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At the start of this year, I stumbled upon the idea of Indigos through social media and had sort of an epiphany. I hadn’t heard about it previously. Upon reading the traits they often possess and then reading Doreen Virtue’s “The Care And Feeding of Indigo Children”, it personally spoke to me. Growing up, I felt incredibly misunderstood and knew I was a spiritual being. I was adventurous, full of energy – labeled with ADHD, hated structured and useless rules, highly inquisitive, loved animals and playing in nature. I had “out of body” experiences and also witnessed an angelic apparition. I can also recall innately knowing to separate myself from my “ego” when it came to anger and was intuitive in the sense of telling when someone had good “vibes” or not. I was also extremely sensitive. With all of this happening to me at a young age, I was bullied and felt disconnected from family and school. Once I hit puberty, and without the guidance or understanding of who I innately was, I became more separated from my spiritual self. Now at almost 20, I feel so disappointed in my family and myself for not recognizing my unique abilities and encouraging them. I feel like I’m so off course from where I could be. I yearn to go back to the spiritual child I once was, but I know it would take much work. I’m now in college and working in the real world, very much dependent on and involved in superficial things. I don’t cry as much and I have adapted to not express my emotions or thoughts as heavily as I used to. I’m more selfish and a realist. I don’t pray or interact with God nearly as much as I used to. But I still hold so much resentment for today’s corruption and do want to help change that. I just wanted to express my gratitude for this website and the series of how to reclaim my Indigo power. It’s going to be a lifelong process, but I am willing to return back to myself.


This is so strange. I have never even considered/known anything about being an indigo. I just randomly saw something about crystal children and ended up here reading this. For the first time in my life I don’t feel like a freak. No one can lie to me, never has been able to without me knowing. Sometimes it truly makes me outburst in anger when people try to lie to me as if they think I am stupid. I have always had this “knowing” and faith in a higher something of love and pureness but nothing but disdain for “Religion” of all kinds. I have very few friends, but those few are loyal and close although I often find I need to be completely alone not because I am angry or sad but just because I need to breathe and crowds or to much contact with other people over whelms me. I love to socialize but it on my terms when I want to then I retreat to my own space when I am done. I skipped school so much in high school because I couldn’t handle being surrounded by people and would still somehow know the answers to pass exams and tests so I wouldn’t have to repeat the class. I have a very weird specific intuition about things sometimes where I will be in conversation and out of the blue tell someone exactly what is going to happen and just know that I am right. I have seen spirits and strange things since I was very young. Also when someone dangerous and not to be trusted meets me I see snakes eyes in my mind like a flash. I experienced this the first time I met my mothers father, and again with other people in my life and I realized at about 12 years old that the one thing these people had in common was that it wasn’t in my head they were a very real threat to my well being and this warning image has served me well at keeping my guard up and being aware. I have always thought I knew better then authority, teachers, adults, politicians, they all just seemed to regurgitate whatever the status quo answer was but never thought deeper. It was infuriating.I was also born 1991 and am left handed if that matter at all.There are just so many more things that make so much sense if I am an indigo child.


Thank you for the information. Every each of your information are really suited to me. That’s really a mean to me. Now, I understand that I have to let my indigo aura release and not let it blocked on when every time I’m trying to block it away from myself. Still, I can’t denied, I’m feeling that it is somewhat powerful to barrier. People around me are always miss-understood about me not only less but more-misunderstood, trying to be normal once to follow like them normally, and I always failed more than succeed, so that I choose just to be alone and not intended to socialize more in normal-socialize that I always figured out I never can be one of them. Trying to chase but I always distanced from them. My parents are always very worried about me, trying to make me become like them, being normal life, until I’m become adult now. I think they are really can’t figure out that I’m indigo. Well..I just don’t care because I believe Indigo is also can live like what they have to be and not being bullied or always trapped in miss-understand thoughts. I also think that I have Asperger syndrome and bipolar, but when I keep observe my life, that’s not fully my self. Once, my brother ask my parents to psychologist, but I keep silent, means I refuse to go there, because I already figure out the result that I don’t have mental illness. Many worst memories and life that I have, and my worst memories still keep on my head, it isn’t haunted, but hard to erase. It’s depressing actually and not comfortable one, I always keep positively believe that Indigo-man is also can live like what they have to be and not being bullied or always trapped in miss-understand thoughts. Honestly, I’m still lost, help are appreciate but person who understand Indigo, I have found an adult like me[she is also an indigo-adult now], but I keep distance, because she always ask me the reasons why I lost my six sense and blocked my Indigo. Sorry for my bad English. Thank you for hearing my deep-voice.


When I was very young, probably right before I started kindergarten I remember my babysitter waking me up from my bed. She was in the hallway standing on the top stair calling to me and asking me to come say goodbye to her. When I got up and walked into the hallway she suddenly just disappeared and I guess after that I realized I was standing in the hallway in the middle of the night and ran back into bed. I remember not thinking much of it after it happened, I don’t even think I remembered it really. What was strange is this happened before she died a few weeks or month later. She had died in her sleep from breast cancer, and that’s when I remember I told my mom what I remembered although she kind of just dismissed it as something a kid would say.

I also remember when I was very young that I woke up in the middle of the night. This one is kind of difficult to explain in words. At this time I was still sharing a room with my two siblings and we all had these water bottles next to us on our little tables next to our beds in case we got thirsty or something. I remember waking up to the sound of a loud thump and as I was waking up I was still very foggy and sleepy but … I don’t know how to explain this, it’s kind of like the water bottle I had accidentally knocked off my table in my sleep was reversing itself over and over again, like it was going back onto the table then being hit off again almost as if it was reversing the time of itself over and over again. That happened for about 3 or 4 times until it stayed on the floor for me to actually pick it up. This I was actually confused about and I also remember my brother was awake drinking his water sleepily too and I asked him something like “did you see my water bottle fall, did you hear it?” I think I remember him saying something like, “What? yeah” and mumbling something. I don’t know if that was just something I remember from being half asleep or if I actually caused that to happen uncontrollably.

This was the only thing unexplainable happening to me and it all happened to me when I was very young. I’m 14 now, and I’m only just realizing that I could be an indigo child or something. I’m still learning about everything but I think even before I woke up I’ve always felt that I didn’t just want to sit and watch the world go by, I wanted to be involved and do something important in this world. I’ve also always been, well, compared to other teenagers at my high school, I’ve always been unconcerned with silly things like what clothes to wear and needing a date or something. I guess I’ve always realized what was important and what wasn’t and that’s put me a step ahead on the other kids at my school. My siblings are like this too, smarter in terms of how to think compared to other teenagers, but they unfortunately haven’t woken up yet. I sometimes hint at and show them theories about how things really are even though I know they don’t get it. I hope they do someday (and my parents as well), but me being 14 I can’t really do anything about it, and that frustrates me sometimes. I also remember my mom telling me my brother used to have night terrors when he was very little. This is interesting because I’ve read that it could have something to do with past lives.

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