Lesson 1 Reclaiming Your Indigo Power

Lesson 1 Reclaiming Your Indigo Power

You were born with certain gifts that have been misunderstood until recently. Among these gifts that have now been scientifically proven, include telepathy, precognition (knowing things in the future) and healing abilities. You were born with ancient wisdom about spirituality, relationships and life in general. You are aware that you were born for an important reason. Know also, deep down within, the earth needs your spiritual gifts and wisdom. Earth needs leaders full of light. Earth needs you!

This is a course designed to help you remember and re-claim your Indigo Power. You most likely know or heard the term Indigo, especially in the phrase “Indigo Children”. Indigo children are highly-sensitive people who Spirit wants to use in leadership roles to usher peace, light and healing onto the earth.

Indigo children have always existed on this planet. Joan of Arc is a great example. Right now, there are Indigo Children of all ages. However, the largest number of Indigo Children, were born between 1975 and 1995. Those born before 1975,  we call them Indigo “Scouts”  because they came to Earth first to scout out the planet, before the large wave of Indigos were born to prepare the ground for the wave of Indigo Children that followed.

One of the primary features distinguishing an Indigo Child from others is the pain and anger they hold towards world issues such as pollution, corruption at government levels and wars. Indigo beings arrived on Earth with this anger because it fuels their role as Activists. Many, Indigos, their families, and the authorities do not understand the Indigo anger. It is a gift when properly channeled, and this course will help you to understand and do just that.

Indigo Children came to earth “literally” to save the world. They are here like earthly angels to usher out the old dark energies of greed, competition and corruption. Indigos have an unusual ability to sense dishonesty. Their inner “truth detector” is a gift to all of us, because it helps us to usher in the new energy of integrity, cooperation and manifestation.

We desperately need Indigos to speak up, become leaders and begin their divine missions. If Indigos perform their life’s mission, dishonesty and violence will soon become a distant memory. Re-claiming your Indigo Power yields other personal benefits as well.

In the weeks to follow, you will be guided to remember your Divine mission, come to peace with yourself and your life circumstances, and re-claim your inborn gifts and abilities. You will understand why you may sometimes feel afraid, stuck or angry, and how to become unblocked.  You will be guided through realistic goal setting, to get you going on your exciting life and purpose.

Lesson 1 :

Think back to your early childhood memories. Did you feel:

  • That you were different from other children?
  • That you didn’t belong in your family?
  • That you felt best when you were alone, or out in nature or around animals?
  • That there was much more to life than your parents knew or spoke about?
  • That you were here for an important reason (even if you did not know what it was)?

Next, write down your childhood memories of psychic experiences (such as seeing spirits, knowing the future, hearing voices, etc.); vivid memories of childhood dreams; and any magical abilities or experiences you had when you were young.

In lesson 2, we will discuss the reasons why we give up our Indigo Power, and how to heal those experiences.


195 thoughts on “Lesson 1 Reclaiming Your Indigo Power

  1. Thank you… i am very much aware of who am i now. Realising the full truth . Including the so called flash back of my childhood memories of who i was , what i can do and sense. Unfortunately i was also being shut down by my family and the society. But now i realise it time to awaken back my abilities.

    • Hi RD, Finally I am able to respond to your comment. I am so happy you have found an outlet to assist with the awakening of your gift(s). Spiritual growth is a wonderful thing when we open up to it in a healthy way. Please keep coming back to the website and doing the worksheets. Let me know how you are coming along. Ask questions if you need to. All is well with Spirit and nothing can keep you from your own personal awakening once you begin.

      • Soo I’ve been having dreams that have come to real life like dejavu…. I’m 26 now and am still receiving these dreams and time later I realize I know what is to happen next.. Sometimes I try to avoid it by stopping my self and turning around out of fear? I dont want to sound like a nut but how do i go about this? I only get these kind of dreams about 2- 3years apart and have no idea when it happens till i end up walking someplace ive never been and all of a sudden memories flood my head and it all becomes soo sereal and familiar that I either get very nervous or excited about ? My body reacts to a mass amount of goosebumps covering me… there’s alot more I want to say but I will hold my tounge here bc I don’t want to cause too much controversy.

        • Same things happens to me but way more often.. Like a1most every day… For me when I sleep I enter in this new world, and I can see things happening… I meet dead people and talk to them about there journey, I feel like I can talk to plants, trees .. I know what my loved ones are feeling … And can always sense if something bad is going to happen to them or to me … I have seen car accident going to happen in my dreams before it actually happens.. And so I knew in advance that I don’t need to panic.. Everything will be ok.. I knew which doctor will take care of me and how I should save my friends from the accident..There are many many many incidents. I really don’t want to write other things.. You guys will call me nuts or some crazy girl.. I knew from my child hood that I am here for a mission..But please help me i still don’t know what it is.. I am some time scared of my self some times.. Scared of saying things to friends.. What if it falls true.. What will they think..Please help.. I am 33 now… And still could not find the right path.. Like in my heart i know .. And i will get this strange dreams till i find it..

          • Hi Bunty raval… I receive questions like this all the time from people who have only looked at Lesson 1. There are 28 Lessons to work through. When you have done all 28 Lessons we can talk further. Until that time, I have to say you have not done the work you can do on your own to answer your concerns.

        • This happens to me to but it’s more like every week
          I will go some place I’ve never been and then remember it or have a dream and the next day it happens, it scares me because I don’t know what to do I am only 12 and my body reacts in shivering and staring off in space my mother asked a physic about me because she worries about me and the physic said I am an indigo child, my whole life I’ve been trying to figure out who I was and what’s my purpose but I finally found it and I’m trying to regain my abilities from when I was younger, I feel like everything has just shut me down and I’ve forgotten who I am but thankyou so much for helping find my way back:)

          • As a 12 year old you need a parent or guardian to do these exercise with you. Because you are a minor. I can not legally respond to you. Please get the adult assistance you need to work through your concerns.

