Lesson 3 Remembering And Reclaiming Your Life’s Purpose

Lesson 3 How to Remember and Reclaim Your Life’s Purpose

You came to earth with gifts, talents, and abilities which the world has a great need for. In this lesson we will look at your life’s purpose. It is a topic that will be explored in other lessons.

You have two types of purposes. The first is your “Personal Growth Mission”, which means there are personal lessons for you to learn in this lifetime to aid your soul’s overall growth. For example, you might be here to learn about patience and forgiveness.

Everyone has a personal growth mission, something that they came here to learn. However, only lightworkers (the generation prior to Indigos) and Indigos have “Global Missions”, in addition to their personal growth mission.

A Global Mission means you came to earth to be of service, to help other people, animals or the environment. Other people will probably not understand your drive and desire to help others. This usually happens because they are only on earth for their personal growth.

Your Global Mission may or may not become your paid career. If you do not like the job you have now, and want to spend more time engaged in spiritual activities, that’s understandable. This topic will be addressed in future lessons.

For now, let’s begin to focus purely on remembering your Global Mission. Let go of any thoughts about money, career or income. We will deal with those issues later. Focus purely on your desire to provide service, and to help the world.

Assignment for Lesson 3:  Write the answers to the following questions:

  1. What you want to be when you were a child?
  2. Who do you envy or admire?
  3. What activities do you most enjoy?
  4. If you won the lottery, how would you spend the rest of life (after taking a well-deserved vacation).
  5. Complete the following question:
    • I help my friends through by doing the following activities:
  6. Social issue (such as children, the environment, education, government, health, etc.). which most interests me OR most upsets me (because of the wrong doing I see) is:
  7. What messages or topics would you most like to teach others?

Please look at the answers to the above questions. Look for the common theme that echoes from every response. Your Global Mission is always an activity that you are already interested in or passionate about. It will always involve an activity for the benefit of others. If you are still unsure about your mission, it may mean that you must first reawaken the spiritual gifts of your Indigo Power, beginning with your intuition and sensitivity.

In Lesson 4, we’ll discuss ways to reawaken the Spiritual gifts of your Indigo Power, beginning with your intuition and sensitivity


48 thoughts on “Lesson 3 Remembering And Reclaiming Your Life’s Purpose

  1. Most of my answers had something to do with art. Art such as painting, drawing, sculpting, photography or filmography. Am I supposed to be an artist of some sort?

    • Simona, That is why there are 28 lessons. Complete the lessons and you will know “what does it have to do with”. Good luck. Let me know what happens.

  2. Mine talked about, animals, environment and people. Helping kept coming to my mind a lot. That i am suppose to help, people, animals and the outdoors. I am suppose to help people see peace, and love as well as being positive in the worst situations and no matter how bad it gets there will be good at the end as long as you stay positive about it. As well as help protect the environment, because it needs a voice to stand up for it. Because even though “humans” can hear what it is saying. It has things it wants to say. The way the environment communicates with us, is throw its beauty. It tries, and shows “people” that its bigger then it looks internally, but some are able to look right past it. With the animals, I am suppose to connect with them and listen to their stories and what they have to say. Just because they can not speak our native language it doesn’t mean they do not have thoughts on what goes on around them. They cry out for help, but not a lot of people can hear them. So helping is my mission. Is it weird to have more then one thing to help?

  3. 1.Iv always wanted to be some type of warrior.
    2.I admire those who aid and care at the difficultest of times
    3.I enjoy all out door activities.
    4.Invest to keep the money flowing and pass it around.
    5.Give them money,labor work. I nurture them if needed.
    6.The environment.
    7.Knowledge is the greatest gift man can receive.

  4. Hi Duchess. I am from Brasil, sorry for my bad english. I will not talk about my chilhood or my past. It was thought, but made me a surviver and a stronger people. Althought i was born on a wealth disfunctional family i never complained.

    Dear Luciana, Thank you for sharing your experiences. You can view your entire letter in our blog posting to the right. You had much to share and I wanted you to have your full representation. Take care, Blessings and much Love.

