Hi Duchess,

Greetings from the other side of the world (New Zealand). I truly hope you continue to maintain your website and also continue to offer advice and love to those of this wave.

Firstly a little bit about me and my time here. I am an Indigo born in 1965 and am what you refer to as a scout. However, I would add that our main role is to set energy for those behind us to build on. We are in effect the foundation builders.

I had a typical Indigo childhood, eg a high IQ, fully developed psychic abilities and thus was the black sheep of any flock. A complete failure at school and somewhat of a paradox to my teachers, as it was clear to them that I was intelligent but some how unteachable. To this day I still cant spell words or divide numbers due to severe dyslexia. When I left school I educated myself my way.

My chosen Mother was an Indigo. So, she was able to help me understand many things although she left when I was 7 and I only got to see her during holiday periods. By 21 I have reached a cross road and was offered one of two paths. The first was to die while alive (the full elimination of self) which would have seen me burn brightly for a period then leave to continue working in the planes.

The second was to take a break and attempt a semi normal life. I choose the latter, obviously, as I have not been here for sometime and had greatly missed the fruits of this home and hence felt I deserved more playtime here.

I used alcohol and drugs to suppress my abilities until I could not stand these payments of poison which lend me to dark places and the company of dark entities.

By the end of this period I had completed 6 international patents in water chemistry (google..Andrew Peter Musson patents). The company I had built had been taken over by people who’s only desire was money.  And, not the restoration of the planets water systems. Which are of course one of several very important things that needs immediate attention. I left the company knowing I had brought new knowledge into the world and that others would use this as a start point.

Our current world is under huge pressure and the reasons that drive this are far from simple. You will probably know that we currently have more souls incarnate here at present than ever before. All seek to have as many experiences as possible. This is because we are at a point where those who have gone backwards and not evolved will soon be removed from this wave and placed in a new one which is better suited to their learning requirements.

We are here to assist our planet while this all plays out. It is my hope that as many souls as possible move forward and are not left behind. This sort of major change has not happened for a very long time and only occurs when large potential difference occurs in a group of souls and this potential difference no longer serves all.

The real power of Indigo’s is yet to be seen as many have been operating alone,  without direction. Soon many will be asked to add to the work which is now fully underway. This work is subtle and is simply the laying of heart energy to the world without thought of who or what will use it.

As more and more Indigo’s take up this work, the scales will slowly tip towards positive outcomes across the board. This is the only real approach that can work now, as the lords of material have mostly blocked anyone but their own into their multiple offices of power and of course are the majority here.

In conclusion I would again thank you and hope you continue your great work.

Kind Regards,


Thank for sharing your thoughts with us Andrew. Please visit us often… Namaste, Duchess

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