        • finally had an experience like this i can 100% know to be precognition and not just deja vu. was scared and excited to bad it was about something useless -.- sigh when you fit all the criteria but none of the drive associated -.-

        • Omg I have the same thing and it’s frustrating because people expect me to know be able to say what happens next but I can’t… I can only tell you if it’s “right.” Also this is the first time I have heard any one else cal this deja vu with 2-3 year gap periods.

        • I had a dream of a spirit once claiming to be my guide and i did a oujia board as a kid and the same spirit came to me and Taught me of indigos past lives, she told me in the nine lives id accumulated 116 years of life. Thats sad as fuck to me. Apprently one life i was a little jewish girl killed in ww2 but before my death, apprently hitler had began to consider this girl like his own, in his personal diaries he quotes and references her often. He broke when she died at 11 in a camp cause he couldnt stop it. Ive had the dream more times then i can count, how does that happen? My spirit guide believes time isnt real and dreams are memories, predictions, realities and truth. Hope that helps

      • Hi Duchess, I want to know if using by biaurnal beats on a mind machine replaces meditation, if it’s better or less effective, etc.

    • I don’t believe this shit no one knows the future only god and Muslims don’t believe spirits or haunting I am a Muslim and wtf is this shit you wasted 30 minutes of my life and school time

      • Sorry you even felt the need to comment in this vulgar way. I know Muslims and they do not act or use this type of language. As a matter of fact it is against their entire belief system to judge another person’s belief system. May you go in peace and find your way without being critical of others. As-Salaam-u-Alaikum

        • What’s not understood can’t be explained. You did a wonderful job handling that comment. I appreciate the 30 minutes, because I found myself within those 30 minutes.


      • Muslims are the closest religion to spiritual contact, I’m a Muslim and I don’t believe in God, Not everything your parents trap you in and scare you with is true, God won’t send you to hell for not praying for him every single day, if god is all forgiving how can he bare to watch his creation burn? Would you like to watch your kid burn infront of you for more then a minute Zeezee.

      • You should respect other’s thoughts, because that you are muslim doesn’t mean that everybody is. I respect your religion, just want you to respect the other religions and thoughts, please.

      • Oh my sweetie God saves all and as a indigo child I shall worship God and perform my pupose to save the world and I hope God blesses your poor soul. God, you are my savior and I hope this fellow realizes that we are your children and that you save all. You gave us choices and some walked down the wrong path, Jesus may I ask for forgiveness over this lost soul…. To help him see the light of day and the power of faith. In Jesus name I pray, AMEN!

      • Hey zeezee I’m a Muslim too and I can say this not shit at all its all true I know that no one ever could know about the future but what some people experience is a strong sense of knowing what is about to happen it happens with me a lot I know what is going to happen just like seconds before it does and then it does as I saw in my head before it do

    • I am a strong guardian in may vizions i am called son …and the light have told me that we are guardians …i need to talk fast …i lost control of may self i need some explanation i had the experience out of may body many times and i can control may drems only the vizions i cant control becase that is how i know the difference i need answers fast i am really freked out

    • If you have a hard time in life being a indigo listen to eminem he will help you through life just saying and ty for this I am now aware what I’m here for

      • Dear Nyjet,
        If I work with you personally it will be on a weekly basic and there will be a small fee weekly/per lesson, payable through paypal. I do suggest that you find someone you trust to do the lessons with in your spare time. You and a buddy can each do the lessons separately and then come together once a week and compare notes for a discussion session. As I said, if you want me to work with you it will be through email and a fee. My fees tend to change depending upon demand for my time….fees are subject to change…Take care and please let me know what you decide..

    • I am already through of who I really am.. your lesson 1 describes me really well.. but sorry to say, I am not your Indigo savior. I am only here to observe how humans act. Well if history will repeat itself that just means humans have been foolish since dawn. Nothing changed. We are only observers, we don’t interfere.

          • Hey Indigo Bliss….Like I told Jose. This website has all the tools for you to get started. Start with Lesson 1. When you have completed all 28 Lessons come back and share your Indigo adventures with all of us. I am sure you will have lots to say.

    • Can you please contact me if you are an indigo because i think i am but i dont know. My facebook is just simona if you can find me please text me

    • I too am fully aware of who I am but at the correct point in my life to get back to my “roots” are there any books that I can read to learn how to tell and project my full abilities? I am now at a very confusing place in my life constantly asking why and what is my purpose here… I feel that it’s so close but just out of reach can anyone give me some advice please ? It’s driving me crazy ? I know I am something more then most of the humans here I need to find a way to get to what I truly am and what I am able to contribute.

    • I think we all need to connect, like exchange numbers and connect. I’ve been having crazy things have been happening to me since before I was born up until right this second.

    • Hi I am one of the oldest indigo child on earth and when I read Lee Carols book the oldest one they had interviewed was 35 and I was 55 at that time. I could not decide whether I was extra terrestrial humanitarian or artistic and all three of the first category and decided on all three. I have all my childhood memories and also sense psychic attacks on my person

      I now have to speak up. Thanks for the site.

    • When I was young my abilities to manifest just naturally came to me. I just never realized what they were until I really looked into it. So just finally realizing that, was awesome. But also this was when I was like 11 or 12 and I saw an animal walking like it came out of nowhere then it just dissipated. And there is another thing, I wish I had told someone, before my parents noticed anything wrong with my old dog Libby. Like before she was diagnosed with cancer I realized I just knew that the lumps she had were cancerous. So I knew she had some form of breast cancer before anyone knew. I have always felt a deep love for exploration and nature. I also have always had an affinity for rocks and crystals and did not really like it when people littered. Lastly, I think I’m able to angels so first I focus trying to listen and find the angels voice. And I start to hear a high pitched frequency and it doesn’t come with pain at all and I think that frequencies are angels.

