Thank You For This Site-!


Thank you for this site, it’s very helpful.

It is frustrating knowing what you are and not knowing how to bring your gifts into the world. I’d like to share this connectivity meditation technique…

Sit comfortably, hold something natural that you are drawn to – a crystal, a stone, a feather. Maybe something you’ve come across on a recent nature walk. We are all connected through nature. Close your eyes and imagine you’re viewing the planet from way up high. Now imagine on either side of you are your fellow Indigos. Either side of them, there are more and so on. Linking hands and multiplying until you have all surrounded the earth in a ring. Now imagine the healing light from the sun and the moon shining down on all of you. Connecting you and filling you with warmth and powerful healing energy, charging you all like rechargeable batteries. Stay here until you feel you have recharged sufficiently. Ponder on connectivity – we are all connected and we are here to help nurture this planet.

This healing light surrounds you and is inside of you. Tread gently through this life and others will basque in your healing light too. When you bathe or shower imagine your healing energy being passed on into the world through the water. Water is everywhere and constantly being recycled. You really can make a difference just by being you, don’t be afraid to be who you are.

Get involved in your local community – reach out. Go to church, even if you do not class yourself as belonging to a religion. God is just another name for the creator and you know you were created right? I like to think of God or the creator as Mother Nature. She wants the truth and the truth is all. Go to church or a local group to connect and ‘love thy neighbor’ and things will start to fall into place for you. Are there any volunteer opportunities in your neighborhood? What are you interested in? Gardening? Then help with or even start a community garden! Art? Then assist with an after school art club! Dancing? Find an expressive dance class and move your body the way it wants to move! Singing? Start singing!

Remember that when you sing we are all singing with you! A beautiful, kind and healing voice once came to me when I was at my lowest and helped to lift me. The voice kept gently telling me to ‘do whatever you feel like doing!’ So I did, I danced like I had never danced before, I sang like I had never sung before. A beautiful voice came out of me that felt like I had connected to a thousand friends voices and I no longer felt alone in my journey on this planet. I suddenly had the urge to start my day in synchronization with the rising sun and meditate and stretch as she rose – welcoming each day with a new felt connectivity to nature.

I’ve never told anybody about this before as people will just think I’m crazy. It’s all too easy for people to think that! If you think you may be an Indigo I think it better to keep it to yourself as people fear what they don’t understand. That doesn’t mean you have to pretend to be something you’re not, just that I wouldn’t tell people about your earth mission. I hope that sharing this will help some of you ?

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