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The following comments were a bit long to post under the lessons. These are posted as part of the monthly blogspot. Please comment if you desire to share. Thank You … Namaste, Duchess


Michael 10/22/2016

I didn’t understand why all people didn’t want change things, or don’t have this craving to improve all the things that need to be improve, or the question about God/spirituality/who we are,etc… (lot of things)

But I understand now, in reading this site, that not all people have this seed in them at the start of their life like me and others here (and there). They don’t know yet, they don’t feel yet. This seems simple, but it’s not. This requires a deep inner knowledge and strength to see and accept the truth about what happens in this world, about what is this world.
This require to see our inner light, and for that it required first for me to go through event that learn me the bad things of the world, that learn me what ego is and how bad it can destroy me. We learn in a faster way and in a harder way until we can truly see and trust our inner light and don’t allow anything to hide this light again. A lot of thing here try to hide the light, to prevent people who don’t know the light to find it inside them, even to hate it… We need to be strong 1st and realize that this world worth nothing without the inner light. My mistake was to believe that I had to integrate myself in the society and change myself to be like others (never work long at the same place). Reject myself all my life was a violent story, near suicide. All that because of the pressure of society and people and incomprehension. The bad is always because of incomprehension. The hard way is faster, but it’s always close to destroy us too.
Take care of you in the world, and of your inner light. Use it to stay in peace and joy. Just doing this will do a good part of the job by itself.

Kiss to all of you from Belgium ?

Rob 11/4/16

this is insane… I relate to everything about the indigo person so far.. The out of body experiences, the feeling I don’t belong in my family or that I’m different than everybody else.. Not that I was any better than anybody but that nobody had the same visions as I did… I have seriously lost track of whatever this indigo person inside me was… Psychologists tried to put me on adhd medications which I refused because I knew I had to keep the real me showing and moving forward untainted if you will, and there was just SOMETHING there that I felt I was a part of even though I truly felt like I was a part of nothing around me… when I was 2 years old I began playing piano, by 4 playing by ear with 2 hands being called a prodigy all over the place… I would create my own piano pieces that sounded nothing like other music around me, recording none of it… I did not ever learn how to read music but went on to learning difficult classical pieces by listening to them and hearing every note, being able to single out each and every note and visualize where the player’s fingers were in order to learn myself… I lost track of who I was because of main stream society… I could not hold a job for my life, I was against all authorities but was NEVER a bad kid… I didn’t let drugs or alcohol get in the way of my visions… I never took over the counter medicines or anything at all unless I absolutely HAD to because something deep inside me rejected the thought of them. I have lived an incredibly healthy life until I “woke up” to the world and began to conform… losing touch with my soul in order to survive financially… I hate everything I do now, and nothing brings me peace anymore. I’m stressed and depressed, and have a once burning fire inside me that just sits there like red hot coal waiting to be blown on in order to spark a flame again. I don’t know what to do with myself, I have a deep sense that there is something uniquely special about me, but outwardly I cant express myself anymore because I am simply a 34 year old man with ADHD who cannot seem to do anything right in my life…. I am in desperate need of a direction to move.

Tracy 12/3/16

I am just starting lesson 3 but wanted to come back to lesson one quickly to leave a reply.

I am an Indigo adult at 39. I have recently (4 months) been ‘aware’ of my awakening, although now I can look back and begin to connect the dots for years passed. I am been on a mach speed awakening – or at least it feels that way to me. I cannot read, and research enough to feed my hunger for the knowledge that I am unraveling. I know that I need to have patience and I know that things will only be opened up when I am ready and in divine timing. But I am here, I am shining my light. Raising my vibration. Radiating my love. Helping as many as I can wherever and whenever I can. I turned (overnight) from a high animal protein diet to a RAW VEGAN diet. It’s been 16 weeks now. I have also been guided to start studying Holistic Nutrition and am absorbing information on the healing properties of food and their emotional and spiritual properties that they hold. Retaining it like I have known this before (tucked away from a past life?) I know that my purpose is here to help heal. To bring light to people and help them to SEE. I have never felt more at peace and more connected than I do right now in my life. Knowing that I chose to come here, to work for God, to HELP change the ways. I am excited to learn, and grow into the person that I came here to be.

I have always been very strongly intuitive. I have memories as a child of ‘having eyes in the back of my head’ as I called it. but cannot remember that ability past age 5. I was gifted academically and received my first award in kindergarten. I was in an enrichment program from grades 1-6 where I went to a special class to do mensa type puzzles for an hour every day. I recall many situations where I strongly ‘knew’ something bad was going to happen but I didn’t know what, when, or how and within minutes/hours something did. I was born in 1977, I have grown up having tourrette’s syndrome (an eye tic where I blink a lot). I had ocd as a child and was and still have moments where I am a perfectionist. Although having kids has tamed my ocd/perfectionism tendencies.

When I came across INDIGO information just a couple of weeks ago I never for a second questioned if I was one or not. I just knew. I have stumbled across your website searching more information, my divine homework that I am driven to do every spare moment that I have.

I am going to a Soul Contract Revocation on Thursday and am also seeing a Medium before that appointment. I have a strong feeling that Spirit has a message(s) for me that I am not yet able to hear myself. Exciting adventures ahead my fellow light workers! ASPIRE TO INSPIRE


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  1. I am posting this and am trying to contact as many indigo’s as possible. My mission has been told to me and I am seeing things in a totally global and spatial way and being slowly shown the path. It is a momentous one and I need all the Indigo’s who will know this as truth to hear and to know that what I am saying is real. I need to hear from you all as fast as possible. I am being told that I have to act now! It is the start of what’s coming and I have to tell you all that it is justice for humanity. I know how all of this sounds because it is leaving me feeling very surreal. Thank you for Hearing Me!

    • Peace is war. Our times lesson is humility through nuerological Instability, displaced anger , searching for a religious model based upon our free will to evolve into the supreme beings we are destined to be. Wont touch negativity or absolute fact about who we are racing in time against and whos who and what’ is what. Justice is never served when the antagonists become the almighty helpful heroes who take credit for repairing the provocative actions which they thought of , use and keep secrecy of universal knowledge they stole from our ancient bloodlines who birth the real kings , queens , GODS , whom suffer defeat in a myriad of techniques that have us on a path of destruction and the verge of a combustible restart to only see the evil try and try again and the originals always believe they will choose to not use the same destructive path that wastes women children and universal power on a never ending war which is started to destroy peace

  2. And I ended up here stronger. I spent many years trapped in the “someday”. Even just the “tomorrow” Whoever has written these lessons, you are my sibling, too. We do get lost in depression, addiction, fear, guilt, procrastination. We expect a profound answer to be lurking around the corner, when all the while, it’s simply been covered in dust and buried in the pit of our own stomachs.

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