      • Indigos are everywhere… more so now than when I first started this website… Go to meet-up.com Perhaps some still hang out there.

  2. To Rebecca: I wanted to thank you so much or sharing your Indigo experiences with me. Because of the length of your comment I dedicated an entire blogspot for you to represent for the month of May. I pray all is well with you and that you visit our website and our blogtalkradio show often. We will be on live this Sunday May 4th 5pm (est) http://www.blogtalkradio.com/insidematterstalk

      • All of us are worthy. You just need a little guidance. I have a son that has always seemed to be out of sorts with this reality. You have got to continue the lessons, find and make a conscious contact with a Higher Power and pray for guidance. That means any Power greater than yourself. Read some of the books listed even if you start out with the ones written for children. The children’s books are always meaningful for adults starting out. No one needs to how where and with what you use to start your journey. You will always remain stuck if all you do is stop at Lesson 1. Remember, We will always find what we need.

  3. aloha!
    well until just recently have i begun to really accept myself and not judge me just be who i am go with my feelings, i am the complete oposite of my parents i want to live deep in the woods start a community and live there in peace no city troubles, as a child people loved to be around me but very few i liked to be around…i love animals to a point that if i see a stray or hurt dog i start crying and take him in. im not to keen on people however i have very strong connections with some people and am a good listener, people trust me and many come to me with their problems. i like to be alone i get very overwhelemed when too many people are around me and sometimes i can feel what other people are feeling, i can read people very well, like if they are lying or what their intentions are, i dont like to be touched. as a kid i would fantasize about fairys and different worlds and that i was a fairy princess. i have had premonitions before. like plane crashes or when i see someone i get a horrible painin my chest.
    thank you!

  4. Hey my names wyatt im 19 and a female i only found out yesturday that im an indigo child and i finally feel like i no who i am now as a person. My mum new but never told me and ive always felt like i havent belonged in anyway. thank you for all this imformation 🙂

    • This is what Ive been trying to find every since I was little I would say man Ik I’m not from this planet joking and it felt real Everytime I cant go to sleep at night and I’ve always made jokes like I gotta be adopted I hate orders I feel it’s a better way to go about everything in this world I love working alone or just to be my own boss come up with new ideas & the only time I get scared is when I go to sleep bc I see certain detail things in my dreams and a day or two later it auctually happens and people tell me all the time I’m stuck up and don’t like to do nun I’m an boring old soul and ik it’s so much more material that we’ve never heard about or used that is hidden in the earth no facts behind this I just have a strong feeling & it kinda feels like I should know where it’s at bc I’ve been here multiple times but just can’t put a finger on it also when I was a kid 5 years old I was so hyped to build stuff and be by myself my doctor said she gonna put me on 70mg vyvann same as Adderall at 5 years old but I never took it a voice always told me to spit it out literally it was weird tbh not even weird but never scared bc I felt like my life was happening somewhere else although tha voice was so familiar even tho I never heard it before

    • That’s common in indigos it’s never happened to me but for some and or other indigos they walk near or around light bulbs and they either burn out or explode

    • I am forever having issues with light bulbs. I’ve probably thrown out 30-40 lamps just because the bulbs kept burning out. Then there are street lamps… a constant issue, many of them go out at 10-15′ distance. Any lighting that has dimming capabilities is pretty much a given that it wont function properly near me ( flickering ..or if there are multiple bulbs 1 or 2 will burn out). Also not sure if this happens to others, but tv/ computer screens often end up failing ( not completely but certian colors will take over hue or gather up in a corner). A lot of photos of nature Ive taken show a strange glow around ttrees, bushes, power line too.

      • Hi Crystal Ann, Have you ever read the Celestine Prophecy? You will find the reason for energy exchange between humans and other objects in the world.

  5. I never felt that I was different from other children, that I didn’t belong in my family, that I felt best when I was alone, nor out in nature and/or around animals, snd that I was here for an important reason, but I’ve always felt that there was much more to life than what my parents knew or spoke about. Also at my current age of 14, I’m just beginning to feel as if I’m here for some very important reason.
    When I was younger I’d always see throngs such as weird, tall, lanky, shadowy figures, I’d be scared to fall asleep, I always felt like something unexplainable was watching me, I’d always see weird “lines of light” spin around me and follow me too.
    So am I considered an ‘Indigo’?

    • Hi christian JC, I can’t be the one to tell you if you are Indigo or not. At age 14 you have much to experience. You also say you are under the doctor’s care. What I can suggest is that you explore some to the books from our reading material list. The books, many of them, are suggestions for parents. Here’s the list. http://www.insidematterstalk.com/sample-page-3/some-are-my-favorites-enjoy/ I would recommend the first book on the list as a starter…Namaste, Duchess

      • i have no idea if i am an indigo child or not but i have always been different from everybody i know i feel very odd im in deep deep depression its kind of hard to say everything i feel useless sometimes at school at home with family friends ( dont have that much) life has always been hard i need to find out. im way into sprituality i did the zenner cards it worked not gonna lie but some i did not get it correct most of them i did can anybody help me find out ?????

  6. Just recently, I am being so concern about how I feel about my life and how it will turn out in the next days, months and years. I’ve been so anxious about my whole life. What is the purpose of living and why other people live so normally and there I was thinking I’m a psycho. I’ve seen an article on facebook about indigo children and I took a test if I’m an indigo adult. The result’s I am an indigo adult. My desire to know who I really am lead me to this site. As I read here tears fall down my face, because finally I know now that I have someone who can share the same feelings and situation with.