  5. Anyway, my guides told me that was my first mission to cleanse my karma and that i have a bigger one now :-O and it does envolves someone i meet 17 years ago on the other side of the planet. The question is: is it possible for an indigo to meet your counterpart in this life? if yes, than i tell you yhis story. My life is a Mexican soap opera and would be fun to have this end.
    Thank you very much for your time.
    Namastê, obrigada! !!

    • Luciana, it is time for you to sit down and write your story. Publish a book so you can share your personal soap opera. Others will learn from you. And, yes, I believe you can meet your counterpart in this lifetime!

  6. Hello! I have recently discovered I am an Indigo, I am 20 years old and I have recently completed 400 hours of yoga training to become a teacher. I am having some issues with moving foreword with my journey to share my teachings because I am each day beginning to feel more isolated from the average human. The more I try to become in touch socially and into the world I feel awkward and a need for solitude. How can I practice coming into sync with the world to be apart to help the Earth and its beings moving foreword?

    • Hi Haley, As a yoga instructor you are well on your way. Each of us evolves in our own way in our own space of time. Try to meditate more. If you haven’t started then now is the time. Namaste

  7. Hi Duchess, thanks for the wonderful website. I’ve recently taken a few Reiki courses and, by chance (I don’t believe in coincidences or chance =) I’ve found your website. I do believe that my path is somehow connected to teaching Reiki or Spirituality in general, since this is something that has a weird but great pull over me.

    Thanks for the great website

  8. It’s clear , because of my life’s path I’m setting on the journey of assisting ppl that are trapped by one of the obstacles I’ve passed.

    • Altie, I recently overcame my personal growth obstacles. I was extremely depleted and unhappy but for some reason at age 39, almost to the day, the vail lifted and I am happy for the first time in my adult life. I have clarity about mylife that I never thought would be true for me. I feel as though a guardian angel (which I call emotions) said enough was enough and rained glory unto me. Next step is getting my ideas out of my head and into
      society so they can work their

  9. Greetings.. Am blown away.. Sorry i just realized i am Indigo adult..I feel i wasted all these years not making the best of my abilities for helping others as i,ll be 55 years of age thie year.. Thank you so much as i feel blessed for finaly finding out.. Thank you.. i still have to go thru your lessons and its late here in manila snd i will be intouch.. what a awakening of sorts.. Thank you ma,am..

  10. I was entirely thinking about dancing. But not for the first question. I don’t remember what I want to be when I was child. I’m afraid that not remembering my past would affect my being of being an Indigo(does it make sense?).

    • Hi Jackly, Trust me, your Higher Self remembers EVERYTHING about you. Your past, present and all things yet to come. Stop worrying. All things make sense, when it makes sense.

  11. Hi, I am a medical graduate currently taking a break due to depression. Although I initially blamed and tried to ignore the purpose of life, after going through your questionire I realise what I am suppose to be is what I have been doing all along. But it takes a lot of courage and being alone does not help. Thoughts about future breaks me and drags you down. Though I don’t exactly know what will happen I am afraid of what future holds.Can you tell me how to gain confidence and push out all the dark forces that delay my growth?

    • Hi Samantha, All I can say is welcome to Indigo-hood. We can be a pretty depressed lot until we find ourselves. Some of us even stay in therapy for years so we can hold on to ourselves. But, even that takes the right kind of therapist. One who understands our spiritual nature and how it might not be found in one of their text books. Having said that, there is all sorts of stuff we can do. For starters you are only on lesson three. There are twenty-eight. There are books to read: Start with books by Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra, Eckart Tolle. Pam Grout’s E-Squared book is a gem for learning how to harness the energy that surrounds you. An old one is the Celestine Prophecy. Now that was one of my favorites.You are the only one who can comfortably feel akin to communicating with the energy that surrounds you. Say a prayer and ask your Creator (Higher Power) to guide you. You won’t be disappointed.

      • Thanks a lot for the quick reply. It was really encouraging. I need one more advice from you about intuition. Sometimes it is really hard and hurtful when you can read others too well. You feel like no matter you try you can never change things for the better. Most people I encounter are too tough and self-centered and the way they treat other humans and nature hurts me so bad and feel like giving up. How to tolerate those people and get through those depressive thoughts?

