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Iqbal 5/17

Hi all, I am Iqbal from Jogjakarta-Indonesia. I don’t know why but I got directions from the voice inside me direct me to go to this web page. I am 35 years old man and for 10 years behind I am hibernating my indigo ability. But the more I try to hide or seal it, the more it become useless. Why.? Because this ability always direct me to do my Healing Ability. I don’t know how and why at first, but I can felt someone’s disease just by aiming and shoot-entered their spot between eyebrows and felt his/her disease into my body. If his/her got stomach or gastric problems, then I felt also awful in my stomach. After that, I confused how to get back normal again at And now after practicing more and more, alham-du-lillah (praises to God) I can easily do that scanning thing even by a his/her picture. Yes, for answering all of questions for Lesson 1. Nice to know you all Indigos, made me more comfort that I am not the only one. For those that still confuse, I can only share: Trust and Do ASAP your instant deep heart guidance.

Manna 5/14/17

Hi there. So… In my early teenage years I developed a depression which intensified so abruptly where in a matter of 4 years I was admitted in a psychiatric hospital. In my last year of highschool I started experiencing severe anxiety from my lack of personal identity. I craved a path with an authentic meaning driven by passion but I lacked both and the idea of not achieving that felt like I would fail my calling. Years later, still falling around I came across an indigo woman who’s currently experiencing an awakening and man, did her open mindedness screw with my head. I’ve always strayed from the worldly norms but never had the urge to change it but rather a deep need to embrace kindness. A few months later and only now do I understand the importance of nature and comprehend how animal cruelty is not worth just a piece of meat. The problem though is still my depression. Now so, more than ever. And I find it nearly impossible for personal and spiritual growth. And I so badly desire that. I just don’t know what else to do and I really need some helpful advice

LunaD 5/18/17

I came across this site, and decided why not take the journey. It must mean something, that’s why I bumped into this.

When I was young, I’m not sure if I realized being “different” in a sense. Nonetheless, I did have a good gut feel. One time I was sitting watching TV then it just felt like something might fall in the spot where I was so I moved behind. Moments later a metal frame fell and if weren’t for the moved, it could’ve damaged my skull.

Before high school, I began to involve my self with yoga. I wasn’t immersed in anything related to it, also meditation. And it did continue. I am currently deepening my practice unlike before. I learned psychology in school and so I refrained from reading any material associated with this. I wanted to experience it first before reading so I know it was real, not just me justifying because of what I’ve read.

I broke every cellphone that I had. Also all the laptops I acquired. I thought it was just some bad luck or I’m really careless till I read about energy frequencies mainly because light flickers when I get excited and when I get too excited it shuts and I got curious.

I’m into environmental activism right now. There are just so many things that I’d like to share. Also I wish other people could share too. At this time so many things are buzzing in and sometimes they’re overwhelming that I really wish I could talk to someone who’d understand.

Or i dunno, maybe I just want to validate myself in some way for the reason that I am still halfway of logic and the ones that isn’t clear.


Jeanette 5/20

We have to find and/or awaken every Indigo on the planet in order to save our planet and to make the change that is needed. I am weirdly being shown how to do this and it’s pretty terrifying actually but I have to do it. The angels and ascended masters woke me up fast and I am reeling but I feel like those of you who are going to be told the truth will reply. I am being pushed hard to get a message out. I see the path laid ahead of me and hopefully you will too. Those of you who are supposed to see this will.

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  1. Hello. I’m 34 and just recently been told I am an Indigo. In my 20’s when I bartender I started hearing things about people I’ve never met. It got so bad I would eventually go up to this stranger and share. I had good and bad responses. I finally ignored the voices and they went away. Almost, 2 years ago I started hearing external voices (not the nice kind) that I thought were my neighbors. I only ever hear them at my house except for a handful of times. Eventually, I started having visual hallucinations and I finally went to the doctor. I was diagnosed with PTSD with psychosis and general anxiety disorder and they want to test me for ADHD.(My childhood had many traumatic events, which also included much substance abuse which I still deal with) I’ve been on countless meds. I recently took myself off a med and started regaining my sanity by somehow stopping the “bad” voices. Although, I occasionally do hear them. My gifts have come back,but now it’s a more hearing/knowing/seeing. I get images throw my third eye. Mostly, it’s about people’s past/present and I seem to be able to connect to deceased love ones. I get extremely uneasy saying anything about the future. I know Im here to share and show others their gifts. Unfortunately, I’m finally realizing my own own self healing to achieve what I am here for. Angels and spirit guides is what I’ve always been attracted to. Anyways, I’ve never wrote anything like this before. It’s nice to feel connected to people. Love and Light to all!?