  7. Am I an indigo? If not… Then I’m very very sorry I’ve wasted your time :/. But if I am an indigo what can I do to have a better understanding of being an indigo… How can I become powerful? Like predicting stuff/ seeing the future. Btw Im terrified of ghosts so I’ve never really seen them, but I talk to my angel… I don’t see it but ik it’s their listening to me. Is this weird? Anyways thank you for your time in reading my life story basically lol ☺️

    • Liz’s entire letter, and my comments, can be viewed in the Blog Post dated April 20, 2015 “Liz Is Indigo For Sure”. Namaste, Duchess

  8. ELLE, I am so glad you found us. Please continue to explore your gift. Go through all the lessons. If possible, find someone to do the lessons with you. It is always nice to have some company. Please choose someone who can do the lessons without judgement. There are many Indigo groups out there. Try Meetup.com. Explore, explore, explore.

    • Hi Duchess,I have always had thoughts that were different since I was a child and I am angry about many things that are going on in governments including corruption and and just plain ridiculous decisions that are hurting those who can’t help themselves. I want to make change a thing that should be the natural order of things. I have suffered much pain and was treated differently by other children when I was growing up,I prefer animals to people,I see things that should be different but aren’t I want to make my home city,which I love very much beautiful again and have my country treat those less fortunate with respect and honour.

  9. Hi there,

    I have been on many different sites reserching indigo. Everything seems to make sense now and I have a much greater understanding of who I am and also why my life has been the way it has been.

    I have so many questions about everything and would love it if you could spare some time to help me. I don’t have anyone around me that understands everything to the full and would just love to speak to someone I can completely relate too.

    Thank you and I really look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Chloe Lawless

  10. I don’t remember my early childhood I had a lot of seizures as I have epilepsy what do I do then if I have no Memory of that time

    • Jewels has seizures and does not remember some of her past. As a light worker/Indigo you can develop your talents for the Earth/Universe starting right where you are. Do the lessons and grow Spiritually starting today. Please keep in touch. Find a friend or family member to do the lessons with you. If there is no one, then do them anyway. You have a Higher Self that will guide you along the way.

  11. I was just wondering about this for awhile and had to ask it.
    Is this some sort of religion or is it just a thing anyone can believe in without being in a certain religion?

  12. hi, went thru all the comments here got the chance to ask you something, maybe you can help me out. This have been actually my first encounter of meeting people and became my friends as indigo. Sounds weird to me that they told me am one of them. I really don’t know what do they meant. Because as far as i know my parents have not told me that I am a indigo child. I need some guidance and answer.
    Thank you.

    • Hi, Welcome to the website. I don’t know how old you are. But, I can tell you, if you go through the website and slowly do each lesson, or start watching some of the movies and read a couple of suggested books…..you will decide on your own if you are Indigo or not. No one ever told me I was Indigo. I just figured it out on my own with a little research. Good Luck!

  13. Hi! I always knew that I’m special and I came here for a reason. When I was 14 I started to have visions, I always saw what happened in the past like a movie. After 1 year I started to have less visions. Now I can see what will happen in my dreams and I can feel if someone’s spirit is watching me. It’s hard to describe this feeling. I want to help me. I want to have more visions and I want to be more powerful. How can I do it?

    • Dear Melisa, First you have to have a heart free of malice. Go through each of the 28 lessons, either alone or with someone. It’s more fun when you do it with others. Read some of the books or watch some of the movies. Your power comes when you are spiritually ready.

  14. I still have some abilities. Like I can take the darkness from others (if they’re willing) and replace it with light, then transmute the darkness into light. And SO many of my repeated childhood dreams started coming true in my late teens. But I’ve lost the ability to astral project and my third eye doesn’t want to open. But I keep hearing this tune I would hum as a child. Can you help me.? This harsh human world has been destroying me and it’s hard to save a world that doesn’t want to be saved.

    • Hi Laurel Ivoniva, Thank you for your post. I honestly don’t think I am here to save the world. I believe I am here to grow myself and save myself. When I do that, I become the best person I can be. Then the world becomes a better place as a result me becoming a better person. You might want to contact me in a private email at duchessontheair.com and let me give you the recipe for the Shaman’s Bath. Take care and remember to cleanse yourself after transmuting. Namaste,

    • Hi Frances. I have read all three of your posts. I don’t seem to get what you are asking. All of us must start somewhere. The beginning is a confusing road to travel. If you are having a feel of nonphysical energy around you, you might consider doing a spiritual house cleansing. Send me an email at duchessontheair@gmail.com for some suggestions on how to go about doing that. In any case find someone to do the lessons with and enjoy your spiritual gift.

  15. I’m just trying to figure out if I’m indigo.
    I’m 42 years old. And for years I’ve been really trying to figure out what psychic abilitie that I have.
    And until this day I still can’t figure it out.And can’t get no help in it as well.
    I truely believe that I have a gift And it just really hurts that these no outher
    That cares enough about others to help them with that.That’s all.I’m sorry to have been a problem.

      • i just found out a few days ago , about Indigos, but this chain of events began to rapidly happen 6months -1 yr ago. ty for your page!

    • I’m in the same place I’ve allways felt different. I have all the signs of a indigo but no abilitys maybe one day I will find my ability I’m only 14 I’d really like that if somebody would like to help people like us to find out if we have some abilitys ?

      • Kamilla, Many of us don’t find our ability until we are mature enough to handle it. At age 14 you might ask your parents to buy you some of the books listed on the website. That way as you search to find your ability, you will have parental supervision while doing it. Good Dear One. Namaste, Duchess

    • hi… for me, a chain of events began taking place, 6 months to 1 yr ago, that could not be ignored; i suddenly lost all interest in drinking beer or any alcohol, no smoking, not even occasionally, my intuition became much stronger, i often could see and read people, with no problem, i began seeing a repitition of certain numbers, animals and kids are drawn to me… if you are having to ask yourself so many questions ,perhaps your abilities are elsewhere:) 🙂 you can still focus on helping others….. ! i bake cakes for the foster home, donate clothes, bedding to the animal shelter, listen , smile, little things mean so much!!! 🙂

  16. Please help me I don’t know who I am. When I was a little boy I used to see machine and many things that has not being invented , but I can’t see then.

