Indigos Speak Out!!! Enjoy The Journey. Embrace The Process.

Rosalee:  Hi, I recently discovered this website and have been following each lesson. So far, I have been doing extremely well and I felt a lot of my anxiety and depression go away. But lately I feel like my ego is taking control. Making me upset for no reason or I will randomly get in verbal arguments with a lot of people in my life. Also, made a ton of positive life changes before and now I feel like I’m starting to go backwards and fall right back into my bad habits and it’s really fogging up my goal and making it hard for me to find my purpose, or just simply not care about it at all. Do you suggest I go back to a few of the lessons? I made so much progress and I really believe I can help make positive changes in this world. But something constantly holds me back and makes me feel like i am not a worthy person. I need help with this because I feel totally lost and upset now.

Response: I suggest you go back to lesson #1 and begin doing the lessons over with a trusted companion. As we grow spiritually it is always nice to have someone we trust to journey with us.

Neruel: My family is full of indigo. My grandma, Mom, Sister, Niece, Brother And the reason I think my siblings and I are strong indigo is because our father is at least half indigo as well. He shows signs of being aware of it but refuses like my brother to point out his gifts. Both aren’t comfortable about talk bout it. My mother on the other hand tells us often to embrace it and accept what we can about it. One thing is for sure, you either know your an indigo or not. There really is no in between. There’s certain things bout it that you can’t ignore and you experience certain odd things often. A huge sign is lights that are light sensitive will turn off around you. Street lights are the biggest one. If you understand your indigo side you can actually channel your energy enough to turn them off as you push out your energy it makes your aura bright enough that lights mistaken it for sunlight and turn off. You can also calm your energy enough to make the lights turn back on. But be aware, at first its very draining and hard to do.

Response: Fascinating.

Courtney: Hi, I finally feel relieved now that I know I am an Indigo! It’s nice to know there is an explanation. ?
As a child I wanted to be an actress or a teacher. I moved to Los Angeles and have been working in the entertainment industry but NOT as an actress. It’s like I’m so close but yet so far. But, I also care so much for animals and kindness toward them. I became a vegetarian 20 years ago because of our meat industry is repulsive to me. I’ve never been able to move forward with either option because I’m afraid I’ll choose the wrong one. It’s been the the most challenging part of my adulthood…choosing what path to take, so instead I haven’t chosen anything! Ugh. Any advice? Oh, I also asked for help from an Archangel last night in my dreams but nothing happened…

Response: Starting with Lesson 1 and cont. through to Lesson 28. Perhaps you are so impatient to find your path that you skip the steps in front of you. As for Archangels, read up on some of them. Then find one specific to your journey…Don’t just go to sleep with a “hey you” attitude. Be specific! Which Archangel did you desire to respond to you?

Kayla: I have been struggling for a long time now. Reading this opened my eyes even more to why I have been depressed can’t keep a job lack friends the older I get I am 23 I feel completely different than anyone I’m around and have questioned since I can remember why am I here and would experience a feeling that is still verbally impossible for me to explain but it was like out of body thing like example talking to a friend being in a conversation but the “real” me was watching it like I said I cannot in anyway truly explain it. I know I am here for a reason I just cannot find my place. Anyone with advice would be so greatly appreciated. (I experience almost every single thing he listed)

Response: So you read, “What Is The Indigo Child”. Did you go back and do the lessons starting with Lesson #1? So many times the comments here are from persons wanting to skip the steps necessary for them to take in developing understanding. Your experience was mine with I was a teenager. Sometimes to grow, we must step backwards to come forwards again. Only this time we will see things differently with a clearer understanding.

Rachel: Hi thank you for making this guide. I am new in my path to my true self. I find your lessons very helpful. I just see the ego as not purely distractive though. It is like a system made to protect us but in some cases, it had gone wrong or malfunctioned (I think fixing mine is my biggest challenge at the moment but I’m getting there thanks for the help of souls like you ). We can let it be on the passenger’s seat and not let it be the driver of our way. Just sharing my take on the ego.

Response: My thoughts exactly, Rachel. We need that ego. But not as the driver.

Daniela: At last I found all of you. Real Indigo soul mates. In silence I have grown up and developed only by myself. In a hard physically and a mentally pain. So lovely to read all these beatiful things dear friends.

