Lesson 19 Eliminating Toxic And Time-Wasting Activities

Lesson 19 Eliminating Toxic and Time-Wasting Activities

As you explore your true priorities as a way of getting control over your time and creating a realistic schedule so that you have enough time for your meaningful activities and projects. We delineated your most meaningful intentions (and put them under an “A” list), and then decided on projects which were a bit less vital (calling them “B” activities), and another list of less meaningful projects (termed “C” activities).

The A, B, and C activities can include projects, past-times, hobbies, and even relaxation…as long as they’re important and meaningful to YOU.

Once you become very clear about which activities fall under the A, B, or C categories, you’ll know automatically how much time needs to be devoted to each one. It’s important to place your greatest emphasis on your “A” list, a bit less time on your B list, and even less time on your C list. Any activity that’s not on the A, B, and C list is a time-waster, and needs to be carefully considered before engaging in it.

When you’re clear about the meaningfulness of various activities, you’ll have a much easier time saying “No” to time-wasting projects. As a sensitive Indigo/Scout, you’re naturally a person that likes to help and please others. However, if someone asks you to do something that doesn’t fall under your “A, B, C” categories, you’ll need to tell them “No.”

If this is difficult for you, or you feel guilty or obligated, here are a couple of solutions:

** Tell the person, “Let me think about this and get back to you tomorrow.” Keep your promise and contact the person when you feel strong and filled with high self-esteem. You don’t have to explain why you’re saying no. A gentle “No” will suffice. If the person harasses you, or uses guilt-inflicting measures, they are too aggressive of person to have in your circle. Distance yourself from such people. As a sensitive person, you need to steer clear of toxic relationships for the sake of your mission.

** Remember that you’re saying “No” to time-wasting activities because you have an important mission (your “A” activities). The more time that you put into your mission, the more people you will help. So, you’re saying “No” to one person can mean that you’re saying “Yes” to many more people (including yourself).

Also remember that many (if not most people) suffer from the time-wasting syndrome. You’re being a positive role model to your friends and family by living according to your true principles. When you uphold your personal boundaries, you teach other people to respect you. And most importantly, you respect yourself.

Lesson 19 Activity

Affirm several times a day, “I take excellent care of myself and my mission. I value and honor the gift of time, and I use my time in meaningful ways. My mission is a sacred part of my life, and I give it the time and attention it deserves. When I say “Yes” to my mission and the activities on my “A” list, I am saying “Yes” to happiness, peace, health, and everything that I desire and deserve.”

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