  17. Hello all.

    I’m hoping you can help me. Up until recently I’ve been happy in my life. Always told I’m a light that draws people in and have always been able to pick up on people’s emotions and if they are what they say they are. I’ve had some heart ache in life but always try to smile and keep going. I’m married and have a wonderful family. I’ve jumped from one career to another but over all happy. I recently felt the need to see a medium as lots happening in life. She told me lots but kept saying i was an ” indigo child”, and that I had been on the wrong path but soon to be put on the right one and make a difference to certain things in the world. I came home and read up on the meaning. I can relate to some points about growing up but not many. It’s worried me and lead to many sleepless nights. Am I supposed to be doing more in life and am I wasting time. Please help me as feel very lost.

    Thank you so much for listening
    Kerry X

    • Hi Kerry, Sorry it has taken so long to respond. I have been out of town. To answer your question. We are all right where we have chosen to be at the moment we are there. When you are ready for a change, the change will come. Nothing in life has to be forced or make to happen. We are always on purpose. As we grow, our purpose will shift. Stop worrying. If you worry about where you are suppose to be, you will miss the joy of the moment and where you are at the moment. Namaste, Duchess

  18. I’m starting to think I fit into the indigo category after learning about it a few days ago, but how do I know for sure? I strongly identify with a few of these characteristics but I’m sure that could be a coincidence. Online tests have said I am most likely (usually around 88%) an indigo but I can’t help bring skeptical.

    • Hi Emily. To answer your question. “You learn all you can and explore it all. One day you will realize that you don’t need to ask that question. What happens next is what happens next.” It’s as simple as that.

  19. I am just learning about this. I don’t know if I am indigo or not, but I’m inclined to suspect it. I do feel my son (7) is indigo. How can I work him through this? We have daily struggles and he’s a very strong willed child and tips from happy to angry and back again very easily. Definitely, he’s passionate. Everything I’ve read about indigo children, he seems to be. Any advice on support him?

  20. I have recently accepted that I am a indigo child.. I am scared… my brother fell and really hurt his leg I was so scared, I healed his wound and now he is scared of me… I am worried he will think I am a monster… please help me i am only 13

    • Why hello there Lexi Danielle. Parents are good people to discuss our fears with. Ask them to help you through your fears. This website has lots of suggestions for parents and children to learn together. Good luck. Namaste

  21. Thank you so much for allowing me to go through this lesson plan! I do not know who I am…what category i fit in to. I was born in 1963 however have within the past year begun an activist role. Childhood memories consist of several occasions of deja vu. Seeing an odd ghost here or there. In adulthood I was graciously visited at work by my dear grandmother and a cousin who both had passed to the light. Does this make me an indigo adult or child? My whole family is very ill. I have been on this path for 10 years and it has led me here.

    • Nothing happens by chance. We are where we need to be at all times. Even when those times feel uncomfortable or painful..Namaste,Duchess

  22. I have been suffering needlessly thinking something was wrong with me just about my whole life so far. I at the age of 40 have just now realized I am an indigo. Things make alot more sense to me now! I need to learn how to harness this and use it for good and stop beating myself up and start loving myself like i love everyone else!

  23. Ah..ya. Many things I want to share, but forgive me that I can’t share on this post-section, due to not the right section to share. Sorry..

    • Nadya, You had much to share. I have placed your entire comments into the blog sections of this website. It was very long and others needed to read what you had to say. Please check “Indigos Share Their Experiences” to read what Nadya has to share…Namaste, Duchess

  24. Wow….
    I really am an indigo child but i thought all this was fake.
    I now realize there is great meaning and power to my existence.
    I am on my way to opening my third eye nd mastering elemental kinesis
    I encourage all indigo children to do the same

  25. Hi….
    my name is Valarie C.
    i was born 1957.. where do i fit in? because everything that described an indigo is in my description. my total lifestyle…and i mean everything. i am so excited to find out who i truly am. i have been struggling with this for so many years and didn’t know where to find answers. i see those things,,,i hear the voices… the sleep patterns.. ive also been seeing a beautiful blue light following me around ever day it just glows and disappears again and again… i have strange dreams.. there is so much to tell…i totally believe…and i am not going back…Please respond with something…anything…i need to follow up with this…

    thank you so very much…

    • Valerie, Valerie, Valerie….This entire website is your followup. Continue with the lessons. Read some of the suggest literature. Watch some the movies with messages. And send me a private email anytime you desire. Welcome to the world of Spirit. Enjoy the journey.

  26. I think I may be an extremely powerful indigo with what I’ve experienced and what’s been discussed here. I still need to find my purpose tho

  27. All these descriptions described me, except i’ve never had any paranormal encounters whatsoever- only magical moment was when i was about 8yrs old, i had a kitten whose life was on the edge, it was really at the brink of death, and i stayed with it, prayed and cried so hard, and it survived. After that, the cat and I had a very close relationship that when my brother would spank me, the cat would attack my brother.

  28. angery indigos are hare , this world left us to die , i want to kill em all , They think i am lier who tells them

    • If you are real, you need to get a grip. Nobody left us here. we requested our assignments. We are not here to kill. We are here to heal. If this pains you too much, then please get some professional help. After all you are just on lesson one. Good luck and stay blessed.