      • I can’t even believe that this is all coming to me.. I was thinking a few days ago I need to learn how to strengthen my light. I learned the technique from my therapist and then later developed it further from a video of Oprah interviewing a boy who was an Indigo. My entire being has been liberated.

  12. This is the closest thing I’ve ever found to explain what I am. In fact, it’s exact, right to the last detail and more!! What do I do? No one believes I’m even anything, especially my parents, they think I’m crazy, but secretly I’m sure they know, I would do things they couldn’t explain and shut me down for it, theres SO much more, things that aren’t even written here, things that don’t make sense, I need help.

    • It’s amazing how many people tell me they need help because their parents don’t understand, but they never tell me how old they are. Unless I know your age, I will always have to defer back to your parents. With that said, I encourage you to find a trusted adult that your parents will approve of to help you go through these lessons one at a time. This is only lesson three. Also, see if your parents will let you pick up some of the books and movies from the library…Duchess

  13. Hi,My name is zain and im 18 years old,I feel like im losing all the indigos power I’ve had,I feel Hopeless and feel like I am not fulfilling my life purpose and just wasting time,I dont feel like doing anything Good Now!What should i do?

    • You said it yourself…you will find your life’s purpose when you start doing things for others. Our purpose doesn’t always drop out of the sky into our laps. You are on Lesson three. Complete all the lessons and start doing something to help others. Then and only then might you realize your purpose..
      Namaste, Duchess

  14. So helpful !! My answers here were all about self knowledge and helping others to awareness through songs and poems, especially the unfortunate ones like me.so I wanted to be a phycologist,I do envy, guitar and writing is my thing, I’d like to make a children shelter if I had money, I tend to advice friends to find out what they really want through questions and start big talks about SELF, I am furious with governments and children dying, I love teaching about Self and how to get to know yours, even while still trying to get to know mine.Well , maybe my mission is to help malcontents who envy the fortunate ones discover themselves and then help them see the world without its masks.Self knowledge-world expose to awareness-world change. Too crazy?Is it my mission?I think so..

  15. Btw I’m not sure I’m like you. I know I’m different and have power. I just don’t feel love for most people. I’m very unforgiving.

  16. 1) I wanted to be a cop, pastor, or a doctor
    2)people who have someone to care for them.
    3) reading, writing, sing
    4)I would give it to people who need it
    5)listen, understand, help, be their
    6)children being hurt alone with nowhere to go
    7)it doesn’t matter how you start it matter where you end

  17. Sharing life. How we could share life for and with the children in an environment full of wonders and good energy. I’m kind off fast forwarding things. I just can’t stop 😀

  18. 1. I wanted to be a cop or teacher. 2. I admired Superman as a child, Mahatma Gandhi as an adult. 3. I enjoy learning and meditating. 4. If I won the lotto I would create a foundation for under-privileged youths. 5. I help my friends by sharing my time and understanding. 6a. Social issue that interests me: Helping under-privileged children. 6b. Social issue that upsets me most: Under-privileged children that have trouble seeking their place in the world. 7. I would like to teach troubled children that might grow-up with the wrong group of people a better way to live there life. Show them a way out of their situation.

  19. I want to thank you, Duchess. I have been confused for a long time as to what my global mission is. By doing your exercise, I found it. I would like to share it here:

    To bring entrepreneurship to the forefront of American Education and in so doing, share the financial/business building knowledge of the rich with the poor so that the poor can create business of their own, escape the cycles of wage slavery and debt, and have economic freedom, self-respect, power, and most importantly – can share the knowledge with others for generations to come.

  20. My father has been telling me I’m an indigo since birth. I just turned 14 and I still don’t know what to think of it. Most of my answers have something to do with music or singing. I believe my father when he tells me I’m something special, I just don’t know what context he has in mind. I’m going to finish all the lessons before I ask questions. Thank you

  21. Duchess,
    Funny thing though you mentioned looking over all the activities I listed. The activities I wrote down for what I enjoy have nothing to do with the social issues that I listed in question number 6.
    Extreme sports and movies is a far cry from fighting police brutality and the world’s deceptions.

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