Lesson 23 Developing Spiritual Confidence

Lesson 23 Developing Spiritual Confidence

In our last lesson, we worked on increasing your psychic awareness and experiences. One of the best ways to have more psychic experiences is by keeping a written record of your Divine guidance, which includes visions, gut feelings, knowingness, and other impressions your receive during the day. Write any experiences related to these impressions, such as when you think of an old friend and she calls you later in the day.

The process of writing about your psychic experiences attracts more of them to you. It also helps you to gain confidence, as you see written recordings of the impressions which gave you prophetic insights into the future.

The best professional psychics are only correct in their readings about eighty-five percent of the time. Their “misses” are either the result of the ego giving fear-based and therefore incorrect information, or of the psychic misinterpreting the visions or feelings she receives.

Some of the misses actually prove to be correct later. For instance, the psychic’s client may not remember or know a piece of information, which could validate the psychic’s reading. Or, the psychic may be receiving information related to the client’s future. So the reading will prove to be true and valid at that time.

The best psychics learn to focus upon their hits (correct readings) and not upon their misses. If you focus on any set-backs, whether it’s in a psychic reading, or at work, school, or in relationships, you’ll lower your self-esteem and possibly attract negative situations. Remember that the top baseball players only hit the ball one-third if the time!

The ego likes to tell us that we’re a fake, a phony, and that we’re just inventing our psychic impressions. If we listen to the ego, we’ll miss out on a big part of our life’s mission and happiness. That’s because the ego doesn’t want us to learn how powerful, awesome, and Divine we truly are. The ego wants us to stay fearful, because that’s when the ego is in charge.

The key to developing confidence in your spiritual gifts is by putting your whole focus upon service. Hold the intention of using your natural psychic gifts to help heal the world. That puts your intention in the domain of your higher self, who is one-hundred percent psychic right now.

The ego, in contrast, is only worried about its little self. It peppers you with worrisome questions like, “What will they think about ME?” and “What if I’m wrong?” The ego’s insecurities are always self-centered, while the higher self only thinks about. “How may I serve?”

The angels gave Doreen Virtue a wonderful affirmation many years ago, which she and graduates of her Angel Therapy Practitioner and Angel Intuitive Courses use: “If you get nervous, focus on service.” They say it repeatedly, and it really helps build confidence and reduce nervousness.

True spiritual confidence comes from knowing the source of your gifts. The Divine messages you receive through your reoccurring feelings, visions, thoughts and ideas are the Creator speaking to you and through you. Have confidence in the Creator’s power to give you accurate information and to help you accurately receive, understand and act upon it. Have faith that the Creator chose YOU for a wonderful mission and will support you in all ways.

Lesson 23 Assignment:

It’s important not to fight the ego’s fears, because fighting gives the ego power, strength, and reality. Instead, focus upon what you desire. Visualize yourself helping many people, animals, the environment, or any cause which is important to you. Imaging yourself being lovingly confident. Feel in your gut what it feels like to be filled with security and faith.

Affirm frequently:  “If I get nervous, I’ll focus on service.”


4 thoughts on “Lesson 23 Developing Spiritual Confidence

  1. My son is an indigo child but does not know it, he is very depressed and I believe he is using drugs, he keeps bad company. Can I request Archangel Michael’s help in his behalf? Thank you for your reply.

    • Hi Gisella, I am so sorry to hear that your Indigo son is depressed and may have turned to drugs for his comfort. We both know that is a false sense of control. You ask if you can request Archangel Michael for help on your son’s behalf. Well, all of the Archangels assist us when we ask them personally. None of our Spiritual Guides come to our aid without our personal permission. You son must be the one to ask on his own behalf. I would suggest you ask Archangel Michael to help you find the support you need as you pray that your son finds his way. Ask him to bless you with the understanding of the Serenity Prayer: “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference”. I would also recommend you find Al-anon Family groups in your area and attend a few of their meetings. These meetings will assist you in understanding the nature of the disease of addiction and your limitations. When your son is ready, he will be guided to ask Archangel Raphael for healing from his addictions. In the meantime, you might want to openly request help from Archangel Michael to alleviate any stress you are going through while your son is walking the path he has chosen while finding himself.

    • I wanted to reply and say, as an indigo adult. I went through drugs, depression and multiple suicide attempts before I became aware I was special. Your son is learning what he needs to and how he needs to learn it, his way. All you can do is support and love, what made my time worse was my mom not understanding and supporting me. Much love, omen.

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