  29. Hi Duchess, recently I sage my house, and the next day my 19years old daughter claim that she is hearing voices in her bathroom and bedroom. She confide this to my son, and he think that she Hallucinations. She love animals and always like to stay in her room alone. She is very compassionate toward others and animals. She is smart, and she also has a hard time falling a sleep. I don’t know if I should take her to see a psychiatrist or some knowledge people who know about indigo children. I live in Las Vegas. I wonder if there are such people who can advise me about this mater.Thanks

    • Hi Irene, First, I would say don’t get too nervous over this because most children talk to themselves and have invisible playmates. I have one for years. I fondly referred to her as Minor…there was a pun intended. Minor…meaning less or not there. Sit down with her and as her what is being said to her. Read some of the books on this website. Some might be found in the library for free. Educate yourself about Indigos, Rainbow and Crystal Children. All these children may seem weird to the untrained mind of the new-energy. But you will be your grandchild’s best advocate. Especially when it comes time for outsiders desiring to drug her to prevent the exploration of her gifted mind. Once you are knowledgeable about you grandchild’s experiences then you can help find the help or the right community to explore the world of like-minded families. Also try meetup.com, plug in your zipcode, they type in Indigo or crystal or rainbow children and see if you can find some families that have formed groups to chat about their special little persons. You did not tell me the age of your grandchild.

  30. I wish there was a social media for indigos, a place for just us. Sometimes it’s hard, it gets lonely. I feel like no one understands until I come across another soul like mine. I love you all so much

    • Ingrid, there are loads of groups for Indigos on facebook. You can also join meetup.com, type in your zipcode and find groups that meet on a regular basis. Perhaps in your search for like minded Indigos you will find some who understand. Don’t be disappointed if at first you don’t find “you”. Not all Indigos view life with the same type of awareness.

  31. Hey guys.
    I have always known that was different from others. I knew I am here to do something special. I am not psychic and my intuition and lie detecting is really bad too. But my other characteristics match with indigo children. I have admired elements, elemental manipulation, telekinesis and telepathy a lot. I wanted to know that I am an indigo or not and if yes how do I get my powers. After that I would like to know how to use them as I am too afraid and sensitive. I also like to help nature grow and care for it too.

    • Nor do I have any invisible friends or I see ghosts but I can feel and hear them. I always wake up tired and more desire too sleep and do not remember anything I dreamt, felt or did at night.
      Guys please help me. I just don’t understand myself and my life. Not even a fraction of it.

      • Do you believe in a Higher Power? Perhaps it is time for you to turn your will and your life over to the “care” of your Higher Power… so call that power God, Spirit, Allah, HP, Love, Dude Most High, etc. If you are having all that spirit energy wrecking havoc in your life, it is time to ask for Spiritual help to make it stop. Get on your knees and ask for divine protection. If this doesn’t help you quick flash, then I would say seek professional help.

    • Hey Alpha, Good to meet you. I am glad you found Lesson 1. Now continue with the other 28 Lessons and we can talk afterwards. Enjoy your journey. Before you are done, it will amaze you. Namaste..

      • Hey Duchess,
        Thanks for the reply.
        I want to inform you that I have gone through all the lessons. I must admit they taught me a lot.
        I also wanted to tell that I am near 15 years now and I would turn 15 on 22/11/2016. I am experiencing something really strange and incomprehensible things in myself even though I see no change either in my surroundings or my behaviour. When I was younger I had a lot of Deja Vu experiences bit now they don’t exist. I thought my indigo awareness and soul power is decreasing but my inner self tells me that it is increasing. I feel something telling me I am not just an indigo but a really special kind of indigo. A power which can change the world. One very close to god. Not in power and knowledge but in something else.

        You may believe that I am just exaggerating but trust me please I am not. I am just not understanding anything.

  32. My very good friends told me that I am an indigo child. They both have an ability to be able to see other people’s auras and said they knew without a doubt I was an indigo (fun fact is that one is a rainbow child and the other is a crystal child which we believe is a big reason we get along so well despite only knowing each other for about a month now). I have not had any physic abilities that I am aware of, except for hearing voices and seeing things that aren’t there but I was always told I was just sleep deprived. I am also extremely passionate about things like equal rights and taking care of nature and the animals that share this space with us, which tends to put people off. I really hope to learn more about this part of my identity I was never made aware of.

  33. Ty. Everything is always going according to plan. And timing is everything. I understand now that everything is my choice. I know what makes me feel good & happy. I like feeling good and happy. Upon realizing this, I make choices based on how I will feel, as opposed to choices made for the sake of others. feelings.

  34. Hi,
    I’m 16 years old i found out two days ago that i was an indigo i didn’t understand at first so i began reaching, the more information i found the more confused i got i started to ask my mom questions about when i was little, i always knew i was different i conceited with animal more then i did people same with a spirit i knew when i was little she lived inside of me but she lift now as i look back i start to question everything, so ask anyone who reads this for your help to help explain to me, i can see the future though me dreams i can see face out of objects, i can feel dark spirits around people or stuff, please help me learn more about what i can do

    • Hi Ana, I am posting your request. I am sure the help you seek will come. You are only on lesson 1. Ask a trusted adult you join you in completing the rest of the 28 lessons and let me know what happens…

  35. I don’t have all the signs of being a indigo child but I do have gifts and I have also felt this isolation my whole life and I am enraged with what is happening to this world. I am highly emotional and had more then enough paranormal experiences as well as attract other ppl with gifts. I’m not sure if this means I’m a INDIGO child. I was born in 79. Idk. I’m just in search of a spiritual enlightment and looking to expand who I am.

    • Hey Angel, You are on the right track. Lesson 1 is the beginning…continue and you will grown and expand. let me know what happens when you complete Lesson 28.

      • What am I supposed to do with this, it is driving me crazy, constantly having visions of the future and prophetic dreams..for many years now, tried to drown it out with drugs and alcohol for a long time, but realized that wasnt working for me. I feel so lost sometimes, I just feel out of place no matter where I go. What is the point of this

        • Wow, Miranda! All of this and you are only on lesson 1. Keep going…there are 28 more lessons and an entire website to go through…Recovery from all things take one day at a time. Let me know how you are doing… contact me at duchessontheair@gmail.com Namaste, Duchess

  36. I am raising my grandaughter my son told me she is an Indigo child. I have been reading on this a lot. She is diagnosed with autism and RAD but she is amazing very smart beyond her years and sees people different. Anyone else out their ever raise a Indigo child

    • Lots of people are raising Indigo Children. There are many websites. This website has a parent sharing component.. there are also books you can read to Indigo Children to calm any mood they are in. Keep in touch.

