And it’s a Beautiful Thing

I have lived in Leesburg, VA for 14 years and just came back from one of the best AA meetings in my 17 years of sobriety. Hip, Hip, Hooray for MidTown AA Speakers Meeting in Bethesda MD. A speakers meeting is where you sit and listen to someone talk for 30 minutes about how it was for them while drinking and drugging, what happened as a result, and how the result brought them in to AA to get clean and sober. There were two speakers. That is 30 minutes each with a 20 minute break in between. That is a total of approximately 90 minutes where everyone was enjoying every minute of the speakers recanting their humiliating (now funny) experiences when they were drinking and drugging. Sometime they laughed so hard it appeared to hurt. Then the speakers shared how staying clean and sober changed their lives for the better.

This meeting is held every Sunday at 7:30pm and is so large it is held in a HS. There must have been at least 500 of us in that auditorium. Everyone I spoke to said it was their home group. Now you might ask what is so special about an AA meeting with over 500 people listening to some AA Speakers. Well first, one speaker indicated that this meeting was his home group. Usually a home group is either where just about everyone in the meeting knows you or it is the meeting where you got sober. He had 25 years of sobriety and got sober at age 20….WoW!! That is considered young. Some attending this meeting were teens.

Secondly, he was introduced by his Sponsee (the person he sponsors) who had been sponsored by him for 20 years. That is awesome. This Indigo Scout, meaning me, has been sober for 17 years and I have had 7 Sponsors. Not because there was anything wrong with me or them. I just move around a lot and staying sober works better when you have a sponsor, someone to work the Steps with and be accountable to. Each time I moved to a new state I had to get a new sponsor or, when they moved, or when we outgrew one another.

Thirdly, it was obvious that “THE INDIGOS ARE RISING”. Why? Because of the 500+ persons in that auditorium, I would guess 75% or more of them were age 35 and under. Now, come on, adult INDIGO age or what? Yes, they are about the right age to be putting down their addictions and ego delay tactics and realizing their Spiritual Missions. Time to begin doing the phenomenal work they were born to do. Time to start remembering who they are.

One of them drove this Indigo Scout to the meeting. It is her home group. She is opening up and beginning to make a statement and I am very happy to have been the one who recognized her and introduced her to her birthright as a 24 year old INDIGO.

Namaste, Duchess

Chevy Chase HS in Bethesda, Md  

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