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Hi Duchess. I am from Brasil, sorry for my bad english. I will not talk about my chilhood or my past. It was thought, but made me a surviver and a stronger people. Althought i was born on a wealth disfunctional family i never complained. Ok, i tried to kill myself at age of 10, i did not know what to do anymore. So, since than i was the crazy one and i got this mask, the bad side it’s that lost myself in masks. With my stronge personality i imposed me to people, they like it or not. I kind of manipulated peoples true my energy. Since 8 i went to psicologiste and lied, i never let people know how i was.The problem is that i lost my real self in the way. I am 42 now.
In 2007, i gave up on everything, i was a lawyer with masters on International Contracts and worked as a trader. It was ok because i always loved to travel, at age of 16 i wan a scholership to study in Canada. I hated school, but i was smart enought to pass, IF i wanted. rsrsr
Well i gave up to start an NGO, nobody undertood, but well if it did not worked i always could come back to the marked. I did not even know what i was going to do, but my faith ( i have a ” fucking” strong faith and as in Brasil we are sincretic, so i was raised catholic ( i failed in religion as this was a joke for me). I love Jesus but i also love Maria Madalena ;-). Well i practice this brazilian religion called Umbanda wich is a mix of Catholic ( white eurpeans) Candomble ( from Africa just like the Cuban Santeria ) and the native indinas xamanismo. So in 2008 i started an Educational NGO for kids and teens at an SP poor area ( favela). The NGO started with 10 kids and now we have about 200, from 8 to 18. I never wanted to work with traditional pedagogy, never worked. So instintly we develop our pedagogy wich now i know is Waldorf, the Waldorf institution recognized us! !! The kid and teens love study there.

Dear Luciana, Thank you for starting an Educational *NGO. Your spiritual understand and gift will support those young people embrace their own. Blessings Always. Namaste,  Duchess

*A non-governmental organization (NGO) is any non-profit, voluntary citizens’ group which is organized on a local, national or international level.

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