  37. Hello, I feel all the signs .. I’m experiencing dejavu from my childhood and its so frequent. Not only that I can feel negative energies or vibes anywhere if present. I have experiences of unwanted communicating with souls of dead persons without knowing any process of such things. I always feel some spirits or energies are always with me to protect me. Sometime I feel so beastly. I know these things only I can feel and cant explain to others.. but it irritates me, I can’t think straight like others, like to walk alone. But it makes me feel irritate that’s why I am not like others and some questions always arise on my mind that who am I and why I’m here? Help me what should i do?

    • Hi Arijit seal. My response to you is that there are 27 more lessons for you to check out. Once done, please let me know how you are doing…Namaste, Duchess

  38. Hi! It was about time I get to hold of something like this. Lately it has always been lethargic, but at this time when something of my interest struck me, it’s as if the cells in my body light up and I wake up. Thanks again!! When you’re combating with yourself. I’ve always had an issue with people telling me what to do, I do the exact opposite, unless I find it rational or it serves me right. Just that recently, when I know what to do, I won’t do it. Just because. Hmmm

  39. Write down your childhood memories of psychic experiences (such as seeing spirits, knowing the future, hearing voices, etc.); vivid memories of childhood dreams; and any magical abilities or experiences you had when you were young. I can feel others emotions, I know when people are lying (sometimes to me and sometimes to themselves), and I am able to perceive what happens before it happens. As a child, around 7-8 years old, I had vivid dreams of dying on a ship at sea in a storm. I would wake shaking and crying uncontrollably. These were real as memories. I just found this site and want to thank you for your lessons.

    • I am also able to heal very fast. I shattered my ankle. When I went for a check-up the doctor freaked out and said it was healed, so he removed my caste. I have also fractured my skull and had swelling and frontal lobe damage to my brain. Doctors said it was a miracle I am fine.

  40. As a kid I used to go underneath my bed covers and pretend these miniature men.. maybe gnomes were cooking a big feast and I was a part of it. I also used to have a lot of sleep paralysis as a kid but I would see shapes.. I saw a being or something once at my Mom’s bedside.. I was 7 years old and had just woken up so it could have honestly been my eyes playing a trick on me.. but the fact that I remember it 22 years later is pretty eerie. I’ve only seen maybe flickering lights recently, if that, but if I open my mind I’m given a deep vision of what I’m supposed to be doing. I’ve also dropped weight, had other drastic changes and have been given major opportunities out of literally nowhere lol.. it feels great <3

  41. It’s hard and lonely I know that something is special about me. My grandmother raised me she is special hard to explain. I don’t have much family. My mom is sick. I been battling depression. But I had spiritual awakening and I can’t stop wanting to know my purpose. I feel like my brain is growing. I can spot all the fake and evil. Hard talking to someone when I know that there not taking in what I say. I’m thirty years old my birthday is on August 24th 1986. I will never stop chasing my destiny. I feel it getting stronger I am ready.
    Kevin shon Butler

  42. Hello. I am also an Indigo child. I am 17. I was born in June 2000. I have known about the special abilities since 2016 and I knew that I had to bring a change. To my fellow indigo brothers and sisters I say this, WE ARE THE CHANGE!!! Do not be afraid of the society rise up!! And destroy evil and darkness from this planet of our forefathers we inherited this earth!! Rise up no more fear !!

  43. Thank you. I to am a child of gift. It is unbearable i feel emotions ten times stronger then other people. The need to help and make all wrongs right is overwhelming. I live a very simple. I give until im alone at night hungery because other people need it more then me.. I am learning what all this means. I also had violet colored eyes. They still get a purple circle around them when im highly emotional.

    • Yes. We are very gifted. But the important thing is not to give of ourselves until we are drained. Even on an airplane they say in an emergency put the oxygen mask on yourself first before trying to aid others. We are nothing to others if we are nothing to our self. Take care and energize you first….

  44. I was told recently that I may be a indigo child. I often wondered why I could tell what’s on a person mind by looking at them. I spend a lot of time by myself. I’m very creative and enjoy doing things by myself. When I pray, I always see rays of light because my eyes are closed. Any pain or discomfort I have I can usually pray put hands on and it’s gone. I just thought it was natural for my behavior. Up till a week ago I never knew about a indigo child.

  45. Man I always have vivid dreams that i can remember down to the last detail and Are also very psychedelic in a few months ago I also saw my grandma’s heart attack before it happened I can also sense energy on people and places more than anything its think it’s just increased intuition although my uncle was said to be psychic my whole family has a deep connection to the spirit realm I don’t see things or hear things but I feel with massive intensity and am wise beyond my years but I get mad at myself for being so sensitive i try to run from it because i feel like it’s not ok and like im an emasculated faggot that will never go anywhere being so sensitive people just call me an oversised baby and i wish i didnt care so much they say I have aspergers and adhd but I don’t know. I know I won’t take the poison they prescribe me though how don’t care how much they want me to take drugs just to able to quote unqoute conform to society it’s poison as well as antidepressants and any other prescription mind altering medication why do I talk so much lol.