  2. I’ve found I’m an indigo very recently. I’m only 20 and learned about this through a friend. I have many synchronizities happen to me on a daily basis. I have had dreams of kladioscopes rotating around me. Those dreams are some of the most healing and vivid dreams. After I wake up I feel very happy. It’s almost scary sometimes how my life is always coming to me in coincidences. I have connected to my lover by simply talking to him in our head. We were both on MDMA and we were scared but learned that we were not the only ones that this has happened to! We are both Indigos and are really happy that we found each other. I have seen spirits but only when I was young. I’m a very open person and I’d like to tap into myself more knowing that I may be able to do so. I’m very excited to explore more possibilities and

  3. I came upon this site through a coincidence. I recently lost my brother. We were born into this world together, as Indigos. As children, we would travel together in our sleep. Always to the same place… a tree. Here we would discuss, in safety and secrecy, the jobs we had come here to do. As I grew older, as we both did, we visited the tree less and less. We spoke of these things less and less. This realm became more real than the one we visited, and we each became lost, and separated. My brother, swallowed by tragedy and addiction. Myself, by victimhood. As human beings, we each did much healing over the past few years, and we started our conversations again. About our purpose. Our faded memories. When I lost him unexpectedly, the shock and grief were almost paralyzing, the first few days. But then, the truth came flooding back, and I was rained upon with astounding love. I was showered with memories people shared from all places he’d ever traveled, all the years he had lived. Each story wildly unique, but also implicitly identical. And I realized through those stories that he had been successful on his mission. For a few days following his departure, he followed me around, and continued to show me where to look and how to keep chasing my own path. He led me here, as I tried to share the magnitude of evidence with others I know are on the edge of this faith. The answer is simple, exactly as this guide has alluded. Exactly as my meditations the past year have led me. It is already here. It is already present. And all we must do, is be present with it, and have faith that is true, and that is enough. Despite my years of fighting this truth, and despite all the hardship that battle … victimization, brought into my life, I still ended up where I am meant to be to do my job. And I ended up here stronger. I spent many years trapped in the “someday”. Even just the “tomorrow” Whoever has written these lessons, you are my sibling, too. We do get lost in depression, addiction, fear, guilt, procrastination. We expect a profound answer to be lurking around the corner, when all the while, it’s simply been covered in dust and buried in the pit of our own stomachs. Go digging, bebes. Dust off that box, open it up, empty it out, and make room for the love, the faith, the gratitude, and the forgiveness. Because that’s all you’ll ever need. From here and everywhere, thank you

  4. From here and everywhere, thank you. To all the scouts who’ve illuminated the path for us through art and music and words, thank you.

  5. Wow! I am very relieved to have found this site.I am medical intuitive. I can see inside people, animals. It is like a diagnostic image an ultrasound I guess because it is moving. It see different colors for different organ systems then am told in the form of thoughts what needs to be attended to. Well I am ok with that have helped many people but recently I have started seeing the other dimensions. I have experienced some pretty terrifying things. I am a Christian so rely on my faith and the Archangels. Sometimes it really gets exhausting. If anyone has any suggestions on how to set boundaries so I can live with this and. Use this aability to help others. Please , I’m listening!

  6. When I was 5 I had a dream and in my dream I was a half human half horse and as I woke up I couldn’t stand on my feet for at least 2 minutes. Then there was this crystal lion with the color of seven chakras constantly chasing me but not hurting me. As I was growing up I started to realize what were those dreams and till these days I’m still having dreams and sometimes having multiple memory of different reality. The whole life journey till today was a roller coaster and along the way I lost all the ability to feel sadness but gained pain but the ability to see and feel the pain of animals and other being on myself. I felt extreme lonliness in big group or with anyone and whenever I am alone I always felt the presence of some imaginary figure. I travelled the tunnel of white light and I heard cries of dozens who refused to be born human again.

  7. Hey everyone! I love this site. I’m Wolfgang. I’m 20 and this is my story so far. I feel like I knew my entire life why I was born. As a kid I often had visions and psychic dreams. I could even sense negative entities in my life. I recently learned that I was targeted for a bright light within. I used to communicate with them until I was scared. Sometimes my dreams would turn into nightmares but I learned through healing in my dreams and as a lucid dreamer I would heal the bad entities and they turned into plants! I have always felt extremely connected to plants and animals. People always made me feel like an alien. I dealt with anxiety and depression in high school which broke my heart (truly, I changed) I met my twin flame though and she helped me turn my heart back on! I am now aware of my global mission and I promise to do my best for us! The world is changing. It is brighter and the future can be won for light and love. I have seen it. Harmony amongst all life on earth for we are one.

  8. I am so thankful that I’ve found this website. This explains every last part of how I veiw life and who I am and what I stand for. Everything makes sense now like all the puzzle peices have aligned. I’m not sure how to make the huge change yet. We need to come together as one “indigo’s” and share this knowledge with the world

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