Response: Welcome home!!!! From here you can branch out in any direction. Peace and Blessings my friend. Namaste

Robert: Any advice on self relaxation (self-hypnosis) techniques to alleviate insomnia in a 16 y/o female? I personally believe in and revere the Archangels, but hesitate to mention spirit sources as some are turned off immediately. For instance, my “born-again” sister, believes anything (like channeling) not in the Bible, is of the Devil. Roy Master’s “observation-meditation” technique might be applicable, but any advice from your sources would be appreciated.

Response: Hey Bob…No recommendations for 16 year olds. For adults I would recommend Deepak Chopra’s website for meditations by Davidji, Channeling on Lee Carroll’s website for nice listening to “Kryon”. As for my belief system. I believe all thing come from one Creator. We are all connected and everything is an exploration to our own spiritual journey.

Vernon: I am 74yrs old, 7yrs of institutional education, lived 52yrs as a human in the world of Alice in Wonderland, have untold friends known and unknown the world over who`s intentions are questionable.
For the past 24yrs I have been totally surrounded and came to know such was the same from a very young age…from Nov94 to Nov99 I operated as if on automation, I made an emotional judgement on behalf of a grandson that affected my routine and focus, the results allowed the manifestation of negativity within, you could say I went from step one to four in no time, came back to step 3 and finding it harder to get back to step four and beyond…Why am I sending this mail? I would like the oppotunity to sit in the presence of likemind in the hope of rekindling my enthusiasm…

Response: Wonderful hearing from you. It shows that we are never too mature to follow our Indigo growth experience. My suggestion to you is for you to go to and join a like-minded meetup group in you hometown. You will love the people you meet and they will love you right back.

Brianne: Hi, I’m Brianne ? I come from a very spiritual family, and most people in my life seem to believe I am an indigo child. I’m starting to believe it myself. I’ve always been able to see or feel spirits, as well as energy. I’m decently good at seeing aura’s. Lately, it’s been getting a bit strange, like getting little hints on future events. I guess I didn’t want to admit it to myself because it felt kind of lonely. I often meet people in my dreams, but I never know if they’re other indigo children, or if they’re people who have already past. I have a tendency of meeting people in my dreams who have already died, usually family members. For a while now I’ve felt that something big is about to happen, not just to me, but to everyone, involving the new age and all that. I’m a little scared of facing it on my own. I have a lot of friends who I believe might be indigo’s, but I don’t think they would believe me, nor be willing to take this big change that is going to happen head on like I want to. Also, what if it turns out I’m not actually an indigo child? Many things have happened in my life as of late, like seeing past lives and stuff, that I can only think would mean I am one. I guess I just don’t want to get my hopes up? I don’t know. I guess I just want to know what to do next. I really do feel like something is going to come soon, but what if I’m wrong?

Response: Brianne, relax. Sit back and do the lessons from 1-28. See if you can find some groups in your area. Meditate with Davidji at Explore for some insights into happenings that might comfort you. Go easy on yourself. Spiritual growth is like being fully aware that you are going through the birth canal.

Rithvic: Wow….
I really am an indigo child but I thought all this was fake.
I now realize there is great meaning and power to my existence.
I am on my way to opening my third eye and mastering elemental kinesis
I encourage all indigo children to do the same

Response: That’s the ticket. Love your enthusiasm. Enjoy the journey. Embrace the process.


One thought on “Indigos Speak Out!!! Enjoy The Journey. Embrace The Process.

  1. I always been different, and questioned and fought with matter of untruthfulness, disgusted about the primitiveness of the reality and associated manifestations at all level. I am determined as an individual who has high IQ, and so does my daughter. Yet, I always felt my self as autistic until I explored about indigo people. I am an indigo adult, whose behaviours, thinking, mental activities, and actions in life all meet the traits and characteristics of indigo person. I always sought meaning and purpose in life and tried to avoid darker energies to not distress me. (I am a synethesist-my emotions usually colour coded). within last 2 years my spirituality awoken, and getting more sensitive in many areas. As I think and feel, all these years I am slowly on the path, yet as time passes I am so anxious of the time – dont want my time for unworthy and unnecessary things. I think my global mission is to contribute to structural change towards altruism, meaning, empathy and eliminate bad (lies, corruption, consumerism and etc). I feel sometimes, sophisticated and feel that is very near to the erosion of human kind and earth. I just don’t know how I reach my purpose and do something that greater to all. Please advise me on this.

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