    • All I have to say to you is that you create your own reality. You can’t call yourself names and the feel you are walking in a vibration of positive energy. Once you begin to recreate your own image by creating new thoughts about your self…then and only then will you elevate your own existence. Good Luck and Blessings abound…

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  47. Thank you very much? I always had a bad life but now I know the reason I was born for and I’m ready to awaken my indigo power☺️

  48. i spent the first 16 years of my life terrified bye my dreams and how vivid they where and the things i saw, i spent all my energy into hoping the phenomena would go away, and it did. have i ruined myself? now as an adult knowing what i have learnt i feel i could see these things and not be traumatized bye how for lack of better word “weird” it is. maybe the fear will stop me.

    • You have not ruined yourself. You just did early on what all of us are capable of doing. Putting our gifts on hold until we need to use them. Psychics don’t want to walk around reading people all day as they come in contact with them. They put their gifts on hold. You have 27 more lessons enjoy them. Your gift will awaken when you are ready.

  49. I found this for my daughter because for years I’ve known she is an Indigo. But recently I’ve learned my generation is called Blue Ray Beings. I do not have much information on this but feel we are very much the same. I have always felt different from others to the point that I said to my sister a few years ago that I couldn’t be human because I simply cannot understand their mentality. I have always hidden my true feelings and the things I have seen out of fear of being locked up in the mental hospital. It is nice to see there are so many others now. My question is will these lessons apply to myself also if I am technically not an Indigo? I would love more information on blue rays if possible. Thank you!

    • Hi Michelle… These lessons apply to anyone who desires to expand their spiritual/metaphysical gifts no matter what they may be. As long as it is for good, you will grow. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear… Namaste

  50. I will they my best to college this But I don’t know how well it will work. I don’t remember much of my life before 4th grade (in currently an 8th going on ninth grader) and even that is fuzzy.

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  52. I believe I’m spiraling a bit since I stumbled upon indigo children. I’ve done the research and all of a sudden everything just makes sense. Part of me wants to cry and the other wants to unlock all this hidden energy and power I’ve had within me all this time. I’m 21 now and have always felt disconnected with my family and most other people around me, I’ve always been connected to what I guess most call the paranormal but it’s always just been my life. I’ve seen my children, I’ve spoken to family, and even connected with souls of those I know and repaired strained relationships. For years I assumed it was in my head but now I think it’s been so much more. I know I’m rambling but I just need answers now.

  53. I can relate to a lot of the signs and I truly feel I am a indigo but I have never really experienced anything like seeing spirits or knowing the future. I do however have a special needs sister 5 years younger then I, & my family and I have felt like she can read our minds at times. Do you think either of us could be indigo? I was born 1989 she was born 1994.

    • Hi Jose. This website has all the tools for you to answer that question for yourself. Start with Lesson 1. When you have completed all 28 Lessons come back and we will discuss whether or not you are an Indigo. I am sure you will have your own answer.

  54. Hi I was born on 1970. When I was around 4 years old, I saw an Alien or something like that. It wasn’t human. Then around 7 years old I had the same dream repeat often about a big war and a lot of launch of rockets and missiles. My entire life was really difficult and feeling that I don’t belong to this planet at all. Also I used to have like a power that everything that I want I could have. I always like to be alone from people. I love nature and animals. I feel like this world, it’s a fake and I don’t fit on it. Lately the number 11 its coming out every time, everywhere.

    • Hi MND, Many of us don’t feel like we belong here. It’s good to find others who resonate with your energy. Try Meet-up.com to see if you can find others who are of like mind or have like experiences. Just don’t isolate. If you do, you won’t know when the time comes for you to shine.

  55. I would like to speak with a person of maximum experience on this. I use to be a public speaker, but retreating into extreme introvertedness, I’ve discovered many interesting things and people. Here’s my info

  56. Thanks so much I’ve been feeling like this since I was a child. I have bad feeling that things are gonna happen and they do. I also see and hear stuff and it scares me. Now I have an understanding of what I have. I never felt more belonged. I cried when I read this thank you so much.

  57. I’m also an indigo adult. Have know about since, I was 7yrs old..I am 50 now. Your gifts are within u. Tap into it I found out when I was 32yrs about my healing abilities. My lung collasped 2x 100 percent. I used it to heal myself. Went back to work 3.5 weeks later. Understand ur self more.

  58. For anyone who hasn’t found his/her path yet, go make decisions with your feelings, let your guts guide you and don’t fight the changes that will be pushed upon your life. You will be pushed by the universe and sometimes it’s scary as fuck (losing jobs etc.) but they are all lessons, lessons you need to figure out. The moment you will flow on that river, things will become clear. My mission: I’m going to connect cultures and subcultures, and push for new mindsets, starting in Holland.
    X Maickel van den Berg

  59. I’ve been waiting to wake up from this dream I’m in, wait there is a sliver of light coming into my view. I am pushing too hard, relax, be at peace. I will help you let your light out. Take heed of the time, for it has come. Open your mind, listen, you can’t listen and think at the same time. So listen, you will hear us calling you. The abundance of God, our Abba, is all yours, so don’t fear anything. When you were young you were fearless, find your ferocity for life again. Royalty is what we are here, so live like you own it. Walk with the knowledge that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE . I don’t see problems, only solutions I have tried yet.
    The Michael.

  60. I have visions of the future and they ALWAYS come true. I don’t just have them about my life but I have them about the world as a collective. Please if you’re reading this GET OUT of LA, SEATTLE, SAN Francisco, NYC, and Europe. There will be bombs dropped on these places soon. ALL of you need to get out now. The bomb that hits LA is the biggest and it wipes out everyone there and the ring that forms after the explosion of the nuclear bomb reacts all the way to El Paso Texas. Please its coming. Don’t be fooled by misleading news and a plot to save the world. I was lifted up into the sky and watched as the bombs hit. I was taken up with this blue energy my soul was blue, very very blue and electric looking. I left before the devastation that took place and it will happen. you all must move away from these places and survive. They are trying to kill the indigo children off. I don’t know if this means anything, but I’m assuming that most of the indigo children are here in America, in those locations I mentioned. They are trying to kill them off.

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