank you so much!!! I can’t wait to start really living and finally being able to make a difference in this world!!!!!!

    • Hi Court, You are so welcome. I must confess that the words in these lessons are all shared words of Doreen Virtue and others who designed them. I am just a catalyst of the Indigo cause. As for other lessons, there “twenty eight” in total. If you have not completed them, or cannot find them all you have to do is scroll you mouse across each of the single digit lessons to find the others. Scroll across Lesson 1 and 11 and 21 will appear. The same all the way down…scroll over lesson 8 and 18 and 28 will be visible. I hope this helps…

  6. I’m having difficulties understanding it all. I’m currently 16 and will be 17 June 30 this year so very soon. I did research and discovered I’d be in the Omega generation of Indigo Children. I’ve quite honestly been shocked about all the things I’ve read. I have felt it all for the most part and when others mentioned having dreams and it happening in the future made me feel almost scared and welcomed because I’ve had that to. Although when I started reading here I discovered it’s been very religious. I myself am not a firm believer in God or whoever is up there. I believe someone used to be there, but I don’t now. I’m not sure if this means I’m not an actual Indigo child although I have felt everything it’s classified as traits of an indigo. It’s very confusing and at the same time I feel genuinely happy because I truly thought I was alone in feeling and experiencing these things…

  7. Angels/guides are your best friends.
    They don’t judge, they are always at your side, they will never leave you alone in a moment of need, they will always try to help you. But if you read organised religion, such as Catholic texts, they will tell you you’re only supposed to contact your own guardian angel, never the archangels (they serve God, not you, they say). Some people I have talked to were wary of such contacts because of this reason (even though I only mentioned them in a very subtle manner). It is such a pity not many can know their glory because of this prejudice. How amazing would it be if everyone could feel their presence and know they are never alone.

    By the way, I wonder if each individual has an affinity with a certain archangel(s). I have read some people reportedly summoned Archangel Michael and didn’t feel him at all. I couldn’t believe it, since his energy is massive. I have felt Metatron and Raziel’s presence like a subtle caress, and Uriel’s as a not-so-subtle caress. And the day I summoned Raphael… nothing. I called him another time… same. He didn’t help with the issue I summoned him for (stop an acute bleeding, both times) and I’m still pondering about why is this.

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